Nikita Polyakov Shares His Research and Development-Oriented Approach in Navigating the Telecom Industry

Published Date : Mar 07, 2024
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Nikita Polyakov Shares His Research and Development-Oriented Approach in Navigating the Telecom Industry

With an academic background in mathematics and computer science, Nikita Polyakov is a dynamic leader in telecommunications. He fuses the concepts of statistical analysis and simulations to generate insightful reports on prospective technologies in the radio communications sector.

An Intuitive Study of Radio Technology in Scholarly Journals

Nikita developed his specialty in telecommunications, fostering his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and postgraduate studies in Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology. He was a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) due to his academic excellence.

According to an associate professor from the Brno University of Technology, Nikita employed his profound analytical thinking skills to solve complex problems in the scientific world. He completed each of his degree programs with the highest honors and grades and excelled in his Ph.D. entrance exam. He commits his time to science, making discoveries, and benefiting the research community.

During his postgrad degree, Polyakov co-wrote scientific research articles and directed seminars, consultations, and exams. He completed three semesters of teaching practices in discrete mathematics and mathematical logic, totaling 144 academic hours each, demonstrating his leadership aptitude.

One of Nikita’s milestone projects was using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a wireless access point in 5G cellular networks. He collaborated with the Brno University of Technology to produce a software suite for simulating drone navigation on a three-dimensional graph. At the 20th International Conference on Next Generation Wired/Wireless Advanced Networks and Systems, he exhibited this unique project in 2020.

Some of his other contributions to the telecom field included:

  • “Analysis of the probabilistic characteristics of user service in a wireless millimeter-wave network” – his bachelor’s thesis
  • “A simulation model for analyzing a network slicing policy with SLA-based performance isolation of slices” – his master’s thesis published in the Discrete and Continuous Models and Applied Computational Science journal.

Industry Experience at ELG LLC

From being a devoted Java software engineer to a senior technical director, Nikita served the ELG LLC for six years. He allowed it to morph from a startup into a flourishing enterprise with his strategic planning, technical leadership, research and development, and project management skills.

Ekaterina Egorova, CEO of ELG LLC, testified of his exceptional qualifications in the field. “Polyakov N.A. not only possesses technical expertise but also has a wide range of tools and technologies that enhance his capabilities as a developer and team leader.” Nikita directed teams concisely, increasing a technical team’s productivity by 65% to enhance customer service. He secured contracts with many stakeholders, such as PepsiCo and P&G, because of his thoroughness in quality assurance processes.

Polyakov allowed this corporation to remain at the forefront of enterprise IT solutions and services. He introduced new methodologies, such as Agile and automation, to streamline software development and reduce operation costs without compromising quality.

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