Google ‘Profile Cards’ Will Let You Control What People See When They Search For You

Published Date : Mar 01, 2020
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Google New Profile Cards

Google knowledge base announces special ‘profile cards’ that will contain the information specified by you. These profile cards are very special cards that will house the information and data that you want others to see when they search your name on Google.

Not only people, but these cards will also help organizations, firms, celebrities, banks and other entities as well. The idea behind these customizable cards is not new. These are seen and can be considered as replacements for the ‘Google+ profile’ feature.

Google Knowledge Panels

The knowledge panels are the information boxes that appear on the search pages when you search for particular entities (organizations, people, companies, firms, banks) that are in the knowledge graph. These special panels help you get a quick and easy outline of a topic that is available on the web.

Google knowledge panel cards will appear on top of the search if you are looking for these:

  • People
  • Banks
  • Organizations
  • Firms
  • Companies
  • Celebrities

Google plans to give these cards to everyone and it is already accessible in some parts of the world. However, Google has introduced these cards to the Indian market.

Now businessmen, teachers, influencers, celebrities and several individuals from India with Google profiles will be able to customize these profile cards with the information they want others to see.

These profile cards are completely different from those typical celebrity cards on the Internet as these are 100% customizable as users are in total control.

With these highly customizable cards, users will see, check and even edit the information about them that gets pulled through the search engine. Links to social media accounts, Wikipedia, LinkedIn profiles and other accounts can be controlled using this feature. 

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Concept of These Cards is Not New

The concept behind these profile cards is not new as it is completely based on Google+ profiles. Google+ profile feature is dead and this new update can be considered as a replacement of the dead feature of Google profiles.

Google+ profiles for non-business users is a discontinued feature. Profile cards allow you to fill out an ‘about me’ page that will allow people to communicate with you on Hangouts and Gmail.

This is a very helpful feature for people who want to display only limited fragments of information and hide the other.

Launch Date

Although there is no concrete information regarding the official announcement of these profile cards, these are already introduced to some parts of the world. Google even explains in a page ‘We have given access to this feature to people from India who have set English as their language. No one can access this particular feature on a desktop.’

This means that Profile Cards are available on mobile devices and not on desktop or PC, yet. There is no confirmation regarding the availability of these customizable cards on PCs.

Some support pages also explain that people who have access to the profile card feature can easily edit the information through their mobile phones. Google says that one needs to visit, sign in to your account and search for ‘edit my search card’ to edit the same.

Special Individual Profiles

Profile cards won’t be only customizable but these will be optional as well. Google will not give any special preference if you are a celebrity, influencer or leader. Google also says that these cards will be removable if you plan to delete them or reconsider your decision to have one. 

However, Google adds that each and every text and content you add in these cards will be checked as some languages and content is not acceptable. It is not necessary that your card will show up on Google search but if you provide more information in your cards, more are the chances that Google will pull up your card.

It is unclear if this amazing feature will be made available to PC users in different parts of the world. At the moment, it is strictly limited to mobile devices only. Users expect that Google will soon roll out some plans to reveal more details about Profile Cards.

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