19 Best Discord Music Bot in 2024 (Latest Updated)

Published Date : Mar 12, 2024
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Best Discord Music Bot

The fun should not stop even after Groovy and Rhythm’s shutdown. Hence, this article acquaints you with the top music bots for Discord that are a perfect replacement for these bots.

The news of the takedown of services of the two most popular Discord music bots, Rhythm and Groovy, shocked many users. If you like listening to music while chatting on Discord, you may have also heard about or used these bots.

However, the shutdown of these highly-rated bots is not an end to the fun. There are several other Discord music bots that still work.

Through this article, we introduce you to some of the best music bots for Discord that you may use to keep the fun going. Let us go through them without any further ado.

19 Best Discord Music Bots That Still Work in 2024

The following are the best music bots for Discord that you can use after the shutdown of Groovy and Rhythm. However, if you are new to bots, you should first check how to add bots to Discord before moving to the below list.

1. Hydra Bot

Hydra Bot

Let’s first take a look at Hydra Bot. It has always given fierce competition to Rhythm and Groovy due to its plethora of customization options, multiple language support, commands list, and many other features.

Talking about the features, the following are some of the notable characteristics of Hydra Bot that make it one of the best Discord music bots.

Key features of Hydra Bot

  • Options like autoplay, 24*7 playback, audio effects, etc., in the premium version
  • Top-notch and easy-to-use bot

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2. Mee6


Next, we have Mee6 on this list of the best music bots for Discord. Used by over 14 million servers, Mee6 is a popular choice for its reaction roles, custom commands, moderation, and other useful features.

When the talk is about features, you should not miss the following.

Key features of Mee6

  • Notifies you about new content available on YouTube and Twitch
  • Offers rewards when you level up
  • Drag and drop option for song rearrangement

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3. Jockie Music

Jockie Music

It is now time to introduce you to Jockie Music. It is among the best Discord music bots that still work for a variety of reasons. For instance, it lets you play music from various platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and a lot more.

As far as the features of Jockie Music are concerned, you should know its following characteristics.

Key features of Jockie Music

  • Availability of a plethora of audio effects, like bass boost, 8D, karaoke, echo, distortion, and tremolo
  • Supports the addition of 4 Jockie bots to a single server so that you can accommodate many music-listening sessions
  • Round-the-clock voice channel access even during the idle period

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4. Fredboat


Next, we would like to talk about Fredboat. Similar to Jockie Music, Fredboat can play music from platforms, such as Bandcamp, Twitch, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more. What makes this bot different is that it allows you to set a playlist so that songs play even without setting a song after the ending of the last one.

Additionally, the following are some other remarkable Fredboat features that make it one of the best music bots for Discord.

Key features of Fredboat

  • Plays music with no quality loss
  • Search functionality that lets you search for songs with their name
  • One of the best open-source Discord music bots that still work

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5. Zandercraft


If you are looking for a Rhythm or Groovy alternative, Zandercraft can be a great choice. With this bot, you can even play Hi-Fi and XHD, i.e., extra HD music.

Moreover, the following are the most exciting Zandercraft features.

Key features of Zandercraft

  • You can play and add songs to the queue
  • It lets you search for songs and create playlists

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6. Chip


The next name on our list of the best Discord music bots is Chip. This bot lets you conveniently pause music, resume it, skip/stop the music you don’t want, and check the song queue.

Apart from it, the following features make Chip a truly desirable choice as one of the best music bots for Discord.

Key features of Chip

  • “ch!help” command displays a list of the commands you may need
  • 24*7 playback, audio effects (such as bass boost and nightcore), and a separate instance for Patreon page subscribers

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7. Vexera


On the seventh position in this list of the best Discord music bots that still work, we have Vexera. With YouTube as its music provider, Vexera offers a lag-free and smooth experience to users.

Moreover, power-packed moderation tools in addition to the following features make Vexera a great choice for you.

Key features of Vexera

  • Easy search for songs you wish to play
  • In-channel controls for music playback and queuing
  • Lets you send greeting messages to newly joined members

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8. Aiode


We have Aiode in the eighth position on this list. It is among the best music bots for Discord for many reasons such as the seamless streaming of Spotify songs.

The following features justify its popularity and position on this list.

Key features of Aiode

  • Direct song search on Spotify
  • In addition to Spotify, supports other services like Soundcloud and YouTube
  • A plethora of customization options
  • Supports the creation of cross-platform playlists
  • Lets you play Twitch streams

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9. ProBot


Let us now take a look at ProBot. It is not only one of the best Discord music bots but serves a variety of other purposes as well. As far as music is concerned, ProBot searches for the same on YouTube and offers a plethora of highly-useful commands for playback control.

Moreover, the following are the most stunning ProBot features.

Features of ProBot

  • Lets you stream high-quality music
  • Effortless music play/pause, queue up, or skip
  • Helps you with server moderation
  • Support for embeds
  • Custom-level system creation for the Discord server

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10. ChillBot


Do you like Lo-Fi music? If yes, you are surely going to enjoy ChillBot. It plays lo-fi chilled-out music round-the-clock.

Additionally, the following features may excite you to use ChillBot, i.e., one of the best music bots for Discord.

Key features of ChillBot

  • Intuitive and simple commands to control the bot
  • You get the feel of a radio station

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11. Rythm


Let’s have a look at the next option as one of the best Discord music bots. Rhythm is a viable alternative for you if you want to share the music with others as well. The simple three-step procedure of this tool allows you to make the best out of the bot with ease. Below are some of the top features of Rythm.

Features of Rythm

  • You can share the music with others.
  • The interface is quite attractive.
  • Supports Discord streaming without game lag.
  • Gets regular and steady updates

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12. BMO Discord Bot

BMO Discord Bot

The last tool on this list of the best Discord music bots is BMO Bot. The BMO bot is quite helpful for all who like to share music with other streamers and viewers. This bot is quite interactive and exciting to use. Check out the BMO bot features provided below for more information.

Features of BMO Bot

  • The tool does not lag any game.
  • High-Quality audio can be shared.
  • Supports NSFW commands.
  • Comparatively smaller than other options.

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13. Octave


Finally, we have Octave, formerly called Gnar, to conclude the best music bots for Discord. For almost 4 years, this bot has been providing music streaming from all well-known platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Moreover, the following features of Octave make it a perfect choice for this list.

Features of Octave

  • Lag-free streaming
  • Availability of over 21 playback commands
  • Support for searches, streams, and playlists

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14. ChampBot


ChampBot is another powerful Discord music bot that you can use to play music when using Discord. With ChampBot, you can check user activity and view a complete list of the most active (or least active) users on the server. In addition to this, you can also find past names, and previous avatars, and play games like Trivia, Akinator, Casino games, and more. The program lets you quickly search and play the songs, add songs to a queue, show the currently playing song, and a lot more. If you want to use a multi-purpose bot, then ChampBot is an excellent choice.

Features of ChampBot

  • Offers dozens of unique innovative commands.
  • Gives weather updates for any city in the world.
  • Provides a list of the most active users on your server.
  • Using ChampBot you can track your status changes.

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15. Chip Bot

Chip Bot

Chip bot is the next name on this list of the best Discord music bots. With the help of the tool, you can easily access the music bot features. The tool supports HQ audio listening and streaming to you. Apart from this, below are some of the most exquisite features of the app.

Features of Chip bot

  • You can use the bot at any time or any day of the week.
  • With the help of this bot, you get advanced control over your music.
  • The app provides an equalizer for your ease of music management.
  • You can purchase the premium version of this bot at $5 per month.

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16. Uzox Discord Bot

UZOX Discord Bot

Uzox is the last name on our list of top Discord music bots in 2024. Uzox is the best option for you if you are searching for a premium-quality music bot for Discord that is also totally free to use. Uzox is compatible with all of the most popular music and multimedia streaming platforms on the market today, including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitch live broadcasts. If you want to quickly check out the lyrics of the song that is now being played back, the button available on-screen can come in handy.

The Uzox DJ Compatibility mode in Uzox enables professional DJs to control the music playback and mix & match content according to their requirements. Last but not least, with Uzox you may even play some amusing little games such as Memes, Facts, Riddles, and 8Ball.

Features of Uzox:

  • Simple management of the queue and playback.
  • Includes filters for 8D, nightcore, bass boost, and more.
  • Different types of moderation commands are available.

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17. Luna Bot

Luna Bot

In the event that the other bots begin to fail, Lunabot functions as an additional choice for music bots. The commercial version of the bot offers improved bitrate choices; hence, if you are looking for a music bot that is specifically designed for use with Discord, this is the best choice.

The bot is equipped with a variety of useful features, like autoplay, pause/play functionality, a queue system, volume choices, and a lot more. Included with Lunabot are nightcore toggles, the ability to keep it in a voice channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a great deal more.

Features of Luna Bot

  • Offers a multitude of audio effects and samples.
  • Supports multiple bots at once for enhanced audio experience.
  • Integrated with multiple music streaming platforms.
  • Allows you to run audio files without errors, delays, or quality loss.

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18. Greenbot

Greenbot - Discord bot

This list of the best Discord music bots that are still operational continues with Greenbot, which is the following item on the list. By using YouTube as its music supplier, Greenbot provides its consumers with an experience that is both lag-free and seamlessly fluid.

In addition, Greenbot is an excellent option for you since it comes with a variety of features, including powerful moderating capabilities.

Key features of Greenbot

  • It enables you to send welcoming messages to people who have recently joined.
  • Music playback and queuing settings that are located inside the channel
  • It is simple to look for music that you want to play.

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19. Euphony


Euphony Music bot is the next bot that you can use. This is the best Discord music bot that can revolutionize the music experience on Discord. The tool allows you to curate a list of songs that you can add to a playlist.

Key features of Euphony

  • You can import albums into the Discord stream.
  • Offers DJ and GTA modes for a better experience.
  • Allows you to play songs in reverse.

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Concluding the Best Discord Music Bots

Above were our top selections for the best music bots for Discord. You may pick any of these bots depending on your requirements.

If you know any other better Discord music bot, feel free to share it in the comments section. You may also drop your questions/doubts/suggestions in the comment box for us to address them.

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