Facebook Tests a New Feature for Cross-posting Your Facebook Posts to Instagram

Published Date : Oct 19, 2021
Category : Tech News
Facebook Tests a New Feature for Cross-posting Your Facebook Posts to Instagram

Facebook’s new feature for Cross-posting your Facebook Posts to Instagram is under trial. Initially, users were able to cross-post their Instagram Reels & Stories on Facebook but now with this trial feature Facebook provides users to post their content like Facebook updates as well as photos & videos to Instagram feeds and now this feature is two way for both the platforms.

For the users, using both the platforms this feature helps a lot in saving time as they are not required to post similar updates twice on the individual platforms. They can now cross-post Facebook feeds to Instagram. Social media apps are in high demand among teenagers and play an important role in the growth of any business.

Facebook said this feature, which began to roll out at the beginning of the month, is yet to be formally announced. Though, the company stated that this feature is currently provided to users who have linked their Facebook profiles with a personal, creator or business account on Instagram. This feature trial is available globally but only to a portable group of people.

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If available, this new feature will be displayed where you create posts under the Facebook compose box. You will find new toggle switches next to the previous toggle switches for new album creation and post’s audience editing.

After tapping the toggle switch, a new screen is displayed where it facilitates you to share your individual posts with your linked Instagram account. Then the warning screen informs about the privacy policies that this feature is applicable only to the publications in question and will discontinue as default setting in future.

Although, if you wish to change your default settings, you need to visit the “Account Center” where modifications are allowed and if you wish to automatically share all your Facebook posts on Instagram, turn ON this feature, with add-on attribute of automatically sharing your Instagram post on Facebook, which was enabled in a previous update.

As per the statement released by the company, end users will now be allowed to crosspost a maximal of 10 photographs in Instagram’s single photo or video, or different photo albums. The Instagram platform supports the utmost 10 number of photos with different formats, like GIFs, polls, resharing feeds, text-only posts etc.

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To make cross-posting an easy option for users active on various apps, Facebook has been rolling out newly updated features to increase the integration of the app suite. Recently, the company released communication link Cross-app between Messenger and Instagram, which helps Instagram end users to get connected with friends on Facebook and vice-versa.

Facebook’s ever-increasing user base, we’re also working on updating Messenger, for real-time experience, testing how Facebook users can make best use of it. You don’t need to swap between the applications to make voice and video calls on Facebook. Facebook is now interlinking all its applications to upgrade its app suite.

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