How To Build A Successful Online Mortgage Service?

Published Date : Nov 10, 2020
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How To Build A Successful Online Mortgage Service

The housing and financial sector has seen paradigm shifts in business with the rise of fintech. Online banking, online investing, and online payments paved the way for successful online mortgage service opportunities. Employees and clients were unhappy about the time-consuming and highly bureaucratic nature of the existing mortgage process. Digitizing your existing mortgage business will make the existing taxing process easier and will also attract more customers.

Keeping Up Trends

The key to a successful mortgage business (or any business for that matter) is to be dynamic and creative in your approach. Study the market extensively and notice the patterns. Then you can look at adopting the hottest trends in the industry to boost your sales. Some of the revolutionary techs on the market include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The future computers are not just dumb electronic devices. They can analyze data and make sound decisions on their own, similar to their human counterparts. Study shows that 75% of banks want to implement AI-enabled features for their customers. It also allows lenders to develop a more personalized experience for users.
  • Workflow Automation: Automation replaces any redundant or repetitive work done by the workforce. Legacy systems use pen and paper for approvals and documentation, which is slow and tedious. It also bears high operational costs. Online mortgage services streamline all routine tasks like loan calculations, generation of disclosures, etc.
  • Mobility: Going mobile helps online lenders become more accessible and user-friendly. Hence, it is best to focus on developing a cross-platform business and delivering a smooth customer experience.

Staying competitive in the market goes hand-in-hand with the customer’s approval. The mortgage service has to be customer-oriented and easy-to-use. Also, mobile-friendly platforms help the customer have access on the go.

Here are some standard features that are expected from online mortgage service companies to deliver an excellent experience:

  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Open banking integrations
  • KYC (Know-your-customer) identity verification

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Making It a Reality 

The cost of development depends entirely on the complexity and scope of your platform. The professional charge is by the hour and depending on the region. It is more than $60 in North America and Oceania while the hourly rates are around $40 to $60 for Asia, South America, or Africa.

Now keeping the budget aside, you need to address some technical aspects of the business:

  1. Decide on your end-users and create a custom profile for them. You may cater to individuals or organizations or both.
  2. Now define the stages involved in availing of your mortgage services. Ideally, the users require a step-by-step map of how they will use your platform. Work with third-party applications, credit companies, and banks to integrate a wholesome experience.
  3. Work with international teams during the development stage.

Extending Functionality

As an online service provider, you want your user to perform minimum tasks before engaging with your company. For instance, most users lose interest if they need to fill up a lengthy form with their details. Initially, collect the essential information and ask for more once they show more profound interest. Remember, you bear a cost each time you request user information like emails, credit records, or social IDs. Hence, narrow down your sample space to only prospective customers to reduce the requests required.

For payments, you can integrate a bank API into your platform. APIs are a great way to use readymade applications to extend functionality. The same applies to servers and databases. Cloud storage facilities provided by AWS are faster and safer and save a ton of money on storage overhead.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

Customers love a good website or a clean mobile app. The key is to stick to a minimalist design. All the links, descriptions, and tabs must be available at a glance. It is best to restrict allowing users to change their personal information as they please.

Bringing It All Together

Test your platform on an intranet using dummy data. It ensures the integrity and security of your architecture. You can also deploy a beta version of your mortgage service to select users and collect feedback. Once your business goes online, you need to listen to customer feedback. It helps you improve and maintain the platform to be robust and the best in the market.

However, you can look up online mortgage service platforms to gain insights into how businesses use features and design the architecture. Having a strategy paired with research is critical. Here are some additional pointers that may help you establish the best big thing in fintech:

  • Identify your market and chalk out the stages and activities involved in the mortgage application process.
  • Synchronize your schedule with international teams keeping in mind the difference in time zones.
  • Collect information in different stages depending on the prospect rating.
  • You can separate the database-processing server from the website server to make management more effortless.
  • The user interface is vital to attract new users to your services.
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