7 Best Free PDF Editor Chrome Extension in 2024

Published Date : Dec 27, 2023
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Best Free PDF Editor Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions provide the role of virtual programs, hence minimizing the need to install software that is installed independently. To manage PDF files, PDF Editors are absolutely necessary. The process of editing a Word document is rather simple, however editing a PDF file may be much more challenging.

These days, you won’t have to worry about installing large software packages. You are now able to go to the Chrome extension store in order to get user-friendly tools that ease the process of editing PDF files, converting PDF files, and other sophisticated capabilities. The PDF editor extension for Chrome are simple to use and are best for simplifying the process of managing PDF files.

In this post, we will take a look at the seven best PDF editor Chrome extensions in 2024. These extensions allow you to edit any PDF file without having to install any other software on your computer.

A List of 7 Best Free PDF Editor Chrome Extensions in 2024

For those who are interested in editing a PDF file, the following are some of the top PDF editor chrome extensions that you can consider. Just have a look at them! .

1. PDFfiller- Chrome PDF Editor Extension

PDFfiller- Chrome PDF Editor Extension

If you are seeking a straightforward and extremely efficient solution for editing PDF documents right on your browser, PDFfiller is the best PDF editor Chrome Extension that you can use.

The fact that this application has an editor that is similar to Microsoft Word and makes it extremely simple to change the document is one of the things that we like the most about it. On the document, you can alter the font style and size, as well as the alignment of the paragraphs. The installation process is similar to that of other Chrome extensions; however, once it is installed, all you will need to do to see all of the editing possibilities that are available to you is open the PDF file.

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2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat, a well-known PDF maker, is essential in this age of PDFs since it offers a user-friendly experience for viewing and creating PDF files. It has been significantly instrumental in the transition away from using Microsoft Office DOCX for editing, and it currently provides an incredible level of adaptability via its extension.

The use of this PDF editor Chrome extension makes it possible to convert PDF files to a variety of other formats, including PNG, JPEG, and DOCX. Its smooth interaction with other Adobe programs improves overall usability without producing browser congestion, which is a significant benefit. The fact that Adobe Acrobat allows users to make use of functions such as reading PDFs out loud, printing PDFs, signing PDFs, and filling out PDF forms makes it an all-encompassing solution for a wide range of PDF requirements. Undoubtedly, it is the best tool to edit PDF on Google Chrome.

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3. Smallpdf


Smallpdf is an excellent PDF editor Chrome extension that specializes in the manipulation of PDFs via capabilities such as converting, compressing,  and organizing PDF files. When you use the extension, it will take you to the Smallpdf website so that you may complete the conversions you want. The user-friendly interface guarantees that the execution will function without any problems.

The ability of Smallpdf to access password-protected PDFs is a characteristic that stands out among its other capabilities. Additionally, it has editing skills, which include the ability to merge, redact, rotate, and rearrange PDF documents without any problems. In sum, this is one of the best free PDF editor Chrome extensions that you can consider.

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4. FormSwift PDF Editor Chrome Extension

FormSwift PDF Editor Chrome Extension

For editing PDFs, the FormSwift PDF Editor add-on is an exceptional piece of software. It is unparalleled in its ability to convert documents, modify them, and digitally sign them. It enables digital signing and guarantees that all signatures are by the requirements set out by ESign Compliance. You will have the ability to simply work on your PDFs and immediately upload files to your Drive and Dropbox with the help of this add-on.

One of the most notable characteristics of PDF editor Chrome extension is its intuitive user interface, which reduces the amount of effort required for navigation. In addition to converting PDF files to JPG, Word DOCs, and WEB formats, it also has the potential to convert PDF files to other formats. Because of its adaptability, it is possible to convert between several file kinds without any interruptions.

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5. ilovepdf


ilovepdf.com’s Online PDF editor Chrome extension makes it easier to do actions on your PDF files by providing a user-friendly interface and a complete set of functionality. Providing customers with a one-stop solution, this feature-rich application makes it simple to convert PDF files to a variety of formats and vice versa.

Not only that, but the extension may also unlock documents that are password-protected. OCR scanning for document text extraction, page numbering, applying watermarks, and extracting pictures from PDFs are some of the possible options that are available to you. Overall, this is the best free PDF Chrome extension you can use in 2024.

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6. Kami


You can do a great deal with PDFs by using this sophisticated PDF editor plugin for Chrome. Additionally, it enables users to annotate a PDF in a variety of different ways and share the document right from the browser, making it the most advanced tool for collaborative work. Considering that it is compatible with both Google Drive and Dropbox, the process of receiving PDF files is considerably simplified.

When it comes to annotation, it does provide a number of options, such as adding comments, highlighting, & underlining text; nevertheless, it does not have some of the most fundamental skills for altering documents. There is a possibility that you will not be able to utilize it to both add and delete pictures or text from the document.

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7. Offidocs.com


PDF Editor Online by Offidocs is a standout example of an open-source plugin that has the ability to read, edit, create, and seamlessly alter PDFs. In addition to performing the function of a gateway to the back end of the source website, this plugin makes it possible to work efficiently on several documents as needed.

The potential to easily share files on Google Drive and Dropbox, which guarantees that your work will be saved automatically, is a feature that stands out as particularly noteworthy. Knowing that your data are being saved safely not only makes things more convenient, but it also gives you peace of mind.

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Best PDF Editor Chrome Extension in 2024: Final Words

It is important to note that while there are several Chrome PDF editing tools, just a few of them are capable of providing you with a substantial level of satisfaction. So, to help you make better decisions, we have above explained the 7 best free PDF editor Chrome extension in 2024. We hope you found the article helpful. Please feel free to drop your suggestions or further doubts in the comments section below.

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