Top 5 Accounting Software for Mac for Small Business and Enterprises

Published Date : Mar 08, 2021
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Top 5 Accounting Software for Mac for Small Business and Enterprises

Are you looking for the best accounting software for Mac? Worry not, we will help you in picking the best Mac accounting software. We have created a list that will help you find the ideal software to fulfill your requirements. But before starting the list let’s take a look at how accounting software can benefit a user?

What Does Accounting Software Do? How It Can Help a Business?

For recording account details of an organization, we use accounting software. Using the software you can easily record transactions, check for cash flow, estimate profit and loss, complete tax-related work, and can manage many more such things which are very crucial for the business.

Earlier when companies used to hire employees for separate accounting work, now it can be replaced by using the accounting software for Mac and Windows. Whether you have a small-scale business or you are calculating your own expenses you can use the software and keep your accounts safe and secured.

Now that you know the benefits of having accounting software. Let’s take a look at the best Mac accounting software which you can choose.

5 Best Accounting Software for Mac to Use in 2021

1. QuickBooks


Price: $399.99 (one-time)

Rating:  4.5/ 5

Starting with the best apple accounting software which you can use. QuickBooks is one of the oldest Mac accounting software, since 1990 the software has been easing the life of users. For all the users systems/ OS compatibility with the software has been a major concern, but if you use Quick book you can easily use this software on every device including Mac, Windows, and Smartphones.

The price of the software might make you think about whether to choose this software or not. If the budget allows you then you should probably buy this amazing business software for Mac.

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2. Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting

Price: Free

Ratings: 4.5/ 5

Wave is a free accounting software for Mac. You can track expenses and scan for receipts from the software for free. Wave was launched in 2010 in Toronto later it was acquired by H&R Block. Though some features like accept payments or run payroll are paid features of the software other than this you can use this bookkeeping software for Mac without paying any penny.

Talking about the offerings of this software it has some great features divided in sections. In the accounting section, you can track unlimited income and expenses, track sales, add partners/ accountants, check for cash flow and profit and loss. If you wish to add a business to one account you can also do that easily.

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In the receipt section, you can scan for receipts, take an image of the receipt even when you are offline, change the receipt into reports of accounts easily, and can even scan for multiple receipts all at once. Moreover, this apple accounting software is available on Android as well.

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3. FreshBooks


Price: $4.50, $7.50 and $15.00 per month

Rating: 4.5/ 5

FreshBooks is great accounting software that can be used by freelancers, self-employed, contractors, or business employees. The software is very easy and can be used by beginners as well. Using this bookkeeping software for Mac, you can create your invoice for the customers to keep a track of sales and can also manage the expenses which you incurred. The list of features does not end here, this amazing Mac accounting software keeps your co-workers and employees in the loop with the projects and deadlines.

It offers a very attractive interface that can help you understand the statistics of the work. The best part about this software is that you can even use it on a mobile phone to keep track of others.

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4. Zoho Books

Zoho Books

Price: $9, $19 and $29

Ratings: 4.4/ 5

Next on our list of accounting software for Mac, we have. It is an online accounting platform using which you can do all your accounting-related stuff without even increasing the load on the system.

This business software for Mac can easily work on end-to-end accounting and tax compliance. It can be considered as an ideal business accounting software for Mac as it offers the user every feature which is required for business accounting. Other than just offering the best features the software has a customer-specific pricing strategy, which you can choose depending on your requirements.

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5. FreeAgent


Price: $20/ month

Ratings: 4.4/ 5

Last on our list is FreeAgent. The name is free but after a month’s free trial the software charges some amount from its users on a monthly basis. The price which software requires can be compensated by the offerings as it offers loads of features to the user. It can be considered as the best small business accounting software for Mac with its offerings.

Using this accounting software for Mac you can easily send and track invoices, track expenses, and can also track time with its inbuilt stopwatch. Other than this you can easily proceed with projects, banking work, and monitor cash flows with this accounting software.

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Now Choose the Best Accounting Software for Mac Easily

We have listed some of the best software which a Mac user can use for accounting. We hope that after reading the above mentioned bookkeeping software for Mac you find the software which is best for your business. If you have any suggestion regarding the article write us down in the comment section.

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