How to Get Unbanned from Omegle [A Complete 2022 Guide]

Published Date : Jul 09, 2022
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How to Get Unbanned from Omegle

Do not panic if Omegle banned you, as this article shares many effective ways to get unbanned from Omegle on phones and computers. 

At times, all humans wish to get that feeling of belonging. When not occupied with professional and other commitments, you may want to share how your day went, vent your frustrations, or crack jokes with someone. And when it was not possible to find that companionship offline, you searched for it on Omegle. But for some reason, like your quips not going well with somebody not having a great sense of humor, you may get banned on the platform. Well, no worries if you are facing a ban, as this article shares how to get unbanned from Omegle.

Yes, getting unbanned from Omegle is as easy as getting banned from it. Now, if this leaves you wondering, “why did I get banned on Omegle” (don’t know what went wrong!), let us look at all the possible reasons you are unable to use the platform to quench your curiosity.

Reasons Omegle Banned You

You may get banned on Omegle for any or more of the following reasons.

  • Copyrighted music playing in the background
  • Any statement that seems racist, sexist, or hateful
  • Presence of a virtual cam
  • Nudity

The above list is not the end, and Omegle may ban you for many other unusual reasons. Well, no matter the reason, you may use the below methods to get your Omegle unbanned.

Top Methods for How to Get Unbanned from Omegle

Below are the tried and tested methods you may use to get Omegle unbanned on your phone or computer.

Method 1: Use a VPN

Omegle banned your IP address so that you cannot use the platform even from a different device. Hence, you may use a Virtual Private Network or VPN to mask your IP address and use Omegle without any hassles. There are a lot of VPN applications available on the web. However, you must be very careful in selecting the one for your device. An incorrect VPN may put your device and data at a security risk. Hence, we always recommend using the best VPNs..

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Method 2: Get unbanned from Omegle using a proxy server

Proxies function in a similar fashion to VPNs. However, the only difference is that it does not offer encryption when sending traffic via an intermediary server. However, it does not make proxies unsecure. Most proxy servers are adequately secure. You may use the best proxy server to get yourself unbanned from Omegle.

Method 3: Let a few days pass

Omegle’s ban is often temporary, just for a few couples of days. Therefore, you may try diverting your attention to other beautiful joys of life if you are searching for how to get unbanned from Omegle. We feel it is a good idea to take a break, do something you like, and then return with a lot of things to talk about on Omegle.

Method 4: Try getting another IP address

Though your IP address refreshes automatically after a particular time, you may speed up the process to make Omegle unbanned. The following is how to do it.

  • Search Google for your IP address and note it.
  • Unplug your modem from the source of power and keep it unplugged for at least an hour.
  • Re-plug your modem and get it connected to the network.
  • Google your IP address again.
  • If your IP address is different from the previous one, you may use Omegle again.

Method 5: Try connecting to another network

As you know, Omegle bans your IP address from using the platform. Since your network is connected to the IP address, you won’t be able to use Omegle unless you change the network. Hence, connecting to a different network (you can go to another location like a friend’s place to use his WiFi or connect to a public WiFi) is also a way to unban and bring back your Omegle chats.

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Method 6: Use your phone’s hotspot to connect to Omegle

If you are in no mood to leave your home and go somewhere else to use Omegle, you may use the phone’s hotspot. Your phone has a different IP address than your home WiFi. Therefore, it may help you be unbanned from Omegle. Below we share how to connect to the hotspot on Android and iPhone.

Steps to connect to the hotspot on Android

You may follow these steps to connect to your Android phone’s hotspot to use Omegle.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings. 
  • Choose Mobile Hotspot & Tethering. 
  • Select Mobile Hotspot to activate it.
  • Name your hotspot network and set a password for it.
  • Search for the hotspot network, key in the password, and connect.

Steps to connect to the hotspot on iPhone

The following are the steps you may follow to connect to your iPhone’s hotspot.

  • Open the Utilities menu from the top of your iPhone’s screen.
  • Long-press the widget for WiFi and Bluetooth connections. 
  • Tap on the hotspot icon to activate it.
  • Search for your iPhone’s hotspot network on the computer and connect to it.

Above, we looked at how to get unbanned from Omegle on phone and computer. Now, let us answer some related questions to clear any doubts you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we try to answer all common questions about how to get your Omegle unbanned.

Q1. How long do bans on Omegle last for?

The duration of Omegle bans depends on the alleged offense and whether the banned person is a first-time offender or a repeat offender. For a first-time offender, the ban normally lasts for a short period (one week), and for a repeat offender, the ban is of a longer duration (over 120 days).

Q2. Are bans from Omegle permanent?

The bans on Omegle are mostly temporary for a duration of over 120 days. However, they may be permanent if the offense is of a serious nature.

Q3. Can I appeal the Omegle ban?

If you believe Omegle banned you mistakenly, you may mail to with your full name and account details to enquire about the ban and prove your innocence.

Q4. Which VPN works with Omegle?

Some of the top free VPNs that work with Omegle include ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, ProtonVPN, Hotspot Shield, and TunnelBear.

Q5. Is Omegle for 12-year-olds?

According to Omegle’s age policy, only 13 years+ users can use Omegle. However, if you are in the age bracket of 13 to 18 years, you need your parent/guardian’s permission to use the platform.

Q6. How do I get unbanned from the Omegle ban?

You may refer to the above guide to learn how to get unbanned from Omegle on your phone and computer. Here, we shared multiple ways to unban from the platform, such as VPNs, proxy servers, and more.

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Concluding Words

So, that was all about how to get unbanned from Omegle to chat with strangers again. You may use the methods shared in this guide to be able to chat on Omegle.

However, once unbanned, we suggest using Omegle responsibly to ensure not getting banned again. And if you have any doubts or concerns about this article, you may always get in touch with team TechPout through the comments section.

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