9 Best Free Text Comparison Tools in 2024 (Online & Offline)

Published Date : Dec 18, 2023
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Best Free Text Comparison Tools

This article talks about the best offline and online text comparison tools for you to compare your documents accurately, effectively, and efficiently.

No writer writes articles in one go. Writing an article and presenting it to the audience involves numerous edits, making the final version a lot different from the original one. It often becomes difficult to compare and contrast the content (text) in the original and edited articles. Do you also find yourself stuck in a similar situation? If yes, here are the best text comparison tools to your rescue.

The text difference checker compares two text files and helps you identify the differences when a document has multiple versions. Moreover, it also helps spot the changes when two individuals work on the same document.

However, there are a lot of online text compare tools, making it challenging to choose the one that fits all requirements. Hence, we did all the hard work of diving into the pool of such tools, comparing them, and listing the best ones.

Let us share the best text difference checkers in the following section without wasting your precious time beating around the bush.

Best Text Comparison Tools (Free to Use) in 2024

The following are our top picks for the best offline and online text comparison tools.

1. Draftable


Let us first introduce you to Draftable. It is among the best tools to compare text files online for its pleasant interface, API access, highlight and description of changes in the documents, and a lot of other features.

The following are some features of this software that are responsible for making it one of the best online text comparators.

Key Features of Draftable

  • Comparison of different file formats like PDF, .txt, .docx, and more
  • Single and side-by-side view of document differences
  • Lists all the required changes
  • Lets you change fonts and text styles

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2. Meld


Here comes Meld. It is yet another best open-source text difference checker. This software makes text comparison easier with its colored marking of differences and other fascinating features.

Some interesting features of Meld include the simultaneous comparison of three files and the following.

Key Features of Meld

  • Easy file compare, edit, and merge
  • Seamless navigation between changes
  • Text filtering allows you to ignore irrelevant differences
  • Three-way merge assistance with base version display and conflict handling
  • Effortless folder comparison with a detailed view of differences

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3. Diffuse


Let us now look at Diffuse. It is one of the best text comparison tools for its line-matching tool for the side-by-side comparison of your documents, easy text editing, and document merge.

Moreover, it also boasts some amazing features that we share below.

Key Features of Diffuse

  • In-built version control for easy revisions
  • Support for different repositories for version tracking
  • Availability of syntax highlighting
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts for seamless navigation
  • An open-source text difference checker

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4. WinMerge


Next, we have WinMerge on our list of the best tools to compare two text files. With this tool, you can compare three files simultaneously, edit, and merge your documents.

Moreover, highlighting differences for easy comparison and the following factors contribute to making WinMerge one of the best tools for text comparison.

Key Features of WinMerge

  • Support for a wide range of file formats
  • Plugin support
  • Detects moved lines
  • Location pane with a map of files compared
  • Easy folder comparison with regular expression-based filters, a tree-style view, etc.
  • Lets you compare tables and images as well

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5. KDiff3


Let us now take a look at KDiff3. It is yet another open-source tool where you can upload texts and compare them. We think it is among the best text difference checkers for its Unicode support, version control to view and merge various versions, and other useful features.

A few of the fascinating features of this software include three simultaneous comparisons and the following.

Key Features of KDiff3

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive software
  • Customizable interface
  • Many essential features like plugins, Windows Explorer integration, and more

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6. Litera Compare

Litera Compare

Here comes Workshare Compare. As the developers claim, it makes a total comparison of multiple document types. You can use this software to detect changes across two documents accurately and instantly.

Comparison within Outlook/directly within PDF files, sharing capabilities, detection of changes on the fly, and the following features make Litera Compare one of the best text comparison tools.

Key Features of Litera Compare

  • Comparison of tables, comments, charts, OCR, embedded images/objects, and other elements
  • API access and server-side document comparison
  • Easy to understand and holistic analysis of all changed elements of your document

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7. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Last but definitely not least, we have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to complete our list of the best text difference checkers. It is among the most widely used tools as it helps compare PDF files effortlessly.

Moreover, it makes side-by-side comparisons, highlights changes, and offers the following delightful features, making it one of the best software to compare two text files.

Key Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

  • Creation and editing of PDF files
  • Conversion of PDF from one format to another
  • Text recognition and PDF signing ability
  • Easy-to-understand interface

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8. AptDiff


The next name on this list of the best free text comparison tools in 2024 is AptDiff. If you want to compare the text on your Windows XP or Windows 2007 device, then this tool is the perfect one for you.

The interface of the software is a little outdated and even the software is available for comparatively older Windows versions as well.

Key Features of AptDiff

  • Supports various PDF, .txt, .docx, and forms of documents
  • Side-by-side or pane-by-pane comparison.
  • Marks all the similarities feasibly
  • Beginner-friendly user interface
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9. Araxis

The Araxis tool is now available. It performs a comprehensive comparison of a variety of document kinds, as the engineers who developed it say. By using this program, you will be able to correctly and rapidly identify changes that have occurred across two documents.

Key Features of Araxis

  • Simple to comprehend and comprehensive examination of all the components of your text that have been modified
  • A comparison of documents on the server side and access to the API
  • Some of the features that make Araxis one of the finest text comparison tools include the ability to compare documents directly inside PDF files or within Outlook,
  • The ability to share documents, the ability to detect changes on the fly, and more.
  • Table comparisons, comments, chart comparisons, optical character recognition (OCR), embedded pictures and objects, and other aspects
  • Comparing the Key Characteristics of Litera

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Summing Up the Best Text Comparison Tools

This article discussed the best text difference checkers you can use to compare three/ two different text files. You go through each of these programs to choose the one that fits your requirements the most.

If you think any other free text comparison tool also deserves to be on this list or have any other suggestions/questions about this article, please drop them in the comments.

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