10 Best Free Voice Changer Apps For Discord While Gaming In 2023

Published Date : Nov 27, 2023
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14 Best Free Voice Changer Apps For Discord While Gaming In 2020

Check out the best free voice changer apps for Discord in 2023

Discord is a gaming chat service and is widely used by gamers all over the world. It allows you to chat, text, share images and do voice communication in real-time.

If you want to ace your gaming experience, then a voice changer for discord is a must-have tool. With this incredible tool, you can change your voice and make it sound like adults, kids, the opposite sex, etc. The good news is that it not only adds a fun level to your game but also ensures full privacy.

So, if you are interested in changing your voice while playing your favorite game, here are the best voice changer for Discord that you can try. But before we move on to check our rundown of voice changer for discord lets have a quick look at functionality and use.

What is a Discord?

Discord is a voice chat application specifically designed for gamers. With this communication platform, gamers can send voice and text messages. Although its major focus is on gamers its use is not limited to just real-time gaming conversations.

Why Do We Need a Voice Changer Apps For Discord While Gaming?

Voice Changers are mainly used to hide their identity and maintain full anonymity. A lot of kids use it to masquerade themselves as adults for accessing age-specific and gender-specific games.

10 Best Voice Changer For Discord In 2023

Here are some of the top-rated voice changers for Discord. Each of the applications mentioned is handpicked and has something unique. So, let’s dive into the world of fine voice changer for discord that deserves a permanent place in your arsenal.

1. Voice Changer

voice changers for discord

Voice Changer is undoubtedly one of the most popular and free voice changers for discord that you can find. With this online tool, you can change and add effect to your voice in an effortless way. It works like a breeze and helps you customize your voice as per your requirements.

Major Features: 

  • This incredible tool works in real-time and can support multiple voice effects.
  • You can use a microphone to record your voice. In addition to this, you can also record it using your web browser.
  • With this incredible voice changer for discord, you can alter voice in a pre-recorded file or choose to record an entirely new file.
  • Create a custom voice using the feature-rich tool.

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2. Voicemod


Another most popular and highly loved voice changer for Discord is Voicemod. The application is backed with a straightforward interface and easy working. What adds to its working is its ability to perform seamlessly well with multiple chat services including Hangout, PUBG, Skype, etc.

Major Features:

  • It is a perfect example of easy working and high-quality results.
  • It has a massive array of voices to offer.
  • With this voice changer application for Discord, you can record voices that sound natural and real.
  • Possessed, Cathedral and Kong are some of its most loved voice mods.
  • This voice changer for discord works in real-time and is fully compatible with Windows.
  • You can also use this incredible tool to create your voice skins in a hassle-free manner.

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3. ClownFish


Next on our list of popular voice changers for Discord is Clownfish. Although the tool looks quite basic and straightforward it has a lot to offer. Its powerful system-wide sound modification systems add on to its overall working.

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Major Features:

  • More than Discord this powerful application can work pretty well with Skype, Viber, and other chat applications as well.
  • Setting it up is extremely easy and can be done within a matter of minutes.
  • What adds on it its beauty is its ability to work with all Windows versions.
  • It has a lot of voice filters to offer including a male pitch, radio, robot, alien, and much more.
  • It is a free voice changer for discord.
  • The only thing that we don’t like about Clownfish is its limited working as a girl voice changer for discord.

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4. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software

If you are looking for a professional voice changer for Discord then try this power-packed application. With this incredible tool, you can not only record voice in real-time but also alter its wavelength and record morphed voice to make it sound more natural.

Major Features:

  • It is easy to set up and even easier to use.
  • It can help you customize your voice by modifying its characteristics.
  • Its advanced virtual driver technology also makes it fully compatible with VoIP devices, web-chat applications, and other role-playing games.
  • If you want to make your voice sound more feminine, younger, robotic, deeper, masculine then AV Voice Changer Software is the best voice changer for discord that you can pick
  • Depending on your requirement you can choose from its various versions, Diamond, Gold, and Basic.
  • You can also use it to cut and mix voices.

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5. MorphVOX


Packed with an array of features, MorphVOX is another incredible and free voice changer for discord that you can choose. Packed with multiple built-in-sounds and effects it is one of the finest tools that can best suit your requirement.

Major Features:

  • It can easily alter and enhance voice quality and also polish its tone.
  • With the high-quality voice changing capability of this girl voice changer for discord, you can change your voice to male and female versions.
  • It comes in a lightweight and handy design and is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.
  • It can easily sync with online games and other chat programs besides Discord.
  • It is a completely free voice changer for discord.

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6. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Next on our list of best voice changers for discord is Voxal Voice Changer. It comes with an easy installation process and works like a breeze. The only downside is that it is not completely free. Some of the high-end voice manipulation tools come at a premium cost.

Major Features:

  • It comes in a handy design and does not put much load on your system resources.
  • It offers an easy way to alter and beautify your voice recording.
  • With its massive vocal effect library, you can easily alter the voice into a male, female, alien, robot, and many other voices.
  • Use this unbeatable tool to create custom voices for your gaming and chatting platforms.
  • Straightforward and intuitive interface.
  • It uses a microphone to apply real-time effects to your voice.
  • Besides Discord, it is fully compatible with Skype, Steam Games, TeamSpeak, etc.

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7. Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer

If you are interested in finding a powerful voice changer application, then try Skype Voice Changer. It allows you to record voices in real-time in an efficient way.

Major Features:

  • It helps you transform and enhance the sound quality of voice.
  • It can also alter any pre-recorded voice.
  • With this stunning tool, you can also record your conversations.

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8. Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer

Image Source: Filmora Wondershare

Looking for a feature-rich and powerful voice changer for Discord, then try Super-Voice Changer. This sound-effect processing software works in real-time and is fully compatible with WhatsApp, Skype, Recorder, Line App, etc.

Major Features:

  • It is a perfect voice-over-IP application that quietly sits in the background of your device and changes voices within seconds whenever activated.
  • It is a free voice changer for Discord and is fully compatible with Windows.
  • Its Sound Template is filled with an array of voices like a male voice, little girl, female voice, etc. So, if you are looking for a girl voice changer for discord then Super-Voice Changer is your perfect pick.

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9. RoboVox Voice Changer

RoboVox Voice Changer

This fine voice changer never lets you down with Its seamless performance. You can use it to alter both your pre-recorded voice and real-time voice.

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Major Features:

  • It has a wide range of modes and voice options to offer. You can get up to 32 different voice options with this top-rated voice changer for Discord.
  • It offers a simple way to save and share your voice recordings.
  • The parrot function is one of its most popular offerings which lets you funnily repeat things.
  • The only downside is that its free version is full of annoying ads.

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10. Voice Changer With Effects

Voice changer with effects for Discord

With this mobile app, you can easily change, modify, and polish your voice. It has a massive directory of 40 effects to offer.

Major Features:

  • Use it to effortlessly create images with sound and add voice to a simple text file.
  • It also gives you an option to set your voice recording as notifications and ringtones.
  • Apart from this you can also save the recording and share it with your friends on WhatsApp and email.
  • In addition to this, it also gives you an option to import and alter pre-recorded sounds.

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Wrapping Up: Real-time Voice Changer For Discord 2023

If you are a fan of free voice changer for discord, then the tools mentioned above will be of great help to you. We have also taken the liberty to mention a few premium tools that can work on multiple platforms including Windows and Android.

Do check our list of best voice changers for discord and pick the best-suited one for yourself.

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