6 Best Free UFC Live Streaming Sites to Watch Fights in 2024

Published Date : Apr 02, 2024
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Best Free UFC Live Streaming Sites to Watch Fights

Want to stream UFC fights for free? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here are the 6 best free UFC live streaming sites for you. Read more for complete insights!

If you want to enjoy live UFC battles, you definitely look for the leading free UFC streaming sites. In a few nations outside of the US, local TV broadcasters & fee-based streaming sites are given the license to broadcast the UFC events. Therefore, the UFC live stream can only be accessed on free streaming websites at all times and anywhere.

With the best free UFC streaming sites, you may watch live streaming without any problems. Locating a dedicated streaming service, however, could seem like a difficult process to some people. Although there are numerous internet streaming services, only a few are reliable and offer appropriate information. Due to the fact that the majority of these sites are free, you need to exercise caution and utilize an ad blocker and a trustworthy VPN to ensure a smooth streaming experience.

Top 6 Best UFC Streaming Sites to Watch Fights in 2024

Be it live or online, streaming UFC fights can be expensive. But, there are plenty of the best free UFC streaming sites available in the market that you can use to watch UFC matches. Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. UFC channel on YouTube

One of the greatest streaming services that offer a variety of TV series, movies, music collections, sports streaming, news, and documentaries, is YouTube. Although, there are several channels included in each category. You may see related videos without searching by joining that channel. You may watch the huge fights between popular martial arts superstars at any major athletic event on its UFC channel.

You can view the fights in the real-time or any earlier ones that you might have missed. Additionally, you may read other users’ comments as well as like and remark on the video. You may even download the videos for later viewing and add them to a “favorite list” with this feature.

It has a smooth, straightforward user interface that makes for an exceptional user experience. However, the biggest disadvantage of watching UFC on YouTube is that the video ads will begin playing at any time. Otherwise, it is one of the best free UFC streaming sites that you can try to watch matches.

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2. Cricfree

You may watch UFC, football, cricket streaming, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, and tennis on Cricfree, another best free UFC live streaming sites. Any live stream link you choose will launch a new screen with the video playing. This indicates that it does not host any live streaming and only provides external connections.

Since it is a free website, there is no need for you to register. It offers a simple, user-friendly online interface that is convenient for users to use and navigate. It offers a schedule of games with their start times, which is updated every day. It also has a live chat facility, but in order to use it, you must abide by the guidelines listed on the website.

There are also obvious drawbacks to the online streaming platform. Like, your streaming experience will still be ruined by pop-up advertisements. Additionally, certain external links might not be accessible in your area. To access them, make sure a VPN is set up on your computer or mobile device.

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3. CrackStreams

Another one of the free UFC streaming sites CrackStreams. It enables you to view the live action of UFC matches taking place all around the world. You may watch live streaming of eight additional well-known sports, such as basketball, football, and hockey. It is a free streaming website that you may enjoy without having to join or register.

The website features a straightforward layout similar to UFC Streams. On the site, there are various sports categories and a schedule of upcoming games. To view the live streams, you may even browse each category. When you click on a link on the homepage, a new pop-up window will appear. The video will begin playing after you tap on the play button.

The fact that CrackStreams is blocked in many nations is the only drawback to using it. Thus, utilize a trustworthy VPN company to enjoy a hassle-free UFC viewing experience.

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4. FirstRow Sports

Next on this list of the best free UFC streaming sites that provide live HD feeds is FirstRow Sports. It provides a simple approach to accessing free streaming of your preferred sporting occasion. You can see the site without making a user account. Additionally, you may utilize the website to watch other popular sports including tennis, baseball, football, volleyball, & basketball.

This UFC live stream site’s interface is straightforward and clear, making it simple to use and browse. The homepage has webmaster categories, a live score, and HQ Streams. In addition to this, it lists the games that will be watched live. However, all of the links are external because the site does not have any live streaming. Additionally, it notifies visitors to re-load the site to access the latest external links on their feed.

However, FirstRow Sports does also have a few notable flaws. You will also get annoyed by the live feeds’ numerous irritating pop-up ads & obtrusive movies. Additionally, the site sends you to an unfamiliar and dubious-looking website whenever you click on a link or any other option.

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5. Fubo TV

Last but not least, you may watch a variety of athletic events online on Fubo TV, which is considered to be the greatest UFC streaming service. There are many categories, including baseball, basketball, tennis, cricket, hockey, and baseball. It also has a section just for news and entertainment material.

It features a clean, well-organized interface that is simple to use. You can watch live broadcasts by selecting any of the categories on the site. However, using the website is not free. For access to the website and live streaming of your favorite sports, you must pay a monthly fee. However, a 14-day trial period is available, so you can make use of it to see how this UFC live stream site works for you.

Additionally, utilize a VPN because it is restricted in some regions of the world.

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6. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a free live sports streaming service. This online streaming platform offers full access to numerous media sources incorporating news, sports, and entertainment. Stream2Watch offers over 150 channels from different sports networks like BT, Sky Sports, and ESPN, along with international news channels such as A&E, CNN, and CNBC.

Stream2Watch’s search function allows users to search for specific sports events, for example, UFC live streaming matches. Moreover, in order to watch live streaming of matches online, you do not need to install any tool or create an account. Additionally, it comes with a dedicated tab that shows you all the upcoming matches and events, which can also be searched by event or team.

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Final Words 

There are numerous UFC streaming services that you can use in 2024 to watch UFC matches for free. But, it is difficult to choose the ideal one. Therefore, to help you out, we have prepared this guide highlighting the 6 best free UFC streaming sites. All the hand-picked streaming services are reliable and completely free to use.

Hopefully, you found the article informative and helpful. Please feel free to drop your questions or better suggestions in the comments area below. Before you go, do subscribe to our Newsletter, also follow us on Social Media pages so you never miss any tech updates.

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