8 Best Proxy Websites in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published Date : Jan 11, 2024
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Best Free Proxy Websites

You can unblock all your desired websites safely and hassle-freely and browse without compromising your privacy using the best free web proxy websites listed in this article.

Are you unable to access a specific website on your computer, or is it blocked in your region? If yes, you can put all your worries aside and access all the websites freely and safely using the best proxy websites.

The best free proxy sites allow you to access desired websites anonymously by hiding your IP address and rerouting your internet traffic via a remote server. However, they differ from a VPN as they work with only a single application or service.

If you wish, you can effortlessly browse the internet, keeping your privacy intact using a proxy for the web. However, not all proxies are safe to use, and some of them can be a hacker’s trap to steal your data.

Hence, we did all the hard work of finding truly safe, easy-to-use, and feature-rich proxies and compiled them in the form of the best free server list. Let us go through the same without wasting your highly valuable time.

Top 8 Best Proxy Websites (Free & Paid) in 2024

The following are our top choices for the best free web proxies you can use to unblock a website and browse privately.

1. Oxylabs


Price: Starts from $15 (Residential Proxy) and goes up to $15/month for $15 (SOCKS5 Proxies) (pay-as-you-go)

First, let us take a look at Oxylabs. It is among the world’s leading web scraping solutions and ethical proxies. It offers 100M+ residential proxies from across the globe. Moreover, global coverage, fast performance with 2M+ datacenter proxies, 29K+ shared datacenter proxy pool, and the following are its noteworthy features.

Key features of Oxylabs

  • Custom-built scraper APIs
  • AI-powered web unblocker to unblock the most complex targets
  • Easy integration into your scraping infrastructure with multiple language support and ready-to-use code examples
  • Round-the-clock customer support

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2. IPRoyal


Price: Starts from $1.75/GB for residential proxy and ranges to $1.00/proxy for sneaker proxy

Let us now introduce you to IPRoyal. With 190+ proxy locations, it is among the best proxy websites for its more than 2M residential IPs (ethically sourced), powerful proxy tester, 24*7 technical support, SOCKS5 support, and the following incredible features.

Key features of IPRoyal

  • Proxies never expire
  • Pay-as-you-go model of pricing
  • Precise city, continent, and country targeting
  • Rotating and sticky options support

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3. Nimble


Price: Starts from $255/month for the Essential plan and goes up to $3,400/month for Enterprise plan

Next, we have Nimble on this free proxy sites list. With Nimble’s advanced AI-powered models, you can gather data effortlessly. Additionally, it has servers in more than 195 locations, a user-friendly interface, a completely automated web data pipeline, and the following helpful features.

Key features of Nimble

  • Actual-time management of notifications
  • Highly adaptable dynamic infrastructure
  • Round-the-clock real human (no bot) support
  • ASN, city, and country targeting

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4. KProxy


Price: Free, paid version available for $5 to $30 (depending on the plan you choose)

KProxy is yet another one of the best free proxy sites to bypass any filter, evade hackers, and surf privately. It hides your IP address effectively and offers decent encryption to protect your privacy, and the features shared below also contribute to making it a popular choice among users.

Key features of KProxy

  • Needs no installation
  • Availability of add-ons for Microsoft Edge and Firefox
  • Boasts availability in the Chrome Web Store
  • You can hide the top menu

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5. ProxySite.com


Price: Free, paid plans are available for $9.99/month (monthly plan) and $5.99/month (yearly plan)

Let us now take a look at ProxySite.com. It is a free web proxy to protect your online privacy, with a straightforward and simple UI, encrypted SSL connection, and the following delightful features.

Key features of ProxySite.com

  • Allows you to see and delete cookies stored on your computer by websites you’ve browsed previously
  • Easy access to all websites of your choice
  • You can choose from different European and US servers

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6. Whoer


Price: Ranges between $9.90/month to $6.50/month (depending on you select 1 month, 1 year, or 6 months plan)

We have Whoer as the fifth-best web proxy site. Available as an extension for almost all popular browsers, in addition to bypassing various website restrictions, Whoer can test your internet connection speed. Moreover, it boasts the following remarkable features.

Features of Whoer

  • Does not save your IP connection data
  • Offers fast connection speeds without keeping any logs
  • Unblocks almost all websites
  • You can perform ping tests to find server response times on specific websites
  • Allows you to choose from many servers in the United States and European countries

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7. Proxify.com


Price: Free, also has a pro version starting from $100/month for a single user

Let us now talk about Proxify.com. It is among the best proxy websites to take control of your privacy. With servers in over 1, 120 locations worldwide, it helps you browse anonymously and offers the following wonderful features.

Key features of Proxify.com

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8. Bright Data

Bright Data

Price: Free, also has a pro version starting from $100/month for a single user

Have a look at the next name on this list of the best proxy websites in 2024. Bright Data is an amazing proxy alternative that offers over 70,000 servers to you for effective proxy connectivity.

Key features of Bright Data

  • Encrypted connectivity
  • Unblocks content from multiple geo-locations
  • Works for free with your Google account.

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Summing Up the Best Proxy Websites

This article brought to light various paid and free proxy sites to help you unblock and access the desired websites safely and easily. You can try these sites and let us know your views about them in the comments section.

Moreover, you can also write us a comment if you think this list misses out on any best free web proxy or if you have any queries about this article. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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