The Best Cheap Shadow Daggers Skins

Published Date : Jul 08, 2022
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The Best Cheap Shadow Daggers Skins

Many gamers consider knife skins to be the best drop items in CS:GO as they are considered a status symbol when compared with the competitors. This is not a surprise, as they are rare and exceptional drops of any skin, and even the low-priced skins are rarely sold for the amount below $100 on the market.

While the alternatives to buy weapon skins that are best are more, Shadow Dagger skins are a valuable investment for ardent players of CS:GO. Even though Shadow Daggers are among the cheapest knives in the game, you can still make them a stylish weapon. Let’s have a look at the list of the cheapest and most popular Shadow Daggers CSGO skin options available to gamers.

1. Tiger Tooth

Tiger Tooth

With a distinctive look, the Shadow Daggers is a great-looking weapon, unique among the more classic-looking knife types currently available in the game. While the Tiger Tooth pattern is available for a variety of weapons, the Shadow Daggers version is interesting for its design: it is small, compact, and stylish with a typical tiger pattern and dirty-orange color. The starting price for this skin is $90.

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2. Marble Fade

Marble Fade skin repeats the more famous Fade collection, and is especially popular among the Shadow Daggers fans. The handle almost blends in with the blade color gradients, giving the entire weapon a somewhat natural look, similar to mahogany. In our opinion, this makes this option even more distinct from its counterparts. The starting price for this skin is $102.

3. Fade

The Fade skin line is popular with players regardless of weapon type and goes beyond just knives to cover the full range of CS:GO weapons. What makes the Fade Shadow Daggers version so special is its rarity, which drives the price up to an unthinkable rate. Pink, yellow, and blue colors create an amazing gradient, which can catch the eye of the pickiest CS:GO fan. The starting price for this skin is also $102.

4. Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel

Regardless of the game or it’s owner, the patterns of  Damascus Steel are always incredible. There is something with the sparkling ripples of metallic hues that make it nearly hypnotic. However all the Damascus Steel knives in the CS:GO look great, there is a particularly special aspect that is liked about the Shadow Daggers version: it’s handle is also treated with the Damascus, and the thin profile of the knife makes it a look-alike of the surgical instrument. The starting price is $57.

5. Forest DDPAT

The sinister knife blade is painted as hydrographic woodland camouflage, giving it an empowering effect. It suits a few of the available practical weapon camos to complete a look of the commando that should alert your fellow mates and the one’s who are your opponent that you’re not kidding. The starting price is $53.

Why Do You Need Skins in CS:GO?

The main purpose of skins is to update the appearance of weapons with a newer one that differs from the usual. Weapon skins only affect the equipment’s appearance, not its characteristics in any way. For example, the standard model of the Shadow Daggers will have exactly the same characteristics as one of the most expensive skins — Doppler — the price of which can reach hundreds of dollars. So if skins do not impact gameplay in any way nor provide any advantages, why do we need skins at all?

It’s simple. Skins dilute the game with new colors and make it look new. In addition, weapon skins are collectibles that create a kind of in-game economy that brings additional income to Valve and skin creators. Among other features of the skins, it must be kept in mind that they increase interest in the game, especially when new skins are released.

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What Are Your Chances of Getting a Covert Skin While Playing?

You may be surprised to hear that it is almost impossible to get a Covert rarity skin during a drop. The best quality free skin you can count on is Classified, and this is not bad since the cost of such a CS:GO skin can even reach several dozen dollars. If you don’t want to give up, then save some money and buy the keys to the popular CS:GO loot boxes that have been in your inventory for a long time.

When opening cases, the probability that you will get rarer skin is much higher. As a result, you can even get the StatTrak skin. If you hit the jackpot, a very rare item of contraband quality can replenish your inventory. Moreover, during special operations, the chance of getting valuable skins increases significantly. Unfortunately, special events in CS:GO do not happen often, but you can always buy skins on popular marketplaces.

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