5 Best Free SurveyMonkey Alternatives to Use in 2024

Published Date : Jan 08, 2024
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Best Free SurveyMonkey Alternatives

Many sites similar to SurveyMonkey are a better alternative to it with advanced features and improved experience. Hence, you can read this article to know about them.

Surveys and feedback are crucial for any business to monitor its performance and improve its services/products to elevate the user experience. And, SurveyMonkey has become quite synonymous with online surveys. It is an experience management company, offering cloud-based software for brand insights, product experience, market insights, employee and customer experience, online survey development, and many useful tools. However, is it the only player in this segment, or are there better SurveyMonkey alternatives?

There are many free alternatives to SurveyMonkey, offering an even better experience to both organizations and their targets. However, if you are wondering why you need an alternative when SurveyMonkey is such a prominent name in the industry, let us first answer this question.

Why You Need SurveyMonkey Alternatives

The following cons force many users (including us) to look for survey tools like SurveyMonkey.

  • Only 10 questions and 40 responses per survey in the free plan
  • Display logic is unavailable, only has skip logic
  • The anonymous survey is not completely anonymous
  • No option to rank the top 2 or top 3 in ranking questions (you must rank all attributes)
  • Limited options to create custom data reports
  • Non-availability of a true white-label option
  • No option to use unique passwords for every user
  • Does not allow the reordering of questions
  • Poor designs of surveys

The above downsides have already made many users shift to the best alternative to SurveyMonkey. If you are also considering trying one, you can choose any software from the following well-researched options.

5 Best Free Sites Like SurveyMonkey in 2024 (SurveyMonkey Alternatives)

The following are our top picks when it comes to selecting the best alternatives to SurveyMonkey.

1. Jotform


Next, we have Jotform Survey Maker on our list of the best free alternatives to SurveyMonkey. It is a free online survey maker to create engaging surveys with simple drag-and-drop actions.

Moreover, Jotform allows you to set up conditional logic to create an interactive survey, personalizing the questions according to each user’s responses. Furthermore, the following features are also a reason we call Jotform one of the best alternatives to SurveyMonkey.

Key features of Jotform

  • Availability of 800+ free customizable free templates
  • Classic (all questions on one page) and card (one question per page) survey formats
  • Save and continue later feature to allow users to complete the survey whenever they have time
  • A progress bar to let users know how close they are to completing the survey
  • One-click conversion of responses into professional reports you can download as PDFs, share with a link, or embed in your website (updates embedded reports automatically with each submission)
  • An all-in-one database of survey or questionnaire responses
  • Allows you to stay in touch with participants through email notifications
  • Secures your surveys with a 256-bit SSL connection
  • Uninterrupted data collection with offline surveys

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2. Google Forms

Google Forms

Google Forms needs no introduction if you use Google Drive, Google Apps, or Gmail. It is among the best sites similar to SurveyMonkey as far as questionnaires and simple surveys are concerned.

With Google Forms, you can choose from multiple question types, drag-and-drop questions to reorder them, and customize values effortlessly. Moreover, the following features contribute to making Google Forms one of the best free survey tools like SurveyMonkey.

Key features of Google Forms

  • Easy color, image, and font customization to adjust the look and feel of your surveys
  • Allows you to show questions based on answers for a seamless experience
  • Charts with real-time response data updates to help you analyze responses
  • Lets you create, access, and edit surveys on-the-go
  • You can add collaborators to build forms and analyze the results together
  • Allows you to set response validation rules with in-built intelligence
  • Seamless form sharing via email, link, or website

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3. SurveyKing


Let us now take a look at SurveyKing. It is among the best SurveyMonkey alternatives for its ease of use, unique question types such as MaxDiff, incredible reporting features, and an option to import questions from Google Docs or Word (including matrix questions).

Additionally, SurveyKing offers a drag-and-drop report builder, display logic (allowing you to ask follow-up questions on the same page), in addition to the following features.

Key features of SurveyKing

  • Custom-built scripts and Salesforce API allows you to send data to Salesforce easily
  • Allows you to share and edit reports with one-click
  • You can use your company’s domain, as SurveyKing has a real white-label option
  •  K anonymity for truly anonymous surveys

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4. QuestionPro


Here comes QuestionPro. It is yet another site similar to SurveyMonkey to solve all your insight needs. QuestionPro offers a variety of options to create surveys for basic to complex research, customer experience, and employee engagement.

We included QuestionPro on our list of the best free alternatives to SurveyMonkey for its multiple question types support, custom branding when creating surveys, and conditional logic. Moreover, below are some other noteworthy features of this software.

Key features of QuestionPro

  • Multilingual capabilities with support for over 100 languages
  • Availability of nearly 100 responses per survey in the free plan
  • Real-time updated dashboard reports you can share
  • Availability of 20+ survey themes
  • Raw data export and 24*7 email support
  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • A thank you page you can customize

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5. LimeSurvey


LimeSurvey can be the best choice if you are looking for an open-source SurveyMonkey alternative. It is a quick, simple, and online survey tool with a WYSIWYG editor for easy survey creation, anonymized responses, support for nearly 80 languages, skip logic, custom reporting options, and community support.

Moreover, the following features add to the reasons LimeSurvey deserves to be on this list of the best free survey tools like SurveyMonkey.

Key features of LimeSurvey

  • Availability of both self-hosted and hosted versions
  • Completely open source
  • Data export to CSV, Excel, Strata, R, Word, SPSS, and PDF
  • Whitelabel survey creation with customizable branding
  • Advanced targeting with custom URLs
  • Availability of charts, graphs, bars, etc., to analyze data effectively
  • Rich media support in surveys

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Concluding the Best free SurveyMonkey Alternatives

This article brought to light the best free alternatives to SurveyMonkey. These programs offer a better experience to organizations and their targets when creating, filling out, and analyzing survey results.

If you think any other best SurveyMonkey alternative also deserves to be on this list or have any questions regarding this article, do not hesitate to write us a comment.

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