8 Best Free iPhone Ringtone Maker Apps in 2024

Published Date : Jan 04, 2024
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Best Free iPhone Ringtone Maker Apps

There are many free iPhone ringtones apps with many features to create the most perfect ringtones. You may read this article to know about them in detail.

A ringing phone can make you either cringe or smile. Well, your expression, in addition to who is calling you, also depends to some extent on the sound of a call, i.e., the ringtone. A pleasing ringtone that suits your tastes can instantly brighten your mood when your phone rings. However, unlike Android, iPhone users do not have many options to have a ringtone of their choice. Therefore, this article introduces you to the best free iPhone ringtone maker apps.

With the help of some free apps to make ringtones for iPhones, you may create a ringtone that sets your phone apart from other ringing iPhones and perfectly fits your sense of tune.

As we know, you cannot wait much to have the perfect ringtone to suit your liking, let us proceed to the well-researched list of the best iPhone ringtone maker apps.

Top Free iPhone Ringtone Maker Apps

The following is the carefully curated list of the best free iPhone ringtone maker apps you can use to create your own ringtones.

1. RingTune


Next, we have RingTune on our post dedicated to the top free apps to make ringtones for iPhones. It is a feature-rich application with an impressive range of features that let you choose a ringtone or create one from your favorite song effortlessly.

Talking about the features, we really liked its easy editing of the saved ringtones. Apart from this, below are some other factors that justify RingTune’s position on this list.

Key features of RingTune 

  • RingTune doubles as a wallpaper application to add stunning wallpapers
  • Option to add beautiful lock screen images
  • Tool to create live wallpaper from videos
  • Massive library of ringtones

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2. Ringtones: Ringtone Maker

Ringtones - Ringtone Maker

Let us kickstart the list of the best free ringtone maker apps for iPhone with Ringtones: Ringtone Maker. Available for iPhone 11 and up, this application caught our attention for its gigantic library of top ringtones.

Moreover, if you wish to create custom ringtones from different songs, Ringtones: Ringtone Maker is among the best applications to use. Furthermore, below are the key features of this application we found highly fascinating.

Key features of Ringtones: Ringtone Maker 

  • Audio trimmer to edit songs on the move
  • Easy conversion of MP3 files to ringtones
  • Effortless call, calendar, SMS, and alarm tone personalization
  • Audio extraction from record audios or videos for ringtone making
  • Ringtone download and an option to mark ringtones as favorites
  • Availability of all popular ringtones and different category wallpapers
  • Ringtone sharing via email, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.

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3. Ringtones HD: Ringtone Maker

Ringtones HD -Ringtone Maker

Ringtones HD: Ringtone Maker is yet another free iPhone ringtone maker application in 2024. We quite liked it for the enormous ringtone library. Moreover, options to find the best ringtone from a variety of categories and personalization make it a praise-worthy ringtones app for iOS 11 and above.

Furthermore, a friendly and clean interface and the following features add to the reasons we call Ringtones HD one of the best free iPhone ringtone maker apps.

Key features of Ringtones HD

  • Trending section to keep you updated with the latest ringtones
  • Themes for iPhone personalization
  • Option to create ringtones with imported music or recorded sound
  • Availability of exciting sound effects

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The next spot on the list of the top free iPhone ringtone makers goes to TUUNES. It is an excellent application with a constantly updated selection of ringtones to suit your requirements.

Along with the availability of over 10000 ringtones, the application also lets you create your own ringtones. And, below are the key highlights of TUUNES that you may find exciting.

Key features of TUUNES

  • Super-fast audio previews and advanced search tools
  • Trending ringtones section and live statistics
  • Option to set ringtones as favorites

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Let us now take a look at ZEDGE. It is also among the best choices for ringtones and live wallpapers. You may use this application to download ringtones, wallpapers, and backgrounds for free.

Song preview (playing the song prior to downloading it) is what we like the most about ZEDGE. Apart from it, the following features also contribute to making it one of the best free iPhone ringtone maker apps available currently.

Key features of ZEDGE 

  • Huge library of free ringtones and wallpapers
  • Easy to purchase NFTs without any crypto experience
  • Icons for device customization
  • Option to follow your favorite artists to stay updated with their latest releases

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6. Infinity


Talking about Infinity, it is undoubtedly among the best free apps to make ringtones for the iPhone. We like it because it features a section that lets you discover trending songs easily, and making custom ringtones is also an easy task with this application.

Moreover, the following features also induced us to include Infinity in this article sharing the best iPhone ringtone maker apps.

Key features of Infinity 

  • Premium ringtones of many categories
  • Fully licensed songs
  • Option to organize and edit your favorite ringtones
  • Availability of new songs daily

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7. Ringtones for iPhone

Ringtones for iPhone

The next name on this list dedicated to the best free iPhone ringtone maker apps is Ringtones for iPhone. It is a straightforward application with a variety of tools to make a top-notch ringtone.

The list of features of Ringtones for iPhone is quite long, ranging from audio import and editing to adding fade-in and out effects. Let us look at all the interesting features of Ringtones for iPhone.

Key features of Ringtones for iPhone

  • Voice and sound recording to convert it into ringtones
  • Settings like pitch adjustment, start and stop markers, etc.
  • High-end editing tool
  • Ringtone sharing o social media

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8. GarageBand


Lastly, we have GarageBand as one of the best iPhone ringtones apps. It comes pre-installed in modern iPhones and is among the top choices for everyone who wishes to create ringtones with different instruments.

Moreover, the following features set it apart from other free apps to make ringtones for iPhone.

Key features of GarageBand 

  • A wide range of instruments to create ringtones
  • Easy audio file exports as ringtones
  • Multitouch abilities to play smart instruments, triggering DJ loops, and multi-tracking
  • Conversion of audio in cloud storage into ringtones
  • Saving of songs to iCloud and social media sharing

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Concluding the Best Free iPhone Ringtone Maker Apps

Above, we discussed our top choices for the best iPhone ringtone maker apps available for free. You may go through the features of each application to choose the one that fits your needs perfectly.

You may write us a comment if you think we missed out on some excellent iPhone ringtones apps or have any other suggestions/confusion about this article.

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