Create Your Own Avatar With New “Google Illustrations” Features for Google Applications

Published Date : Sep 29, 2021
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Create Your Own Avatar with New “Google Illustrations” Features for Google Applications

Google’s new Illustration feature will help you in creating a new avatar for your profile. You can easily build your custom profile picture, different from your device image that shows on the top right corner of the browser.

Earlier you can easily import the images from your device which can be used as the profile picture for your Google account. Now with the new Illustration feature, you can use images from the folder of the “Google Illustrations” collection. There are hundreds of illustrations including various cultures, interests, and backgrounds to choose from.

Once the illustration is selected, the user can edit the colors and adjust other aspects of the illustration as per needs. The image selected as the profile picture will be shown on various Google Workspaces like Gmail, Docs, Maps YouTube, and others.

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The major aim of the company for creating this feature is to protect user privacy. As the actual image can be misused. The feature is available to use on Android devices. Users can simply click on the image and then proceed with the “Avatar”. Next instead of using the device images, click on the “Illustrations” tab.

The Illustration section offers a huge list of images, you can browse or search using keywords. Once selected the image can be changed as per requirements. It is expected that the editor option will be available on all Google apps by 2022.

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