7 Best Text Editors for Mac OS to Boost Your Programming in 2024

Published Date : Jan 01, 2024
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7 Best Text Editors for Mac OS to Boost Your Programming in 2024

Owning a perfect text editor which boosts the programming with super ease is a different kind of peace. If you are a programmer or a newcomer in the world of coding, you must have already been through that need of smooth performances and one-stop solution for everything. 

Fortunately, what you wish is not far from your reach as there are multiple text editors that can give you everything that you demand. 

If you are a Mac user, here is an article where you can find the best text editors for Mac. Since all of them feature the most important functions and have something robust to offer, you will hopefully find the perfect one for yourself.

Best Programming Text Editor Tools for macOS 2024

If you are on a hunt for the best text editor for Mac, it is safe to say that you are going to end up on multiple tools that have their own best features to offer. 

We have collected the 7 best such text editors for Mac and in this list you will probably find the one which meets your demands.

Here are the best text editors for you:

1. Sublime


Cost: Free Trial; $80

You can call Sublime Text one of the most famous text editors for Mac. This software offers plenty of features that allow you the customization, syntax highlighting, friendly interface and the ability to let you select multiple options. 

It also features ‘Go to Anything’ which allows you to quickly pick the symbols, words or lines that you wish for and the simple activation via keyboard shortcut hit is a bonus. Besides, you cannot skip the part where it lets you perform the split editing and batch editing alongside the command palette and project switch.


  • Sublime is packed with most important as well as powerful features.
  • This software allows customization.
  • It allows simple navigation through its interface.
  • It is a fast and easy cross platform tool.


  • It may appear to be expensive to you.
  • Some of its plugins interrupt its functionality.




Cost: Free

To start with this list, Atom has come all the way counting its incredible and useful features for you to take perks from. It is one of the best text editors for Mac offering features that can be customised. If you don’t like anything about it, it allows you to make changes to that including interface and themes. 

It is an open-source and is completely free to use which makes it the best choice as a text editor app for Mac. It is built on HTML, CSS, Javascript and Node.js integration and it runs on Electron. 

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It allows you to download from its thousands of packages, if you wish to explore more of its functionality. With a hassle-free download and as a helping hand in your work, this one may be the best for you.


  • Atom is open-source and free to use.
  • This text editor is packed with important features alongside the customisation options.
  • It features a friendly user-interface.
  • Customization options
  • It features a variety of packages for users to choose from.


  • You may find it slowing down due to the number of packages.


3. Brackets


Cost: Free

Here comes another popular and actually, one of the best text editors for Mac which is called best for all the right reasons. This software is all about web design and is made perfectly for web designers and developers. Designed by Adobe, this free text editor is an open-source tool which features Live Preview allowing users to see the changes that they perform to CSS and HTML. 

Users can take the privilege of automatic extraction of color, font and measurement details in this tool. Brackets features extensions that offer more features and which is free to download and install. These added features include Beautify, Autoprefixer and Bracket File Icons.


  • Brackets text editor is an open-source and is free to use.
  • It features several extensions that are free
  • It is a cross platform and is easy to use.


  • You may miss some useful text editor commands in this tool.
  • It focuses majorly on the front-end developers


4. BBEdit 13

BBEdit 13

Cost: Free Trial; $49.99

BBBEdit is one of the most reliable text editors for Mac out there. It features built-in tools for text manipulations and a complete set of HTML tools. Besides, it has customizable syntax colouring support for about 24 built-in languages and it is capable of managing the extensive range of files. 

What makes this tool more special is that its features work well not only for the developers but also the writers. The best part about choosing this text editor is that it is one of the oldest ones in the market which gives you a reason to worry less about its longevity.


  • BBEdit is the oldest text editor in the market.
  • It provides all the important and powerful features that once can ask for.
  • It features built-in tools and languages and is quite simple to use.
  • You do not have to worry about its performance.


  • It is a bit expensive.


5. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Cost: Free 

Visual Studio is yet another best text editor for Mac out there which holds the excellent features well. If you have ever used it on Windows, you must be aware that its functionality is not different from its Mac version. This tool, developed by Microsoft, features syntax highlighting for more than 30 languages and automatic API description. 

Besides, it supports extension libraries including the popular ones like Git Lens, Sublime Text Keypmap, Vim etc., which helps in bettering its features and it allows customization on interface. This text editor also offers Git control, helps in debugging and smooth code editing capability.


  • Visual Studio Code supports several languages
  • It offers smooth performance with a friendly UI.
  • It offers different plugins and monthly updates
  • It is free to use.


  • It demands plugin installation if you wish to enjoy more of its features.
  • It lands you on bugs sometimes.


6. UltraEdit


Cost: Free Trial; $99.95

If you are looking for a dynamic text editor tool then here is the one for you. UltraEdit is probably the best text editor tool for Mac for its versatile features. It supports truckloads of different languages including Javascript, XML, C, Python and many others. 

Apart from syntax highlighting for multiple languages, easy search and multi-selection capability this tool offers support for 4K and Apple Retina display and multi-caret editing. 

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It is one of the oldest text editors for Mac in the market which makes it more reliable among the users. It offers a 30-day free trial and offers other products like UltraCompare, UltraFinder to help you get into more of its exciting features.


  • UltraEdit supports almost all languages.
  • It can easily support large files.
  • It is one of the most reliable text editors.
  • It offers a robust search and is easy to use.


  • This tool is a bit costly.
  • It needs to be purchased separately if you want to explore more features.


7. TextMate 2.0

TextMate 2.0

Cost: Free Trial; $56.25 

Counting on another incredible text editor in this list, we have stopped at TextMate 2.0 which is one of the best text editors for Mac. Made for the experts as well as the newbies, it is minimal and it has a user-friendly interface. 

It handles the management impeccably and features smart research and replacement of codes. Besides, it offers auto-pairing of characters and typing alongside its ability to highlight syntax for different languages. It supports Xcode. The best part about this text editor is that it is easy to get started with and is a lightweight tool.


  • It supports Xcode and can handle projects in Xcode.
  • It is open-source.
  • It is lightweight and features easy management of projects.


  • It is only available for MacOS


Choose the Perfect Text Editor for Mac

Here wraps up the list of our best text editors for Mac and hopefully, so does your search. You have seen that some of these editors ask for dimes to get you started with a bigger world of features but if you are not willing to step on that as of now, using the free text editors will do. 

If you are a professional and looking for stronger features that are available in the paid tools, you can opt for free trials first to check which one’s best for you. 

Here we leave to get back soon with another techy list and till then, you can share your views or suggestions in the comment box.

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