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Published Date : Jul 11, 2024
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Do you want to boost the user engagement? The following is a list of the top social media widgets that can significantly increase your reach.

The majority of companies are now using social media. Specifically, according to Statista, 91.7% of marketers in the United States utilize social media for marketing objectives, and this percentage is only expected to increase in the future. The use of social media is still one of the most successful methods of advertising for companies, despite the fact that it is not the only leading strategy for promotion.

Every company uses social media, but not all use the chance to broaden their audience and increase participation within their networks. As a result of social media, the marketing landscape has been completely reimagined, as has how we promote ourselves and our content to billions of active online users. Through the use of social media, we are able to connect with groups of people who have similar interests and to interact with information that is congruent with our personalities, interests, and goals. Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) are the two most popular social media networks currently available. In order to achieve success on the internet, it is essential to make sure that our viewers can contact us via these networks.

Over and above all else, social media is the most effective method for gaining a following without having to make any kind of financial commitment. Without giving it a second thought, we have to make certain that we are allowing our audience to promote our work without any hesitation attached to it. Utilizing social media widgets and tools that have been expressly developed is the most effective method.

Today, we will discuss the best social media widgets that can be set up in a matter of minutes but offer extensive variations of modern web features for maximum exposure and growth hacking. These widgets are used by the best websites in the world to reach a new audience with the assistance of users who already have an audience.

Best Widgets for Social Media Platforms

Below are some of the most common and popular social media widgets for websites that you can try.

1. AddToAny

When it comes to social sharing widgets, AddToAny is one of the pioneers. AddToAny is used by millions of webmasters on their websites, and millions of WordPress users depend on it to fulfill their requirements for social media. What has kept so many people coming back to AddToAny is the expansion of its feature list. After discovering that it is not about the design (which is fantastic as it is), but rather the functionality that such a plugin can give, they have understood that it is not about the design.

AddToAny is compatible with hundreds of bookmarking sites, making it simple for you and your visitors to share your content with just one click on the same page they are reading. The widget is highly optimized to guarantee that websites load and function quickly while the sharing widget is active on pages. It is also compatible with mobile devices, employs SVG to deliver contemporary visual material, and supports mobile devices. In order to get additional statistics, those individuals who are interested in monitoring social metrics may simply include the widget in their Google Analytics dashboard.


2. Buffer

Another social media widget or program that has achieved enormous popularity is Buffer, which is also known as the Buffer App. It is still assisting millions of people who utilize the internet to more efficiently share content. It offers more convenient services, with the emphasis remaining on the content rather than the sharing experience. In this particular instance, both of these experiences are quite attractive and professional.

Buffer offers its consumers the most effective social media widget, to put it in the simplest words possible. It allows users to effortlessly publish content across a variety of social networks at the same time, which is a significant benefit. Webmasters, content users, journalists, designers, and those who engage in creative activity on social media will find it to be very useful.

The analytics reports that Buffer gives include information on the most engaged users and tweets, as well as the optimal time to tweet. Your understanding of social media publication and marketing will be fundamentally altered as a result of the additional facts it provides. All of the widgets that we have included in our list already include the sharing button for Buffer in some fashion or another. The Mozilla and Chrome web browsers, as well as your mobile phone, are also available for download.


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3. Curator

Curator is another popular social media widget that you can use in order to manage and boost your user engagement. The social media aggregator tool, Curator is available for free and allows users to extract material from a wide variety of websites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok, amongst others.

It compiles content from many accounts, hashtags, geolocation, and other sources. You can add post announcements and custom posts to your feed, and you also can pin content to the top of your feed. It has rules for moderation (whether they are automatic or human following approval), dozens of different feed patterns/ templates, and tailored CSS for a more sophisticated style.


4. ShareThis

ShareThis has been in existence for a considerable amount of time now. In addition to the music that is shown on the site, the organization has included several innovative and contemporary strategies for social sharing. Any individual who has an interest in floating social sharing bars will find the ShareThis platform to be rather intriguing.

Users are also able to have a better understanding of the routines and patterns of their audience via the usage of its social analytics. The new appearance is contemporary, streamlined, and uncluttered, and it will be compatible with a wide variety of designs. More than one hundred social bookmarking and sharing networks are supported by the widget, which allows your users to submit information to those platforms. In sum, ShareThis is an ideal social media widget for websites.


5. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a social sharing plugin that is specific to WordPress and is available for free download and installation on your application. Instead of constructing your own, you can now make use of Social Warfare to its maximum potential, which will save you both time and work overall. In a short amount of time, you may configure the plugin and make social sharing appear on your website or blog. You should be aware that Social Warfare does not slow down your website, which ensures that the performance is maintained at a high level at all times.

You have the ability to choose the most popular social networks, determine the location of the buttons, and even make them sticky while they are floating. Through the use of the sharing counter, Social Warfare serves to provide you with social proof by demonstrating the popularity of your content. You always have the option to upgrade and go premium if you ever find yourself in need of even more things.


6. Juicer

Juicer is a social media aggregator that is compatible with a variety of social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. They indeed have a free plan; but, it will include Juicer advertisements that are extremely apparent and rather huge into your feed. Therefore, you should not utilize this option unless you have to pay for it. It consists of post filtering, content moderation, social media wall, and feed styling.

It is possible to use the free plan for up to one feed, although there is apparent branding on the feed. The Medium plan, which costs $19 a month and provides up to five sources for a single feed, is the most affordable option. Additionally, it does not include any advertisements for the Juicer. You should go with the Large plan, which costs $99 per month if you want to have up to three streams.


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7. Elfsight

There has never been a simpler way to include social sharing into your website or blog. The only thing you need is a reliable social media widget, and that’s it. If you want to begin rolling in the correct path without breaking a sweat, Elfsight is a fantastic solution that you may use in addition to the other items on our list. It is important to note that in order to use Elfsight, you do not need to have any prior knowledge of coding. Moreover, the social networking buttons that you want to include in your website adhere to all of the most recent trends and rules, and they are compatible with all web browsers and devices without any problems.

It is stated in the official declaration that activating Elfsight takes just one minute to complete effectively. If you want to upgrade at any point, you may begin with the light version and work your way up from there. It just takes one click for anybody to share your website or material, which increases the amount of visitors.


Final Words

The above shared were some of the top social media widgets for websites and feeds in 2024. You can choose either of the following. We hope you find the list curated in this article helpful. Do you have any questions or better recommendations? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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