13 Best Programming Languages To Learn in 2020

Published Date : Nov 06, 2019
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Best Programming Language To Learn

The field of IT is continually upgrading, expanding, and diversifying with each passing day. The world of programming is constantly getting populated with the latest coding languages. Therefore, for IT professionals, it is essential to keep learning new skills and keep themselves up-to-date with the knowledge of the newest programming languages to facilitate growth in their career financially as well as enhancing their level of expertise. 

Thus, in this blog, we will look at the best programming languages for web and software development that you can choose to learn from the beginner level.  

List of The Best Popular Programming Languages:

1. Swift

Swift - Best Programming Language

Although it is potentially a new language, yet it became a hit instantly since its release in 2014. This is the most approved language when it comes to the development of Apple apps. This is considered to be among the best five coding languages for mobile app development.

  • This is a popular choice for Mac OS and iOS app development.
  • This language is based on the beneficial side of Objective-C and C but without any compatibility issues.
  • This is the best programming language for software development of Mac and iOS and is highly influenced by Python and Ruby, especially when it comes to enhanced user-friendliness and simplicity.
  • Native application development with this language made the apps perform better when compared to other cross-platform hybrid apps.
  • Developing 2D games became easier.
  • Swift has been used to develop some of the latest apps like WordPress, Firefox for iOS, SoundCloud client, PixPic (photo editing tool), Charter (open-source mailing list), Swift radio, Artsy (art auction app) and Silence music app.
  • Swift has a new feature which is the ability of automatic reference counting that can help in controlling the memory usage of the application. The benefit of this feature is that the apps developed using this language will not consume much memory automatically.

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2. Typescript

Typescript Programming Language For Web Development

Designed by Microsoft, this programming language is widely preferred for web development. 

  • This coding language can be considered to be a superior version of JavaScript. This language has new and enhanced features as well as functions. This is not just a coding language but also comprises of superb tools.
  • The main features of this tool are that it offers strong static typing, compilation and also includes the support of object-oriented programming and type definitions. 
  • Microsoft Visual Studio is the most renowned application that was coded using Typescript.

3. Python

Python Programming Language

Currently, this is the most trending language with extensive and diverse application capabilities. It is quite simple to learn and plays a vital role in the development of desktop applications, along with machine learning usability, web applications, network servers, and media tools. This is the best programming language having huge business applications currently.

  • This is a well-structured code that has gained immense prominence in the currently phenomenal machine learning field along with its applicability in data analysis. Therefore, if you dream of making it big in machine learning and data analysis field of IT, then learning Python is a significant step to take.
  • This coding language is being used at NASA and Google.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin Web Development Programming Language

This is a fairly new programming language that is hugely influenced by JavaScript and Java languages, which combine technical as well as functional areas of coding languages. This is the right programming language for web development.

  • This coding language provides code safety, clarity to the developers, and is also highly interoperable.
  • It is also easy to learn.
  • The Most prominent application designed using this language is Swift Cleaner.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript - Best Popular Programming Language

Also known as NodeJS, this coding language is still a popular choice among developers.

  • Learning this language offers enormous scope for programming alternatives to web development.
  • Netflix, Uber, PayPal, eBay, and many more popular apps, as well as web platforms, have been designed using JavaScript.

6. Java

Java Programming Language

This is still the most widely used coding language as it can help in creating highly functional and complex programs. There is a constant flow of job opportunities in the field of data development, system engineering, Android app development, etc using Java. Therefore, learning this language can be hugely beneficial for programmers.

  • This coding language has been used frequently to develop desktop apps and backend systems.
  • IntelliJ Idea, Poseidon, Aqua Data Studio, and many more applications have been so far designed and developed using Java.

7. C#

C# - Best Web Programming Language

This is the most commonly used coding language. Designed by Microsoft, this language offers a general-purpose solution for programming and widely used for the development of many apps on the Microsoft platform.

  • The language is simple and convenient for programmers, and similarity to the English language makes it easy to grasp quickly.
  • This language has a broader range of usability, starting from the development of mobile apps to designing web services.
  • The popular game Angry birds has been developed using C# language.

8. C & C++

C & C++ Programming Language

Though many alternatives of C & C++ are available today in the field of IT, yet learning this programming language for web development can open many prospects even now.

  • Many well-known programs, web services, and apps have developed using the C programming languages like eBay, Spotify, Dropbox, while Adobe and Oracle have been coded using C++ programming language.

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9. PHP

PHP Programming Language For Web Platform

This language is highly flexible to learn without any pre-imposed strict rules to follow. Frequently used by freelancers to create content, learning this language is a needed skill for web development.

  • Around 80% of social media apps and other websites have been created using the PHP programming language like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia, to name a few.
  • Another popular site developed using this coding language is WordPress.

10. Go

Go Programming Language

This modern programming language was released in 2011 that is supported by Google. This is, in fact, an open-source coding language, which gained prominence due to its applicability in web development.

  • This language is preferred due to its speed, safety features, and is simple to learn and convenient to use.
  • This coding language is vastly used by big tech firms like Intel, Adobe, IBM, and Medium.

11. Ruby

Ruby - Most Popular Programming Language

This is a highly user-friendly language due to its simplicity. The coding language looks similar to the English language but is used with different functionality aspects.

  • Learning this language can prove to be very beneficial from your career development standpoint as there are some highly well-paid jobs available to Ruby programmers.
  • A great example of a software program developed using Ruby is Amarok.

12. SQL

SQL Programming Language For Database Management

SQL is an excellent programming language to learn if your goal is to become a DBA. SQL has proved its utility to create databases, as well as managing and modifying data in the databases. SQL can also be considered to be one of the best programming languages having business applications.

  • SQL is the acronym for Structured Query Language, which is a powerful language used to store, manipulate, and retrieve data within the databases.
  • Thereby, it is the most frequently used language in data science and data mining fields. 
  • Microsoft SQL Server was created using SQL language and has ever since proven to be the most popularly used tool in data science companies. If you intend to grow your career in the field of data engineering, then learning this language is essential.

13. Scala

Scala - Best Programming Language For Games

Last but not least, Scala is considered to be a very high-level coding language that has functional programming scope as well as uses object-oriented programming concepts. Scalable Language, commonly known as Scala, can be considered to be an improved version of Java. It enhances the functionalities offered by Java with more advanced and modern features available like string comparison advancements, pattern matching, and mixins. Scala can be considered to be among the best programming language for games.

  • With the scope of getting a high salary, learning this language could prove to be beneficial as it is currently in demand.
  • Coding performance has been enhanced, the credit for which goes to its advanced features.
  • This is also an open-source language as it can be used on both the JVM and JavaScript runtime.
  • Scala offers a wide range of libraries, tools, and frameworks among which the well-known frameworks are play, Akka & apache spark. 
  • This is a preferred choice for software development, coding of web apps, and designing mobile solutions with game development scope being the prime reason for preference.
  • Big Tech giants like Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, and The Guardian use it as their codebase.

Technology and businesses are two rapidly developing fronts in the modern world with most businesses and professional fields depending on some form of software, technology, and programming language. With 600 different programming languages available in the market, having specific advantages of their own, features and usability, it is often confusing for newbies, but to decide which coding language would be most beneficial for their career. Not only for newbies it is also essential for experienced IT professionals to keep learning new languages. You can select the best coding language that you can look forward to learning in 2020 as per your area of interest in which you wish to establish or grow in your career. 

Therefore, if you are keen on learning to code, then choose from the best programming languages for web and software development given in this article.

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