Things to Consider to Have The Best Horror Game Experience

Published Date : Dec 14, 2019
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Best Horror Game Experience

The genre of horror video games has always been gathering fans with its ability to instantaneously take players to the most thrilling parts of their imagination. However, often times certain factors make it difficult for them to experience the full spectrum of emotions. For that reason, to get the most feelings out of any game and horror game in particular, it is important to know how to eliminate potential distractions that might get in the way of your attention.


The most common communication tool of the modern man known as cellphone has the highest chances to prevent you from being present in the storyline of the virtual reality. To eliminate the main source of distraction, your phone should not be within arm’s reach. Otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy nor playing, nor doing whatever your phone may distract you with.

Best Time to Play

Whether the room where you play has windows or not, the best time for you to play is of course evening, late at night or early in the morning before the twilight. These are the main arguments that go beyond the most obvious one known as “because that way it’s cooler.”

Less Distractions
Horror games are designed to create you the atmosphere of obscurity. Therefore, having a well-lit room while playing will only increase chances for you distract at objects you may have nearby. Having a screen as the main illumination in the room will have you more present and concentrated at what’s going on. It will decrease chances for you to distract at material objects around you.

Character Connection
You may have the energy, but you are certainly not going to be at the peak of your activity if you play a horror game past bedtime. There are good chances that CGI animated person you are going to play for will not be prepared for the upcoming events. Many great horror games usually don’t start off optimistic and take place when the main character is not at the peak of his activity as well. Thus, feeling a little bit tired will bring you closer to that virtual person and as a result create a better connection between you and the game.

The Right or Wrong Friend Nearby

The final factor that can undermine the whole horror atmosphere for the rest of the night in spite of following all of the aforementioned factors is your company. It may include a close friend who will want to ruin a hunting atmosphere by making silly, irrelevant and cringy comments. If you decide to play alone than the following tip is irrelevant. But if you do want to play with someone, the best thing you can do is to invite a hilarious friend. That way you have good chances to have some memorable laughs and get scared at the same time.

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