Epson L380 Printer Complete Review with its Price and Ink Details

Published Date : Dec 20, 2023
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If you want to know everything about the Epson L380 printer, then this simple guide will help you get all the information you seek in a single place.

Epson is one of the most amazing and well-renowned electronics brands. The Japanese brand came into existence in the mid-90s and has come a long way since. The printing and scanning solutions and devices from the brand are quite amazing. The brand has so many products to offer that it covers a wide range of requirements of different types of users. From large-scale office printing requirements to the small-scaled ones limited to the home, Epson has anything and everything that you need.

In this article, we will talk about one such brand from the electronic giant, the Epson L380 printer.

The printer comes from the L series device from Epson. This series is one of the most varied series from the brand and includes over 50 different printers and scanners. The Epson L380 device is an inkjet printer that’s commonly and easily available in the markets and marketspaces. However, the question that arises is whether this product is worth investing in or whether you should look for a better and higher alternative. This is something that we will try to answer. So, go through the entire product description for better insights.

Epson L380 Price:

The first thing that we would like to address is the price of the device. Every user or buyer works under a budget. Hence, you should first know whether this printer is budget-friendly or not. The Epson L380 printer price ranges somewhere between $135 to $160. The difference in the price is because of discounts offered by different sellers.

Pro Tip:

If you have installed the printer but are facing some problems in using it on Windows. Then you can try to download and update the Epson L380 printer driver. Doing this will help you enhance your device’s performance and allow it to stably communicate with the system.

Performance of the Printer: Epson L380 Printer Features

Now that the pricing bracket has been straightened out, let’s understand the specifications of the printer. As stated earlier, the Epson L380 printer is an inkjet device that can print both color and B&W prints with the same ink. However, that’s not all, let’s have a look at other specifications or features of the printer for deeper insight:


Firstly, let’s help you determine whether the Epson L380 printer is suitable for your requirements or not. The printer offers a printing capability of around 5 IPM which is low, but quite good for simple home as well as small or regular office requirements. Hence, if your requirements revolve around the same, go for the printer.

Warranty of the Device

The warranty of any electronic device plays a vital role in determining whether it would be beneficial for you or not. You never know when a device may pose any problem that is beyond your ken. This is where you seek the help of the device manufacturer’s support or repair center. Thankfully, the manufacturer offers a warranty of around 1 year or 30,000 prints for the Epson L380 printer. This means that you can avail the warranty of the product within a year from the date of purchase or a count of 30,000 prints, whichever comes first.

Printing Efficiency and Printing Speed

The printing speed of the printer is quite amazing as well. For an affordable device, the Epson L380 printer allows you to print with the speed of 10 IPM for B&W prints and 5 IPM for color ones. However, with a single bottle of Epson L380 Multifunction Color Inkjet Printer ink, you can print around 7,500 color pages and 4,500 B&W pages. Hence, the printer is very efficient and offers a low cost of printing for regular and miscellaneous use. You can easily print on one or both sides of the pages at once with this printer. Lastly, the printer allows you to take out a copy of 20 pages at once.

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Scanning and Printing DPI

Nextly, the printing DPI of the Epson L380 printer is also quite high. For printing, the device offers outputs of around 5760 x 1440 DPI. Hence, the clarity of the printed outputs is quite amazing and does not fade easily. If you decide to use the scanner of the device, it offers a 600 x 1200 DPI sensor. This sensor can easily scan color and B&W images and documents as required in 5-10 seconds. Moreover, the scans are also quite high in quality and economically sized.

Epson L380 Ink

The Epson L380 printer uses three types of inks in the device, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. Apart from this, black ink is also used to help you create B&W outputs. When you set out to purchase the printer, you will get a complimentary set of the color inks as well as 2 black inks for use. The bottles of ink are also manufactured very carefully and smartly for fewer spills and optimal printing. The Epson L380 ink price is quite affordable as well.

Other Features:

Here are some other specifications of the printer that you should know about before getting the device:

  • The weight of the printer is around 4.4 kg, which is a bit heavy for a home device.
  • The printer comes with a protective lid that covers the glass screen for scanning.
  • Epson L380’s buttons are quite easy to use and minimalistic in design.
  • The device comes with an attractive black color with a matte finish that is reluctant to dust and dirt.
  • The ink tray of the device is retractable and easy to install/refill.
  • You can modify and adjust the print quality of the outputs with ease.

Cons of Epson L380 Printer

There are some cons to the printer as well that may not attract a lot of users. These are:

  • You can not use the printer wirelessly as it does not support Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The device comes with a USB 2.0 cable connectivity option that may be slow at times.
  • At the highest print resolutions, the printing speed can go as high as double (30 seconds) the regular time.

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Summing Up

So, this was the complete review and product description of the Epson L380 printer. All in all the performance of the printer is quite amazing. It offers high-quality prints and scans to the user. Although the weight of the device is a bit heavy and lacks wireless connectivity, the pros of the printer surpass its cons.

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Do let us know what you think of the Epson L380 printer.

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