Top 9 SolarMovie Alternative for Watch Movies Online 2023

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Best SolarMovie Alternative for Watching Movies Online

Looking for the best SolarMovie alternative in 2022? You have come to the right place. Here, you will find better options.

The Internet can be a great place. And, this great place also has an excellent space where you can watch movies online, and that too free of cost. Yes, you read it right. SolarMovie is such a platform. Moreover, there are many new websites like SolarMovie you can use to binge-watch.

Now, don’t conclude that SolarMovie is the only website on the internet that has the power to do so. We all know that the internet is a big place and can have various similar types of services but different service providers. Here, we’re going to discuss various alternatives to SolarMovie.

But, first of all, let’s get you an insight into what’s SolarMovie.

What is SolarMovie?

Want to watch a movie online? You got SolarMovie to help you out. Want a top-tier online movie streaming platform that allows you to watch the latest movies for free? You got SolarMovie to help you out.

So, SolarMovie is an online video-based streaming platform that provides video content such as movies, web shows, TV shows and so much more. On SolarMovie, the user can watch thousands of hundreds of great movies, online, and that too, FREE!. There’s no subscription plan and all the services are free of cost. The platform is ad-supported and that’s how they can give away these great movies to you, for free.

Best Alternative to SolarMovie in 2022 You can Try

Not liking SolarMovie’s UI, the website’s design hurt your sentiments, or whatever may be the reason you have for searching SolarMovie alternatives. Don’t worry, there is also a list of the best SolarMovie alternatives. All these websites are the same in the quantity and quality of the former.

We’ve listed seven of them here, with their respective features. Start from the top and work your way through them until you find the best alternative to SolarMovie. List of top 7 SolarMovie similar websites for watch movies online.

1. PutLocker

“One of the Most Popular Alternatives to SolarMovie”


Putlocker is a file hosting website that allows the user to watch the videos online, and that too for free. Users can find top-rated entertainment video content such as TV shows and movies on PutLocker. The origins of the website are from the UK but the website is used by different URLs and from different countries.

Moreover, below are the key features of PutLocker that justify its position on the list of the best free movie sites like SolarMovie.

Features of PutLocker:

  1. On PutLocker, the user can check the IMDB(Internet Movie Database) reviews for the movies they are planning to watch. The user can select the best movies to watch based on these reviews.
  2. The platform also hosts a Most Viewed section which has the highest watched movies and shows on the platform.

2. Lookmovie

“Best SolarMovie Alternative for Unique Content”


Lookmovie is an online, trendy, and popular web-based platform that brings video-based content such as movies, web series, and so on to your devices.

The best thing about Lookmovie is that the content available on the platform is quite rare and we can assure you that the rarest movies are available on this website. A movie can also be categorized by using ratings and genre. All these factors combined with the below key features make Lookmovie one of the best alternatives to SolarMovie.

Features of Lookmovie:

  1. The server of the platform is quite fast and reliable. And, the possibility of going it down is quite less.
  2. Users of the website can find the subbed and dubbed version of the platform and can download whichever they like.
  3. The website provides the user with a filter feature that helps a user to get a more precise search result.
  4. The platform also allows the user to create a list of their favorite movies and shows. And, this list can be accessed later on by the user.

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3. Tubi TV

“One of the Best Websites Like SolarMovie to Watch American Shows”

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a web-based video streaming platform that provides video-based content for free. This platform is ad-supported and holds real-time bidding, in which a user can place a bid and give a video advertisement to various platforms. Tubi is also popular for providing American shows to all the viewers who don’t want to pay any OTT subscription fees.

Tubi is also a popular SolarMovie alternative for providing American shows to all the viewers who don’t want to pay any OTT subscription fees.

Features of Tubi TV:

  1. Anyone can access Tubi TV through their browser. Your OS can be Windows or macOS.
  2. The platform is the house of various state-of-the-art web shows and TV shows that might or might not be available on other websites.
  3. Another great feature about this platform is that it is also available for android and iPhone.  Now, the mobile can also be used to stream your favorite shows and movies.

4. Popcornflix

“A Website Similar to SolarMovie with Interactive Features”


Popcornflix is a web-based ad-supported online video streaming platform. Popcornflix renders video-based content such as movies, documentaries, web shows, and so on. The website host much more unique content than its counterparts. There is no subscription plan and all the services are free of cost.

All these world-class services are provided to you for free. The website does not charge a single penny from its users, making it an outstanding site similar to SolarMovie.

Features of Popcornflix:

  1. The content of this website is famous for being unique. You can find some of the most unique movies and shows on this platform.
  2. Users can watch web shows, TV shows, movies, and so much more on Popcornflix.
  3. Popcornflix works on various latest as well as traditional platforms such as Amazon Prime, XBOX, iOS, and Apple TV.
  4. It boasts some highly-attractive options like creating a GIF based on on-screen content.

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5. YIFY Movies

“A Top SolarMovie Alternative with Many Free New Movies”

YIFY Movies

YIFY Movies is a p2p (peer to peer) release group that hosts a large number of movies on its platform, for absolutely free. The movies can be downloaded using BitTorrent. The platform is capable of packing HD-quality movies in small file sizes.

It’s one of the most trusted and popular SolarMovie alternatives.

This platform scavenges this content from various sources and provides them free of cost on their platform named YIFY movies. The website moves the mountains to find and provide the content its users love to watch.

Features of YIFY Movies:

  1. YIFY Movies has a huge collection of movies. From the classics to the latest, they have it all.
  2. The user can use the filter to precise their search results. Many filter options are given such as year, genre, ratings, and so on.
  3. Ratings are available for movies that help you and your fellow users to decide which movie is better than others and vice-versa.

6. Moonline

“SolarMovie Alternative with an Easy Movie Search”


Moonline is another web-based video streaming platform that is popular for providing copyright movies and shows for free. Moonline can surely be on the list of top alternatives for SolarMovie. The user can search their favorite movies by categories such as animation, action, horror, and so on.

The users can also find the recently released movies listed on the website.

However, the initial print of the movie can be of low quality but it’ll later be replaced by higher quality HD print of the movie.

Features of Moonline:

  1. The website renders the show and movies which are not legally available for free presentation and exhibition. These movies have copyright but are easily available for online streaming on Moonline.
  2. Another thing that makes Moonline different from other alternatives of SolarMovie is that users can also record the video they’re streaming.
  3. Various uncommon and rare movies are available on the platform which may not be available on other such platforms.

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7. Vumoo

“A new SolarMovie Alternative with Search Filters”


Vumoo is another web-based video streaming service providing a website that became quite popular in 2019. The users don’t have to register on the website to access its stuff and other things. Users have the choice of watching the movies online or downloading them in HD format.

The domain of this website keeps changing but the most commonly used domain to access this website is

The movies are also classified based on their categories such as action, adventure, horror, and so on. Users can take the assistance of such categories to find the movies they’d love to watch.

Vumoo is comparatively a new SolarMovie website alternative, still it has become a favorite of millions for its below features.

Features of Vumoo:

  1. Registration is not compulsory for any user but post-registration they can watch unlimited movies for absolutely free.
  2. The users can watch their favorite movies, TV shows, and web shows online without much hassle.
  3. Filters are also present to improve precision in your search results and help you find the thing you’re looking for.

8. Hulu

“Top SolarMovie alternative with a huge library of content”


The next one on our list of Top SolarMovie Alternatives is the American subscription on-demand video service Hulu. The platform has a huge library of movies, sports, Originals, TV Shows, and SolarMovies. Since it has thousands of original content all of this is not available for free. The paid plans for Pro version access begin from $5.99 / month. To stream Live TV on the Hulu app the plan begins from $39.99 per month.

Features of Hulu:

  1. The audio description of Hulu provides an audio track to describe the scene that is currently playing.The
  2. Streaming library of Hulu has captions and subtitles.
  3. Use keyboard controls to avoid mouse usage to provide input commands.
  4. Voice commands with Alexa and Google.

9. Sling

“Best alternative to enjoy SolarMovies without paying a penny”


Another best SolarMovie Alternative is Sling. It has thousands of TV channels and on-demand shows. You can view this content on your Tablet, TV, Mobile, laptop, and PC.

Features of Sling:

  1. Enjoy your favorite TV shows online with a simple sign-up through your email.
  2. On-screen instructions to install apps and easy user interface.
  3. Use it on multiple devices such as PC, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones
  4. Enjoy local channels without paying any cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the real SolarMovie?

The websites which allow users to enjoy movies without paying are referred to as SolarMovies. Also, through these websites, you can download movies, TV shows, or Originals and enjoy them offline on your devices.

Q.2 Are SolarMovie Alternatives Free?

Yes, most of the SolarMovie alternatives are available for free. However, to overcome the limitations of some of these free alternatives you can buy paid subscriptions. In the article, we have mentioned the best SolarMovie alternatives that are available for Free.

Q.3 Is watching SolarMovie illegal?

According to industry experts, movie streaming or downloading websites break the copyright laws of some countries. Therefore, be cautious while choosing these streaming options. Before using any of the SolarMovie sites check their credibility to avoid any sort of data loss or attacks on your device.

Q.4 What Happened To SolarMovie?

SolarMovie websites were prohibited by ISPs. and hence these websites are banned or inaccessible in some countries.

Q.5 Is Solarmovie Alternative safe?

Although there can be various websites that are running illegally we have listed the most trusted ones in the article. Before you use any of the SolarMovie alternatives make sure the platform is safe.


So, these were some of the best alternatives to SolarMovie. There are many things that these websites possess that even SolarMovie lacks.

You should give them all a try until you find your best bet. All of these websites are available for free to watch movies online like SolarMovie. These are ad-supported and that’s how they can render world-class content for free.

So, make sure to try each of them and we’re certain that you’ll find the best SolarMovie alternative.

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