Best Free Phone Spying Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Published Date : Feb 23, 2024
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Best Free Phone Spying Apps for Android and iOS

If you are looking for some phone spying apps for Android, this article lists the best ones that can easily meet all of your requirements. 

You may want to check the activities of an Android smartphone. This could be because you are worried about the individual in some way and want to get the details of calls, messages, and/or other details. You can easily know about all of these activities on any Android device with a single source.

One of the best phone spying apps is all you need.

So, that’s what you will get with the help of this simple guide. Proceed to have a look at the phone spy app for Android and track the activities of a device with ease.

List of the Best Phone Spying Apps in 2024

Below are some of the top free phone spying apps for Android voted the best in 2024. We recommend that you go through the list of apps thoroughly and then download and use the one(s) you like the most amongst these. So, without any further ado, let’s proceed to the list of the best-hidden spy apps for Android right below.

1. uMobix


uMobix is one of the best free phone spying apps of all time. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. With the help of this app, you can easily monitor and keep track of the keystrokes or taps performed on the app. And that’s not all. You can even track the location visited or traveled with the help of this app. Below are some other features of this best spy app for Android free that provide better information.

Features of uMobix:

  • The app allows you to monitor the calls made to and from the smartphone.
  • The app supports a cross-platform base and is compatible with a lot of operating system versions as well.
  • If you want to get details of a particular app, then uMobix is the best solution that supports individual platform information.
  • You can also access the list of apps on any device with uMobix.

Download uMobix

2. mSpy


The next product on this list of the best free phone spying apps is mSpy. This is one of the most trusted and popular spying apps of all time. With the help of the software, you can easily track the usage and location of your smartphone. Additionally, the app provides a plethora of other features as well. Below you will find the most prominent features of mSpy as one of the best spy apps for free.

Features of mSpy:

  • The app allows you to monitor the calls and messages on your device.
  • If the user has installed any third-party messaging or social media apps, then you can also monitor the same with mSpy.
  • The app provides both real-time updates of the location as well as location history.
  • With a single solution, you can control all the apps and programs installed on the Android device.
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download mSpy

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3. eyeZy


eyeZy is one of the best hidden spy apps for Android that allows you to gather information on any device with ease. The app is not limited to Android but is also supported by iOS and iPadOS devices. The app even allows you to access the internal and external storage of the device with ease. Below are some of the top features of this proud member of the free spy apps for iPhone and Android. Have a glance at the same for further information.

Features of eyeZy:

  • With the help of the app, you can know all the saved files on your device quite easily.
  • eyeZy allows you to keep track of all the websites visited by the user and the viewed content.
  • You can also modify the usage period of different apps and websites with eyeZy.
  • One of the best features of the tool is that it allows you to set different boundaries, geographical and metaphorical. You will get updates whenever this boundary is crossed

Download eyeZy

4. SpyBubble


Another name that graces this list of the best free phone spying apps is SpyBubble. The app works to provide all the required information about top messaging social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more. Apart from this, the app also provides information about incoming and outgoing messages and calls. Check out the other features of this phone spy app for Android.

Features of SpyBubble:

  • SpyBubble is supported on all Android and iOS (some may require Jailbreak) devices of all versions.
  • You need to root the Android device to use the SpyBubble app for the best results.
  • The app allows you to track real-time locations and even geofence an area as per your requirements.
  • With the paid version of the tool, you also get 24/7 customer support.
  • You can check the activity of any smartphone with the help of a computer browser.

Download SpyBubble

5. HoverWatch


HoverWatch is another one of the best hidden spy apps for Android. The working of the app is quite simple yet effective. This single solution allows you to get details related to the platforms like messaging apps and social media platforms. Additionally, you can also monitor the call history of the device very easily. Below are some of the best and additional features of this best spy app for Android for free.

Features of HoverWatch:

  • The app provides thorough and in detail information about the internet activity on your device.
  • You can download and use the app on both Android and iOS devices as required.
  • The platform also provides a free demo of the app to understand its working and proceed if required.
  • You can easily monitor the location of the device with the help of the HoverWatch GPS.
  • HoverWatch is one of the Best hidden spy apps for Android. The smartphone user does not even know if the HoverWatch app is installed on the device.

Download HoverWatch

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6. Cocospy


Next, comes Cocospy as one of the best phone spying apps. Cocospy is a great solution for you if you are looking for an easy-to-use yet effective way to track the activities of a device. The app works quite well as a parental control app however, others can also use the app perfectly. Have a look at the features of this one of the free spy apps for iPhone and get all the information required.

Features of Cocospy:

  • The app works perfectly when you are remote without even informing the device user in any way.
  • With the help of Cocospy, you can get all the messages and call history on your device.
  • The tool works perfectly on Android and iOS devices, offering the best results.
  • If you want to know the browser history of a device, then you should try Cocospy.
  • The procedure to set up Cocospy is very simple and effective.

Download Cocospy

7. XNSpy


XNSpy is an amazing tool that works perfectly as one of the best free phone spying apps for Android. The app works with a Stealth Mode that allows you to check the activity of any device without informing or intimating the user. The app can be set up very easily within a couple of minutes and used with ease afterward. Go through the top features of this one of the best free spy apps for iPhone for more information.

Features of XNSpy:

  • With the help of XNSpy, you can monitor the incoming calls and call history of the device.
  • The app shows real-time updates about the happenings of the device.
  • Even if you are distant from the device, you can have a look at the activities of the device remotely.
  • The app provides quite detailed reports about the usage of every platform on the device.
  • You can get XNSpy for iPhones or Android devices as required.

Download XNSpy

8. Clevguard


The next item on this list of the best phone spying apps for free on Android devices is Clevguard. With the help of this tool, you can easily get the activity history of iOS or Android devices. The app is even available for monitors or desktops. One of the best features of the tool is the iCloud monitoring features provided to all. Know more about the tool from the features of the best hidden spy apps for Android.

Features of Clevguard:

  • The app allows you to export the activity data of any device as per your requirements.
  • The app also provides you access to the browser history at all times.
  • Call logs, messaging data, and other related information are some of the features that are quite easily available.
  • With the help of Clevguard, you can geofence to a certain diameter and get updates when the same is breached or crossed.
  • With the app, you get free updates for the platform for life.

Download Clevguard

9. FlexiSPY


We are approaching the end of this list of the best phone spying apps however, the apps here are still going strong. FlexiSPY is the next anime on this list. The creators of the platform allow you to select from a variety of versions for the same as per your requirements. Have a look at the features of this viable member of the best hidden spy apps for Android right below for a better understanding.

Features of FlexiSPY:

  • The app provides some of the outstanding and never-seen-anywhere features to the users like social media apps call recording, access to messages from different platforms, etc.
  • The app can also work as a keylogger, which means that you can know precisely how and what was done to the device.
  • Although the app requires root to work, it also hides that the device is rooted to protect the identity or presence of the app.
  • You can run the app in hidden mode, away from the reach of the device user and protected.

Download FlexiSPY

10. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker

The last name on this list of free phone spying apps is the Mobile Tracker app. With the help of this amazing app, you can do as much as any other product on this list. Additionally, you also get some quality features with the tool like calls history management and more. You will find all the features of this popular article from the free spy apps for iPhone list.

Features of Mobile Tracker:

  • The app provides the precise location of the device at all times along with location history logs.
  • With the help of Mobile Tracker, you can also keep track of the call logs and history.
  • Social Media Platform management and tracking are possible with the app quite easily.
  • Mobile Tracker makes it possible for users to monitor the device even from a remote location.
  • Additionally, there is open access to the gallery of the device with Mobile Tracker.

Download Mobile Tracker

11. Qustodio


The Qustodio app is another robust surveillance application that provides a free plan that is available indefinitely. Over six million parents across the globe have put their faith in it. In addition to the typical gadgets, such as mobile phones and computers, Qustodio is also compatible with Kindle, which is an online reading device and software developed by Amazon.

Although reading is a wonderful habit to instill in your children, it is essential to monitor the types of material they are reading.

An alert will be sent to you if your children continue to attempt to access a website or application that has previously been restricted. In this manner, you will be aware of the topics that they are interested in, and you will be able to discuss those topics with them at home.

Another key draw is the panic button, which users may press. If your children are in danger and you are unable to reach them by phone or text message, it enables them to transmit quick notifications to you with the push of a button.

Features Of Qustodio:

  • The Safe Search option to protect your children from exposure to unsuitable stuff.
  • The panic button gives your children the ability to communicate with you in times of crisis.
  • Personalized monitoring of screen time.
  • Create individualized notifications for your children when they browse restricted websites.

Download Qustodio

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Best Free Phone Spying Apps in 2024: Listed

So, this section concludes the list of the best hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone devices. We hope that these solutions were the precise apps that you were seeking. You may find others and a plethora of apps on the internet claiming to offer similar features to you. However, not all of these are up to the mark. Hence, we took the liberty to present the actual best ones to you; for your help.

However, if you have any doubts related to the best phone spying apps, then you may ask the same below. The comments section is here for you. We will help you in every way possible. You may also present your suggestions.

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