13 Best Free Slideshow Maker Apps For Android & iOS in 2020

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13 Best Free Slideshow Maker Apps For Android & iOS in 2020

The use of slideshow maker apps is quite indispensable in today’s tech era and is used by masses to make creative projects, present a set of photos, make business presentations, etc.

Slideshows help in sharing information cleanly and understandably. Slideshows are used by multiple organizations and at different levels, from creating an educational presentation to creating a business meeting presentation, it is used to present information in an impressive style. 

What is the Use of a Slideshow Maker App? 

With all the information in hand, we still might fail to portray it effectively. Using the slideshow application you can impressively put together all the bits and pieces of information by designing an impressive presentation.

Unlike the decades-old Microsoft PowerPoint, today’s slideshow maker apps for Android, are highly advanced and come loaded with effective features. To simplify the task for you and assist you in picking the best slideshow maker apps for Android & iOS, here we have prepared a well-researched list for you.

Refer to our list of best apps for creating slideshows to showcase your work effectively and prepare polished and impressive slideshows.

What Are the Best Slideshow Maker Apps For Android & iOS in 2020? 

Apps That Work on Both Android & iOS Platforms

1. Video Editor Movavi Clicks

Video Editor Movavi Clicks

One of the most popular and the best slide maker apps for iOS and Android devices is Movavi. The tool is powered with an easy to use yet effective UI and can effortlessly turn your raw photos into a polished slideshow. 

Using it is quite easy, all you need to do is upload your images, pick the transition effects, and select a piece of background music and you are good to go.

Other highlight features of Movavi are:

  • Custom captioning
  • It can retouch your dull image and digitally apply makeup on them.
  • It comes loaded with several video formats and editing options.

Pricing: Besides the free version you can also buy its paid version at $59.95. 

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2. Viva Video – Best Pick for Special Effects

Viva Video - Best Pick for Special Effects

Viva Video is used and trusted by masses all over the world. It can be used to create stunning slideshows that you can share with your friends. 

This photo slideshow maker app comes in a handy design and easy to use features. Use it to enhance your images and prepare impressive slideshows with them. 

In addition to the r slideshow. Apart from this, you can also use its in-app camera to add special effects and transitions to your slideshow. You can also merge various videos with the storyboard feature of this video slideshow app. 

It is a great pick for beginners. Apart from its free version, you can also choose to pick it’s Pro version for added features and faster performance. basic features, you also get access to various fancy stickers and a built-in music library. Add background music to match the mood of you

3. MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video

MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video

If you are still looking for the best slideshow maker apps, then MoShow is a worthy option. The tool comes with an easy to use interface and clean functioning. The application is highly popular among Instagram users for a great number of reasons. 

Use it to add a fun effect to your images and convert them into a vibrant slideshow. With its free version, you can create slideshows of close to 30 seconds, while for longer ones you will have to pick its pro version. 

Overall it is the best slideshow app for Social media platform.

4. PicPlayPost Slideshow

PicPlayPost Slideshow

PicPlayPost is known to meet various user needs and deliver the unmatched user experience. If you want to add a creative touch and artistic layout to your photos then pick PicPlayPost.

  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • It can be used to customize fonts, text, and animation.
  • It is also integrated with GIF.
  • With this slideshow maker app with music, you can also add background music to your slideshow.

To get a taste of several advanced features you can pick its Pro version. Make a slideshow of up to 30 mins and share its HD version with your friends and family.

5. VideoShop – Professional Slideshow Video Maker App

VideoShop - Professional Slideshow Video Maker App

If your work requires you to prepare professional and enterprise-level slideshows, then this is no better option than VideoShop. 

The app is powered by an extensive collection of text settings, filters, and transitions which can help you in making unique movies and presentations. Apart from this with this best slideshow maker app you also get access to added editing options like color adjustment, tilt-shift, etc. 

In addition to this, it also supports easy publishing of all your slideshow on multiple social networking platforms like Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

6. SlideShow Lab – Most Suitable Picks For Beginners

SlideShow Lab - Most Suitable Picks For Beginners

A clean and straightforward interface makes Slideshow Lab the best slideshow maker app for beginners. The app included several motion templates that can add life to your image and take you back at the moment. Be it your wedding photographs or your holiday images, SlideShow Lab is the one for you. 

The application is compatible with both iOS and Android users and can support up to 12 photographs per slideshow. It is undoubtedly one of the most used Free Photo Slideshow Makers. However, if you want to enjoy an ad-free experience you can get rid of them by paying $1.99.

Best Slideshow Apps For iOS

1. SlideLab – Slideshow Maker Pro

SlideLab - Slideshow Maker Pro

Built on square-format images, SlideLab is one of the most popular options that iOS users can pick. The photo editor is its most talked about feature and includes advanced functionalities like transitions, filters, and preset music. However, one has to buy its premium version to be able to access these features. 

As its a square-format image application there is no need to crop the photographs and you can also rearrange the order in which the pictures will appear on your slideshow. 

If you wish you can directly upload your final presentations on social media platforms.

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2. PicFlow


With an array of advanced features, Picflow has everything to offer that you might need to prepare a stunning slideshow. With this incredible slideshow maker app, you can set a time for each photo and also add a tune to them. 

  • Create vibrant slideshows and share them directly on Social media platforms.
  • You can easily specify the position of a photograph by a simple drag and drop method.
  • Get access to 18 different transitions and crop your images with its swipe and pinch feature.
  • You can also add background music to your slideshow from the iPod.

3. iMovie


Undisputedly one of the best slideshow maker apps for iOS. iMovie can be used to make incredible slideshows and come powered with essential video editing features. 

  • Assign a different audio sound to each clip.
  • Excellent sound effects, transitions, movie themes, and titles.
  • Advanced visual effects and easy to add background music.

The only drawback is that it can be a bit difficult for beginners to use iMovies.

4. Photo Slideshow Director Pro

Photo Slideshow Director Pro

Known to be the best slideshow maker apps for iOS operating systems, Photo slideshow director pro is popular for creating remarkable slideshows from scratch. 

  • User-friendly interface and easy to use working mechanism.
  • It can help you create music videos and HD full-screen presentations.
  • You can export your slideshows in an HD format and post them on social media.

Best Slideshow Maker Apps For Android Devices

1. Day Frame (Photos & Slideshow)

Day Frame (Photos & Slideshow)

Highlight: It is the Best Free Slideshow Maker Apps. 

If you are looking for a slideshow maker app that can intelligently load up a queue of your favorite photos and images, then there is no better choice than Day frame. It has a clean and straightforward UI which makes it everyone’s favorite.

It can easily sync and allow you to import images from various platforms like Google, Instagram, Dropbox, etc. In addition to this, it can also help you to play your slideshow on your TV via Chromecast. 

It’s the only limitation is that its basic version comes with only the essential features, for advanced functionalities you should opt for the paid version. Pick its premium plan to create a custom playlist, display weather, and also add a timer to tweak the brightness of your presentation. 

2. Photo FX Live Wallpaper

Photo FX Live Wallpaper

The popularity of Photo FX is well represented by its massive user base of around 13 million. Use it to design slideshows, upload images, set color, and add floating animation to your slideshow presentations.

  • It is a great photo editor tool with several customizable features.
  • Class-apart results.
  • Use it to share your slideshow on social media platforms.

3. Pixgram – Video Photo Slideshow

Pixgram - Video Photo Slideshow

Another slideshow maker app for android is Pixgram. Its easy working makes it a great pick for beginners. 

  • It has several video filters.
  • Excellent tool for beginners.
  • It allows you to save your slideshows in various sizes.
  • Supports easy sharing on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Wrapping up

All the slideshow maker apps can help you turn your boring pictures into beautiful and gorgeous slideshow movies. Pick your favorite tool and start making stunning slideshows in a hassle-free manner.

Each of the slideshow maker apps mentioned above has distinct and unique features. Use these efficient and intelligent tools to effortlessly design your business, academics, and personal projects and slideshows. 

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