14 Best LaTeX Editors You Must Try in 2024

Published Date : Dec 21, 2023
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Best LaTeX Editors You Must Try in 2024

LaTex or Lamport Tex focuses on the WYSIWYM (‘What you see is what you mean’) approach versus the WYSIWYG (‘What you see is what you get’) approach, used in many document editing tools including the MS Word.

LaTex editors resemble the HTML in its formatting style. It was developed primarily for insertion of mathematical equations for scientific research papers in digitized documents.

The best LaTex editors described below can ease your task of handling digital documents daily.

LaTex editors help in formatting the text, enabling one to insert artwork, scientific and technological photographs, cross references, tables and equations into a single text document.

Edit Your Documents Using the Best LaTex Editors: 

Now that you know how the LaTex text editors can help you, let us look at the list of the widely used LaTex editors in the market.

1. TeXmaker

TeXmaker - Best LaTex editor

TeXmaker is the best LaTex text editor. TeXmaker is an open source platform. It incorporates multiple tools required for creating LaTex documents. TeXmaker operates on many cross platforms simultaneously.

TeXmaker includes Unicode support, and can auto check spellings. Separate blocks can be selected for tabular and pictographic representations. With TeXmaker, many tags and mathematical symbols can be incorporated using a single click.

It can also locate grammar errors automatically through the log files and can send timely warning signals to ensure appropriate corrections.

Asymptote, a descriptive vector language, is supported by TeXmaker.

TeXmaker supports three modes of viewing a document- rotation mode, presentation and continuous mode.

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2. LyX

LyX - Best LaTex Editing Tool

Lyx is also an open-source editor that typically follows the La Tex typesetting technique. Lyx is a popular LaTeX text editor and is used by almost every scientific and technical writing team nowadays. It is available across many operating systems.

Lyx can support right-to-left languages like Urdu, Persian, Arabic and many more. It can also support Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages and is thus counted as one of the best LaTex editors. There is a table editor and math editor available with LyX. Different text formats are also supported by the Lyx editor.  

You can get headings, paragraphs, titles, and tables automatically with this editor. After compilation, you can export documents to DocBook SGML, HTML, and plain text formats.

3. TeXworks

TeXworks - Best LaTex editor

TeXworks is a simple LaTex front end program that works on all the major operating systems. It is created out of another free LaTex text editor called TeXshop.

You can generate a PDF output directly using TeXworks as it is primarily PDF centred. It can provide you with auto correct and auto complete features. TeXworks is a Unicode supportive editor.

Importance of TeXworks lies in its minimalistic approach. It offers fewer tools than other LaTex editors. However, it facilitates insertion of graphics, tables, pictures and can interact with various other external editors comfortably.

Thereby, even with lesser features you can still create accurate digital representations of your work and is thus one of the best LaTex editors in the business.   

 4. TeXstudio

TeXstudio - LaTeX Text editor

TeXstudio is a free LaTex text editor. It guarantees a spell checker, provides code folding facilities, and highlights syntax error.

It completes commands automatically and helps with images, formulas and equation inputs comfortably. 

This tool has an integrated PDF viewer and thus, helps you view formulas and code segments. It supports export of documents into HTML format alone.

TeXstudio can also handle simple jobs like the lexical analysis of the source documents with precision. It supports several templates and also backs the drag and drop feature very well.

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5. Gummi

Gummi - LaTeX Text editor

Gummi is a LaTex editing tool that can help you compile all your data together in one file.

You can configure snippets & elaborate calculations quickly with Gummy. It is claimed to be one of the best LaTex editors. Inserting tables and images graphically is super easy with this editor. Gummy provides several templates for new documents.

You can do project and bibliographic management with the help of Gummy. You can insert calculations with charts comfortably using this tool.

With Gummi, you can preview the PDF live and there is no need to compile the PDF manually.

Gummy restricts you however, to graphically insert mathematical symbols or document summary structure.

6. Authorea

Authorea - best Latex editor

Authorea is one of the most popular LaTex editing tools for publishing articles, figures, data files and much more. It has a beautiful interface that can make your work citable.

Inserting equations is not very difficult with Authorea. You can explore different ways to improve the content in hand. It can help you incorporate interactive figures, tables, equations and dynamic charts thus, enriching the document.

You can add multiple formats for a single document. Different templates are supported by Authorea for different purposes like conferences, journals and organisations.

Authorea is one of the best LaTex editors for storing the entire history of a document. Additionally, you can also publish data driven notebooks with Authorea.

 7. TeXnicCenter


TeXnicCenter is a free app and is known for being the best LaTex editing tool. It allows users to type their documents in LaTex and enables users to compile those typed documents into PDF, DVI or PS formats. It helps you document project creation from planning to completion. It also allows addition of bibliography and indexing of the various phases of the project.

TeXnicCenter uses Microsoft’s MikTex typesetting used in Windows. This set up helps MS Word to process LaTex documents. TeXnicCenter uses a master branch navigator to navigate through various LaTex documents simultaneously.

It also offers you a quick setup Wizard and is enabled with a GUI (graphic user interface). TeXnicCenter provides multiple UTF-8-character coding facilities.

8. Spacemacs

Spacemacs - best Latex editor tool

Spacemacs is known as the best LaTex editor for offering the Brobdingnagian library of templates, one of the leading template creators of the world. It is an open source software which has both command line and graphical user interfaces.

The X Window system is used to execute Spacemacs. It works on Unix shell terminals that is both an interactive command language and a scripting language. It is easy to set up and offers innumerable layers. Layers is a configuration file system that loads one atop the other.

The app is created on four pillars:

  • Key binding through mnemonic prefixes,
  • Discoverable timely display of the available key bindings,
  • Consistent arrangement of key finders,
  • Community driven configuration packages.

 9. MiKTeX

MiKTex - best Latex editor

MiKTeX is a free LaTex typesetting for Windows, Mac, and some Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora.

It is easy to install and is complete with a separate pack of programs, styles and fonts. There is an installation wizard that takes care of the entire installation process, thus, to install it you need not be the techie guy.

It has an integrated package management and the system is always kept up to date by the company. MiKTeX integrated package manager helps in installation of missing components from the internet into the program in a regular manner.

MiKTeX comes with TeXworks and is a well maintained platform.

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10. Overleaf

Overleaf - best Latex editor

Overleaf is the online LaTex text editor that is highly collaborative. Every person working on the project can add to the document together in one single version at the same time.

Overleaf is easy to install, and very easy to use. It contains all the packages and templates that you might need for your digital document creation. You can keep a tight track of the document history with this tool.

You can always check what is added and removed from the tool during maintenance. You also have the option to go back to any of the older versions of your document.

Additionally, you can work from anywhere on your document and can sink your files either using GitHub or Dropbox.

11. WinShell


WinShell is a free software offering a multilingual integrated development environment for LaTex and Tex. It offers an in-built spell checker for error rectification. Other than this the software has multiple document integration in the development environment, with table, figures and more. 

The tool offers Unicode support and user-defined macros. 

The software supports many languages including the Brazillian-portuguese, Catlan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Spanish and many more. 

12. Papeeria


Papeeria offers real-time collaboration with other people and the user can create new documents from the template. With a user-friendly interface, the tool can be used as an editor. The availability in both mobile and desktop, it gives easy accessibility to the user. Almost all devices can access the software through mobile and desktop both.  

The software is used to create scientific papers. With auto-compilation, the software compiles projects in the background. 

Irrespective of the work genre you can find the templates for it. Be it a CV, ACM journal paper, or a presentation having mathematical figures, you will get them all. The features delivered by the software make it one of the best laTex editors to try. 

13. Kile LaTex

Kile LaTex

Another best LaTex editor in 2024 is Kile LaTex editor. The software is launched by KDE which is a professional and highly-ranked software community. It is known for its reliable and open-source software products. All these applications are available for free. The user interface of the software is graphical and has a preview mechanism to display editing results in real-time.

The application is fast and enables users to view, convert, or compile LaTex documents quickly. Along with this the template library is huge and has wizards that make it easier for users to start a new document.

14. WinEdt


Let us introduce you to WinEdt. It is among the best LaTeX editor software with advanced features. WinEdt is a popular choice for LaTeX editing because of its seamless TeX Live and MiTeX integration.

Moreover, features such as a highly customizable interface, seamless Windows operating system integration, syntax highlighting, and code folding (helps you collapse/expand LaTex code sections for easier navigation) contribute to the popularity of this software.

Final Words: Best LaTex Editors 2024

If you are a scientist or a researcher, the best LaTex editors can help you enter every single data in one document while making it digital-ready for you.

You can choose either of the above-mentioned editors to incorporate the data that you have built up over a period. The LaTex text editors have separate fragments that can help you enter your information easily and then helps in compiling them together in one of the user-friendly formats.

I am sure this information is what you were searching for, and now that you have it, you know how easy it is to create your document. All you need is your rough sheets compiled together.

If you need some more inputs, do connect with us here, on this platform using the comment box given below.

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