7 Best Facebook Story Viewer in 2024

Published Date : Jun 03, 2024
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Best Facebook Story Viewer

In this article, we discuss the best anonymous story viewers to view Facebook stories secretly.

Stories are among the most loved features of all social media platforms, including Facebook. Users can use this feature to share everyday moments via videos and photos with their friends. Visible for 24 hours from the time of posting, a story is an excellent way to have a sneak peek into anyone’s life. However, if you view any story on Facebook, your name appears in the list of viewers. If you do not want this to happen, you can use an anonymous Facebook story viewer to view the Facebook stories anonymously.

Though stalking-like behavior is not something we recommend, we understand keeping a secret check is sometimes essential to protect our loved ones. Hence, this article lists and explains carefully selected anonymous viewers for Facebook stories. Let us save your precious time and get started right away.

Best Anonymous Facebook Story Viewers in 2024

You can view Facebook stories anonymously using any of the following story viewer tools.

1. Eyezy


Let us introduce you to Eyezy. It is among the best Facebook story anonymous viewers because of its user-friendly interface that allows you to see what your loved one is up to without being detected. In addition to Facebook story viewing, Eyezy is popular among millions of users due to its social spotlight (an option to view deleted and active conversations), built-in GPS, and the following features.

Key features of Eyezy

  • It boasts a keylogger that lets you know everything your target types, search for, or whenever they type anything controversial
  • You get notified whenever the target sends or receives any Facebook message
  • In addition to Facebook, Eyezy supports Hangouts, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other applications
  • You can analyze the target’s WiFi network with Eyezy

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2. mSpy


Next, we have mSpy as one of the best Facebook anonymous viewers for stories and posts. In addition to monitoring posts and stories, you can also monitor the target’s calls, emails, location, browsing history, and text messages using this application. Furthermore, the below features contribute to justifying mSpy’s position on this list.

Key features of mSpy

  • The stealth mode keeps your activities hidden from the target
  • mSpy offers round-the-clock customer support
  • Along with Facebook, mSpy supports Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media applications
  • It protects your data by encrypting it
  • mSpy allows you to view the real-time location of the target device
  • You can set danger zones to get alerted whenever the target enters or exits these zones

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3. OverWatch


OverWatch is yet another excellent tool you can use to view Facebook stories anonymously. Along with story viewing, this application offers GPS location tracking, app usage monitoring, browser history tracking, keylogging, and the following incredible features.

Key features of OverWatch

  • This application allows you to view the target’s camera usage, SMS, and call history
  • There is a stealth mode to keep the tracker hidden from the target
  • In addition to Facebook, OverWatch lets you monitor the target’s WhatsApp and Snapchat

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4. uMobix


There is no way to exclude uMobix from our list of the best anonymous Facebook story viewers. This cell phone tracker for modern parents allows you to view everything that happens on your dear one’s smartphone in real-time, including watching the stories they put up on their Facebook accounts. Moreover, GPS location tracking, keylogger availability, a stealth mode to hide the target’s presence from the target, and the following features make uMobix one of our favorites.

Key features of uMobix

  • It supports 30+ social media applications
  • You can search the target’s messages using keywords
  • uMobix captures documents, messages, received/sent videos, photos, and audio recordings

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5. Moniterro


Moniterro is the next application we would like to name as one of Facebook’s best anonymous stories viewers. Additionally, this application lets you view the target’s Facebook chats and group conversations, Messenger contact list, and all photos and videos shared by the target. Furthermore, it offers the following remarkable features.

Key features of Moniterro

  • It notifies you whenever the target’s conversations contain certain words or sentences
  • You can track your target’s real-time location and get alerted whenever they change their whereabouts
  • The invisible mode hides the application from the main screen and keeps you undetected
  • You can use Moniterro to read the target’s SMS messages and record calls
  • Moniterro boasts a keylogger to record everything the target types on their phone
  • In addition to Facebook, this application supports Snapchat, iMessage, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, KIK, Hangouts, and Line
  • There is a screen recorder and an option to control the target’s browsing activities

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6. Spynger


The next name on our list of the top apps to view someone’s Facebook stories without letting them know is Spynger. This application is among the favorites of millions of users because of its accurate location tracking, keystroke monitoring, an option to monitor social media chats and phone texts (including deleted ones), and the following features.

Key features of Spynger

  • You can see the target’s browsing history and what they search for
  • It lets you view pictures the target has sent or received
  • Spynger boasts a hidden screen recorder
  • Besides Facebook, Spynger supports WhatsApp, Kik, Telegram, Snapchat, and many other social media and dating apps

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7. Story Space

Story Space

Next, we would like to mention Story Space as one of the top anonymous Facebook viewers. It lets you search stories by tags, GEO, author, and friends. Moreover, it allows you to download Facebook stories and offers the following attractive features.

Key features of Story Space

  • Besides Facebook, Story Space supports Instagram
  • It boasts dark and light modes for a comfortable story-viewing experience
  • You can add it to Chrome as an extension

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Best Facebook Story Viewers: The Conclusion

You can choose from any application from the above list to view Facebook stories anonymously. However, use these apps only for legitimate purposes and not to invade someone’s privacy. We hope you found this article useful. If you did find it helpful, share it with your friends and subscribe to our blog to get notified when we post another interesting write-up.

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