7 Best Discord Server Rules Templates to Use in 2024

Published Date : Jan 09, 2024
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Best Discord Server Rules Templates

In this article, we talk about rule templates for Discord servers to help you moderate the server to keep it clean and respectful.

Discord is a VoIP social platform that allows users to interact via voice/video calls, text messages, media, and files. It helps make your gaming sessions more enjoyable with friends. However, sometimes, a careless remark made while having a fun banter during a gaming session can escalate to arguments and fights among the community, creating unnecessary chaos. Hence, setting a few behavioral rules with the help of the best Discord server rules templates can keep the community clean and peaceful for all.

However, finding a good rule template that you can simply copy and paste on your server without much hassle can be challenging. Hence, we decided to come up with this article.

Here, we list the simple, clear, and concise templates for rules for a Discord server you can effortlessly use for a quick server setup and ensure a good community. Let us begin with them without further ado.

List of the Best Templates for Discord Server Rules in 2024

Here are a few rule templates you can effortlessly copy and paste on your Discord rules channel.

1. General Discord server rules template

General Discord server rules template

People often forget the common behavioral norms, particularly when in a rage. Hence, having a set of rules on a Discord server is an excellent way to remind users about behavior ethics. Below are some good rules for a Discord server that everyone should follow.

  • Always be respectful to everyone.
  • Refrain from using discriminatory language that discriminates against people based on their race, gender, etc.
  • Never use defamatory language or slurs towards anyone.
  • Remember to never threaten anyone on the channel.
  • Avoid unnecessary drama with other members of the server.
  • Refrain from advertising on the channel, otherwise, you may be muted.
  • Do not harass or troll other members on the channel.
  • Never make any religious or political discussions on this channel.
  • Keeping in view the server diversity and mods, communicate only in English.
  • No one should share any illegal content.
  • Always respect moderators and all other team members.
  • Witch-hunting is prohibited.
  • Doxing, i.e., sharing personal information is not allowed.

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2. Discord server rules for voice chats

Discord server rules for voice chats

It is essential that everyone follows a code of conduct during voice chats to maintain peace in the community. Hence, here are Discord server rules templates you can follow to keep the voice chats respectful on your channel.

  • Mute the chat when you are not speaking.
  • Avoid making shrieks or loud noises during voice chats.
  • Ensure there is no background noise during chats.
  • Moderators can mute or disconnect you in case of poor voice quality.
  • Do not engage in unnecessary debates on the channel.
  • Avoid using cuss words during voice chats.
  • Refrain from using soundboards or voice changers.
  • Do not include movies or other copyrighted content in your chats.
  • Use push-to-talk to ensure an optimal experience.

3. Text channel Discord server rules

Text channel Discord server rules

It is important to follow a few rules while texting on a Discord server to ensure the community remains respectful. Hence, here are some texting rules for a Discord server you can copy and paste on your server.

  • Do not tag members unnecessarily.
  • Avoid spamming, i.e., do not use things such as unsafe/unsolicited links or spam messages in your chats.
  • Refrain from using the @everyone tag unless the moderators permit its use.
  • Moderators can remove any written content from the Discord server.
  • Do not send excessively long text messages. Break your texts into small paragraphs for easy understanding.
  • Avoid requesting to get the title of a moderator.
  • Do not send UPPERCASE messages.
  • Ensure to keep your conversations friendly and polite.
  • Use appropriate channels when uploading or discussing anything.

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4. Good rules for a Discord server bot

Good rules for a Discord server bot

Having a bot-specific set of rules in place ensures everyone has a smooth experience on your server. Hence, here we have got the best Discord server rules templates for bots.

  • No third-party bots are allowed on this server.
  • Make responsible use of bot commands, and please avoid command spamming.
  • Refrain from changing, removing, or adding bot commands.
  • Ensures bots comply with the community’s guidelines. For example, the bots should avoid malicious threats and hate speech.
  • The bot-related profile pictures and nicknames should adhere to the server’s theme and should not be disrespectful towards anyone.
  • Keep the usage of bots limited to specific channels.

5. Discord rules for content

Discord rules for content

Content-related guidelines ensure no inappropriate content goes around your server, keeping it a safe space for all. Hence, below are a few rule templates for Discord server content.

  • Refrain from distributing any unlicensed content.
  • Do not steal other people’s content or claim their art as your own.
  • Never share any GIFs or flashing images that can trigger epileptic seizures.
  • This server prohibits online meeting links.
  • We will immediately remove any content that sexualizes minors and ban the user from the server.
  • No user is allowed to send sexually explicit content, i.e., any disturbing, pornographic, gross, or gory content.
  • We will not tolerate any toxic, hateful, unethical, or racist content.

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6. Profile and name-related template for Discord rules

Profile and name-related template for Discord rules

Having rules for appropriate naming and profiles keeps your server clean. Hence, here are some Discord rules for server profiles.

  • Do not use any objectionable display pictures, such as images with NSFW content.
  • Refrain from using offensive nicknames.
  • We will remove profiles having public figures as the profile picture.
  • Do not keep a blank profile picture.
  • This server does not permit blank nicknames.
  • Use of a fake identity or catfishing is strictly prohibited on this channel.
  • Moderators reserve the right to change any username if they find it to be offensive or against any rule.

7. Discord server rules for admins

Discord server rules for admins

It is crucial for admins to be aware of their limitations and follow some rules to ensure no user’s rights get violated and everyone has a pleasant experience. Hence, below are the rule templates for admins.

  • No admin can remove any user because of vengeance or other personal reasons.
  • Admins should not edit any username and player’s/channel’s notes without appropriate reasons.
  • Give a proper explanation of the reason if you are rejecting any user permission.

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Concluding the Best Discord Server Rule Templates

Let us sum up the good rules for a Discord server. To conclude, the core rule is everyone should be compassionate and respectful towards each other. You can use the above rule templates to remind server users and admins of this basic principle. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about this article, you can use the comments section to get in touch with us without any hesitation.

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