7 Best Free Midjourney Alternatives in 2024

Published Date : Mar 30, 2024
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Best Free Midjourney Alternatives

Here’s an extensive list of some of the best free Midjourney alternatives that will help you fulfill all your AI image needs with ease. 

By delivering a one-of-a-kind platform that, via its artificial intelligence picture generator, transforms verbal prompts into visual masterpieces, Midjourney has revolutionized the way in which we express ourselves through the medium of art. It has become a doorway to creation for individuals who lack traditional creative abilities, and it has become a new playground for artists to explore and express their abilities with the assistance of algorithms and other forms of artificial intelligence.

However, it is possible that Midjourney does not adapt to the interests of all users when it comes to digital art and picture editing tools. It is possible that some consumers may be opposed to the recent switch to a paid model, while others may be interested in receiving more direct customer care for the purpose of resolving difficulties that are relevant to the product.

Because of this, we have conducted some research and compiled a list of the top seven free Midjourney alternatives for the purpose of artificial intelligence picture production. We conducted a thorough analysis of their features and price in order to assist you in locating the optimum solution for your requirements.

List of the 7 Best Midjourney Free Alternatives in 2024

In the coming sections of this guide, we will have a look at some of the best and free Midjourney alternatives in 2024 for Windows and other platforms. Using these, you can easily generate the required images using artificial intelligence. Make sure you check out the entire list and its products before making a decision.

1. PlaygroundAI


The website Playground AI is the first one of the best free MidJourney alternatives. The website can be used for creating artificial intelligence images. It has its very own Playground v2 model. One of the most amazing features of the website is that it enables you to generate multiple photos every day without charging you a single penny.

On the other hand, the free version does not let you utilize the DALL-E model. Here’s another con, after you generate 50 photographs using this Midjourney free alternative, there may be certain restrictions placed on the quality and details of the images.

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2. DesignsAI


Here is the next free Midjourney alternatives for every designer who is looking for harmonious font combinations. The Font Pairer of this free Midjourney alternative is a godsend since it provides informative suggestions for font pairings or font combinations. Within a few minutes, the platform’s Video Maker can generate interesting and meaningful films by retrieving appropriate video content based on the text the user gives.

This free alternative to Midjourney is another popular option that you can try. There are a variety of digital assets that may be created with the use of this artificial intelligence technology, including voice, movies, and logos, among other things.

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3. NightCafe


The NightCafe may not be one of the traditional free Midjourney alternatives; rather, it is a website that provides access to a number of different text-to-image models. Additionally, it is compatible with the most recent SDXL 1.0 model.

What’s more in this Mid Journey AI alternative free? In the event that you want to make masterpieces that are based on older works of art, you have the option of selecting Style Transfer; you can choose CLIP-Guided Diffusion for creative photos; and you may select VEGAN+CLIP in order to build stunning landscapes.

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4. Starry AI

Starry AI

Starry is the next name on his list of the free Midjourney alternatives. This is the place where the magic takes place. In order to bring your concept to life, Starry AI employs two separate modes: Altair, which is used for abstract interpretations, and Orion, which is used for visuals that are more story-like. Starry AI is the most user-friendly artificial intelligence picture creator available.

The first thing you do is provide it with a textual stimulus to explore this best free Midjourney alternative. The next step is to choose your chosen style from a vast portfolio of options and direct the artwork toward portrayals that are either more abstract or more detailed.

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5. LimeWire


An intriguing tool in this list of free Midjourney alternatives, LimeWire has gathered more than 300 million subscribers on its Discord server in only a few short months. Blue Willow is an interesting alternative. A maximum of twenty photos may be used without cost.

Similar to Midjourney, accessing their Discord server is no longer required in order to produce artificial intelligence graphics. In addition to creating logos, characters from comics, digital artwork, landscapes, and graphic ideas, people are now utilizing Blue Willow to produce other types of graphics.

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6. Craiyon


Craiyon is distinguished in this list of the free Midjourney alternatives by its “Next Prompt” function, which makes use of ChatGPT to provide suggestions for future questions based on the entries you have made in the past. One further cutting-edge feature is the ability to display your AI-generated artwork on mockups of t-shirts, which may be used to develop ideas for promotional merchandise.

Craiyon is an artificial intelligence art generator, just like other sites like Midjourney, that is suitable for beginners. After entering your word prompt, you are presented with four different image-generation models to choose from: Art, Drawing, Photo, and None.

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7. Creator on Bing

Creator on Bing

This is the last name on this list of the free Midjourney alternatives. Microsoft has begun incorporating artificial intelligence picture production into Creator on Bing. Inside the Bing Chat interface, you now have the ability to produce photos by using a natural prompt. Nevertheless, in order to activate the Creator on Bing, you will need to turn on the “Creative” option.

The features on this best free Midjourney alternative are driven by OpenAI’s DALL- E 3 and 2 models, and it seems that there is no limit to the number of pictures that may be created on Bing Chat. To put it simply, it is a free service that is available via Bing Search.

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Summing Up: The Best Free Midjourney Alternatives

So, that was all that we had to offer. Previously, we had a look at the best free Midjourney alternatives. Using any of the alternatives, you can easily create images using AI for free. Do let us know which one of the tools you liked the most.

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