Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using a Free VPN

Published Date : Mar 10, 2023
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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using a Free VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network has become a common practice. But most of the users lack the basic information and consequences that VPNs offer. The basic task of a VPN is to overcome geographical restrictions, enhance protection, and prevent cyber threats.  There are two different types of VPN services available online i.e Free and Paid. Since not all the users can afford the Paid versions a larger segment relies on free options.

You may already know what a VPN is, but do you know that some of these free VPNs can be extremely harmful to your important data? If you are also curious about it this guide is for you. Read the complete article to find out the reasons why you should avoid using a free VPN.

Reasons Why you Should Avoid Using Free VPNs

Although there are endless VPNs available online, only a few of them are the best VPNs for Windows. There can be multiple reasons why free VPNs are harmful we have summarized the most important ones below.

1. Tracks Data and Sell it

The major task of VPNs is to keep your data safe while browsing online. One of the notable features of every highly recommended VPN is that it stops ISPs or other trackers from selling your crucial data and making profits out of it.

Most VPNs that require a subscription never use this data as their privacy policies are extensive. These reliable VPNs always highlight the feature of not tracking your data. Whereas, free VPNs lack this utility. Because when you offer VPN services for free to a number of users it can be expensive to host your servers. And hence this makes data selling their major income source.

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2. Leaks your IP Addresses

If your VPN is secure it acts as a safe tunnel between the network and your device. And all the data across this tunnel is encrypted and safe. This makes it impossible to detect the origin. Whereas, in the case of free VPNs this tunnel is comparatively less robust. It can have multiple loopholes which can end up in data leaks.

In technical terms, this data or IP leak is referred to as a DNS leak. Through this IPv4 and IPv6 can leak. Although paid VPNs have also been guilty of using user data the chances are always less. The better the VPN the more powered the security tunnel it will provide.

3. Lacks Regulations

In some geographical locations such as Europe, North America, etc your ISPs can be regulated. Hence VPNs can sell your data and commandeer it. But these rules and regulations are accessible to the users.

VPNs function in different locations with different jurisdictions. Most of the free VPNs with their origin from weak spots in the context of security must be avoided. The weaker the security spots, the higher are the chances of getting your data tracked.

4. Advertisers Get Priority

Not only by selling your important data, but VPNs also make money through ads. The revenue generated from running ads can be used in hosting servers for these free VPNs. But these third-party advertisements are unique for a server session.

This results in decreasing the speed of your internet and also ends up in a bad user experience.

5. Malware Exposure

If your service providers restrict a website there’s always a reason. These websites are more prone to attacks, data, leaks, and threats. But when using a VPN no measures of security are engaged. This can end up displaying multiple pop-ups which can attach malware to your device.

Moreover, some VPNs have been acting as malware in themselves. Therefore, while searching for a free VPN make sure you don’t download malware.

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Still, Using a Free VPN on your Device? Just Don’t!

Hopefully, after knowing these drastic effects of using free VPNs you will now stop. Not only this, using an unreliable VPN can end up providing poor speed internet, frequent disconnections, and limited server capabilities. In today’s era, there are quite a number of reliable options available. Therefore, before using a free VPN make sure you check its privacy policy, user experience, reviews, and other features to ensure that it is a safe choice to make.

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