7 Best Free GIF Websites to Get Popular GIF Memes in 2024

Published Date : Feb 27, 2024
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Best Free GIF Websites to Get Popular GIF Memes

=This article lists the best websites where you can find free popular GIF memes.

Have you ever wondered why a meme is called a meme? Well, the word meme relates to mimicking, and the memes on the internet mimic your feelings. Whether you are in the seventh heaven, i.e., feeling blissful, or down in the dumps, i.e., engulfed with sadness, you can find a meme resonating with your emotions. Moreover, animated GIFs have further elevated the power of memes by making them more engaging and impactful. Hence, the web has a lot of GIF sites to get the most popular memes.

However, finding the best website with a collection of memes that truly resonate with your or your audience’s feelings/moods/topics of conversation can be challenging. Hence, this article lists these websites to make it easier for you to get the desired meme.

Top List of the Best GIF Sites to Get Memes (Free) in 2024

You can visit the following websites to download the most popular meme GIFs for free.



Founded by Jack Cooke, Henry Lockwood, and Alex Chung in 2013, GIPHY is among the best free GIF sites. It boasts a gigantic collection of GIFs and memes in multiple categories, such as sports, reactions, action, animals, sports, cartoons, anime, entertainment, gaming, emotions, and a lot more. Moreover, you can use GIPHY to embed, share, and post GIFs to Facebook with a single click. Furthermore, GIPHY serves over 10 billion GIFs daily and is available on all platforms.

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2. Tenor


Founded in 2014 by a group of people and later acquired by Google, Tenor is a highly popular meme search engine. It is one of the best websites to download GIFs because of its advanced search options, availability of an analytics dashboard, and real-time analysis and visualizations. Moreover, Tenor supports easy GIF creation, i.e., you can effortlessly create your own GIFs.

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3. Reddit


Reddit needs no introduction. It is among the most visited websites with an active community of over 21 million users. Moreover, here you can get a wide range of categorized and animated GIFs to choose from according to your mood and emotions. Furthermore, here you can discuss your views with other Reddit users and get the latest news, information, and reviews about all things you find interesting.

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4. Imgur


Imgur is yet another best GIF site and one of the most popular communities for sharing viral memes and images. Moreover, Imgur is well known for its paid advertising opportunities, the option to upload any picture irrespective of its size, the availability of editing tools, and a meme generator to help you generate your own meme with custom text and images.

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5. Gfycat


You can try Gfycat if you wish to get the best GIF experience. It boasts smart technology and powerful CDNs for GIF optimization. Moreover, here you can expect faster GIF load time, easy GIF editing, analysis of each frame, an option to reverse, speed up, slow down, and pause animations, and support for multiple formats.

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6. Imgflip


Let us introduce you to Imgflip. It is among one of the best free GIF sites to help you create your own GIFs, memes, and charts. Moreover, it allows you to share memes with others. Furthermore, the pro version of Imgflip comes with additional features, such as longer videos, improved image quality, and more storage.

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7. Tumblr


Though not designed as a GIF website, Tumblr is one of the best free GIF download websites. Here, you can find a variety of content, such as videos, photos, audio, and quotes. Moreover, you can use the “Asks” option to post your questions for other members to answer.

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Concluding the Best Free GIF Sites

We hope the best GIF download websites shared above helped you find the perfect memes for all your needs. However, if you think we missed out on any interesting meme website, have any questions, or wish to suggest anything about this write-up, feel free to leave us a comment. Also, stay connected with us for more website and software recommendations.

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