Enhanced Charging Efficiency: TESSAN Genie CS01 Unveiled

Published Date : Nov 29, 2023
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Enhanced Charging Efficiency- TESSAN Genie CS01 Unveiled

As we increasingly use more electronic devices, how to charge them and manage our desktops better has become a challenge faced by everyone. Is there a perfect charging device that allows us to charge and plug in multiple devices at once? Additionally, is there a way to better organize our desktop space? Addressing this charging issue, TESSAN has creatively introduced the Tzacol Genie CS01, offering the perfect solution.

Tzacol Genie CS01, a charging solution that goes beyond the ordinary. This cutting-edge charging station embodies innovation, efficiency, and versatility, driven by GaN technology in a smaller tower design


Space-Saving Tower Design for a Clutter-Free Experience:

Crafted as a sleek tower, theTzacol Genie CS01 redefines charging station aesthetics while optimizing space utilization. Its compact design minimizes desk clutter, offering an organized and efficient charging hub. Experience a clutter-free environment with this intelligently designed station.

GaN Technology Ushering in a New Era of Charging:

At the heart of theTzacol Genie CS01 lies Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, upgraded charging efficiency. This advanced technology empowers the station to deliver lightning-fast charging speeds, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and speed in charging solutions. GaN’s efficient power delivery ensures swift charging without compromising safety.

Versatile Charging Capabilities for the Modern Tech Enthusiast:

With 2 AC ports,4 USB-A ports, and 2 USB-C ports, theTzacol Genie CS01 stands out with its ability to charge 9 devices simultaneously, catering to a wide array of device types, including smartphones, laptops, wearables, and more. This versatility makes it a one-stop charging solution, simplifying charging needs for today’s tech-savvy users.

Enhanced Convenience Redefining Charging Station:

Efficiency meets convenience with theTzacol Genie CS01, streamlining the charging process across multiple devices. Bid farewell to tangled wires and numerous chargers—the station simplifies charging, ensuring that your devices are powered up swiftly and effortlessly.


TheTzacol Genie CS01 isn’t just a charging station; it’s a testament to innovation, versatility, and user-centric design. TESSAN’s brand mission is to connect users to a better life, whether at home or while traveling. TESSAN aims to provide innovative charging solutions, and theTzacol Genie CS01 embodies this spirit. With a smaller footprint and faster charging efficiency, it meets users’ individual needs


For more information, please visit https://www.tessan.com
Or you can go and get directly: https://amz.run/7Hwl

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