Windows 10 ‘News and Interests’ Taskbar Feature Rolling Out More Widely

Published Date : May 25, 2021
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Windows 10 'News and Interests' Taskbar Feature Rolling Out More Widely

Microsoft has not yet released any update this year. The new 21H1 update is going to be released soon is considered one of the most useful operating system additions in recent history. The news has begun to spread among the users as the PCs may update. 

Earlier the brand teased ‘News and Interest’ features on their blog which even began to publish to a few users last month. Now the feature is available for the general public in the new updates. According to the reports the latest update released i.e., KB5003173 enables taskbar input in Windows 10 operating systems. Though the feature has some issues which can be observed through the icon when located on the screen. 

Microsoft has not cleared the public about the update and the feature. However, according to reports some of the users have witnessed the ‘News and Interest’ taskbar feature appearing after they have installed the latest ‘Patch Tuesday’ update. The term Patch Tuesday is referred to the second or fourth Tuesday of the month where most of the big tech giants release their software updates. 

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This was noticed earlier that the companies had been looking for ways which can help users peak at data without switching apps or websites. The new feature of Microsoft is designed to feed the user with the information they want. The News and Interest feed shows the latest headlines from more than 4500 news sources. The user will never miss any updates as the widget will cover a wide range of topics. This is probably the best change to the taskbar since the Cortana update. 

The users can even customize the widget according to their needs and preferences. According to reports, Microsoft will offer freedom to choose the news topic which they wish to see in the widget. By clicking on Manage Interests, the user can easily select topics and sources that should appear. 

Other than just reading the news user can also share and save news with friends and other known people. The user can even add public ‘Likes’ and reactions to stories, similar to Facebook. 

The user can even turn this feature off by just right-clicking on the News and Interest icon and then select the turn-off option.

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