How to Download WD SES Device USB Device Driver for Windows 10

Published Date : Apr 16, 2023
How to Download WD SES Device USB Device Driver for Windows 10

Download WD SES Device USB Device driver and install it to connect external hard drives to your computer without any problems. Keep on reading to learn the best possible ways to do it.

Western Digital, commonly shortened to WD is currently one of the largest computer hard drive manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Western Digital is known for producing a variety of products, such as hard disks, SSDs, flash memory devices, data center systems, and cloud storage services.

However, just like the other computer peripherals, Western Digital hard drives also require compatible and updated driver software. The Western Digital SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) driver establishes a communication channel between the computer’s operating system and the hard drive to enable many of the optional features such as LED control, password protection, and access to the driver labels.

Therefore, through this article, we acquaint you with some easy and safe methods to download, install, and update WD SES Device USB Device driver on Windows 10.

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How to Download & Install WD SES Device USB Device Driver on Windows 10

Try the following methods to download, install, and update WD SES driver on Windows laptops and desktop computers for free.

1. WD SES Device USB Device Driver Download via Official Support Website

You can visit the official support website of Western Digital to download WD SES Device USB Device driver and install it step by step. You can follow the instructions given below for doing the same.

  • First, you need to visit the WD Support website.
  • Click the Download button next to the WD SES driver setup file.
    Download WD SES Device USB Device Driver
  • Go to the location where you saved the downloaded file and double-click on it to run the installation wizard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the WD SES device driver update on your Windows computer.
  • Restart your system to apply the changes.

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2. WD SES Device USB Device Driver Download via Device Manager

Microsoft Windows comes with a tool named Device Manager that helps users download and install updated driver versions for every peripheral device. Here’s how to use it to download and update Western Digital SES USB driver on Windows 10 and older operating systems.

  • Launch the Device Manager application. To do so, right-click the Start button on the taskbar and select Device Manager from the menu.
    Choose Device Manager from Context Menu of Start Menu
  • Next, you need to find and right-click on the WD SES USB Device (You can probably find it under the Other Devices section). Then, choose the Update driver option from the context menu.
  • In the subsequent window, you need to select Search automatically for drivers from the available options.
  • Wait for the Windows operating system to find and install the latest WD SES driver for you. Once the installation procedure is complete, reboot your computer.

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3. WD SES Device USB Device Driver Download via Windows Update

If Device Manager fails to find a new version of WD SES Device USB Device driver, you can try checking for the same using another built-in functionality called Windows Update. Here’s how to use it to get all the required drivers and software updates.

  • Click on the Start button and select the Settings (gear-shaped icon) option.
    Windows Settings
  • In Windows Settings, you need to select Update & Security from the available options.
  • Next, you need to head to the Windows Update section and click the Check for Updates button.
    Check for Updates on Windows Settings
  • Download and install the WD SES device driver update available for your operating system.
  • Restart your computer after the installation process gets completed.

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4. WD SES Device USB Device Driver Download via Bit Driver Updater

If you find the above-shared manual methods time-consuming and cumbersome to implement, here’s an easy way to download WD SES driver & other device drivers. With Bit Driver Updater in place, you can easily detect problematic drivers and replace them with the latest manufacturer-recommended versions in just a single click. Moreover, the software provides a generous amount of incredible features that you can learn through our detailed Bit Driver Updater review guide.

Below is how to download WD SES Device USB Device driver, install, and update it using Bit Driver Updater.

  • Click the button below to download and install the Bit Driver updater software.


  • Wait for a few seconds till the software look for the driver issues present on your computer.
  • After getting the scan results, click the Update Now button next to the WD SES driver to automatically download and install its most updated version.
    Update Driver with Bit Driver Updater

WD SES Device Driver Download & Update: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions answered here to help you with your queries related to the driver:

Q.1 What do you mean by the WD SES Device USB device driver?

The WD SES Device USB device driver is a set of system files that allow the system to run the WD SES Device on your Windows PC/laptop with ease. Without this driver, you can not run the WD SES Device quite easily and smoothly.

Q.2 What are the methods to install WD software on Windows?

To install WD software on Windows, you can take the help of the official website of the manufacturer, the Device Manager, the Windows Update utility, or the Bit Driver Updater. All these options allow you to get the required updates with ease. Follow the steps provided below for detailed information.

Q.3 Why is the WD drive not present on the system?

If you are unable to see the device or if the WD drive is not present on the system, this could be because of a faulty port. If you are using a laptop, try connecting the device with another port. However, Windows desktop users can try plugging in the drive to the ports present at the back of the CPU for effective connectivity.

Q.4 What to do to access the WD external hard drive on the device?

At times, the system may not be able to recognize the WD external hard drive. You can try switching the port, restarting the device, and updating the driver to fix this issue. To update the driver, you can take the help of the methods provided in the previous sections of this article.

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Final Words: WD SES Device Driver Download & Update For Windows PC

Here in this guide, we’ve discussed multiple methods to download and install WD SES Device USB Device driver for Windows 10 and older operating systems. You can adopt any of the aforementioned methods to perform the task. However, in our view, updating the drivers automatically through Bit Driver Updater is the best decision as it saves you valuable time, effort and energy.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, then feel free to share them with us in the comments box provided below.

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