7 Best Free Image Hosting Sites in 2024 (Uploading and Sharing)

Published Date : Jan 10, 2024
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Best Free Image Hosting, Uploading Sites

You can store your photos better with the top paid and the best free image hosting/uploading sites listed in this article.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” This quote by Karl Lagerfeld perfectly describes the significance of pictures in our lives. We capture photos to keep memories of the past alive, to relive the moments we may never be able to experience again. Moreover, modern-day users use images professionally too, for example, to make their marketing campaigns more impactful.

However, have you ever imagined losing all your precious pictures to a system crash, malware attack, accidental deletion, or any such reason? Well, it is a frightening thought to lose pictures you keep so close to your heart. Hence, uploading the shots to the best image hosting sites is an intelligent idea.

The best commercial and free photo hosting sites keep your photos safe in cloud storage, help save PC/phone space, enable easy image sharing, and ensure all-time availability of images.

Therefore, this article shares a carefully curated list of the best image-uploading and hosting websites we compiled after thorough research and analysis. We compared and analyzed all the available services based on their ease of use, availability, and features. Let us walk you through it without further ado.

Top 7 Best Free Image Hosting and Uploading Sites in 2024

Below we do a rundown of the best commercially available and free image uploading and hosting sites.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

Let us first take a look at Google Photos. It is among the best free image hosting sites for its automatic backup facility, vast format support (supports various formats like GIF, PNG, JPG, etc.), and 15 GB of free storage shareable with Drive and Gmail.

Moreover, the following are some fascinating features that made Google Photos one of the best photo hosting websites.

Key features of Google Photos

  • Automatic photo organization
  • In-built tool to transform your photos into collages and animations
  • Allows your photos to be searchable
  • Easy photo sharing with friends and family
  • Smart filters and tools to edit photos

Host Now

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2. Wix


You should try Wix if you are a professional photographer looking for the best picture hosting sites to create a photography website. It helps potential clients spot you in a crowded world of photographers.

Talking about the features, Wix delights users with a massive range of web templates, private photo album creation and sharing, and the following offerings.

Key features of Wix

  • Allows you to be searchable on Google and various other search engines
  • Hassle-free customization
  • Preserves photo quality on both mobile and desktop
  • Easy photo storage and sharing
  • Lets you sell photos both in digital and print formats (without charging any commission)

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3. Flickr


Next, we have Flickr in this post dedicated to the best free image uploading websites. It is a community of photographers where billions of photos are shared daily. Sharing the correct picture in the right group on Flickr gives online fame.

However, you can also use it purely as a picture hosting site. As far as features are concerned, below is what makes Flickr attention-worthy.

Key features of Flickr

  • You can add license information, geolocation, tags, etc., to your photos
  • Availability on desktop, web, and mobile devices
  • API program to help developers build a more enriching photo experience
  • Supports secure and private photo sharing via emails, RSS feeds, and more
  • You can blog the moments shot on the camera
  • Lets you control who can view your photos
  • Editing tools to enhance your pictures

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4. Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting

We cannot skip Free Image Hosting when discussing the best online websites to host images. It is a website allowing you to upload and share images hassle-freely, without even creating an account on the site.

Despite no account creation, it stores your photos permanently. Moreover, its commercial photographers’ directory helps find local photography businesses in the US, and the following features make it one of the best free photo hosting websites.

Key features of Free Image Hosting

  • Easy photo sharing and gallery creation
  • Supports BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPG images
  • Straightforward and easy to use

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5. 500px


Next, we have 500px among the best free image hosting sites for photographers. It is a worldwide photographer community where you can showcase your talent and get hired. It brings new photographers to the limelight by making their photographs visible to the community.

Moreover, the following features contribute to the reasons we listed 500px as the best free photo hosting website.

Key features of 500px

  • Allows you to list your services and create image galleries
  • Shows performance statistics of your photos and your rank as compared to other photographers
  • Quests give you global exposure and allow you to win prizes

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6. Dropbox

Dropbox Image hosting

Here comes Dropbox on our list of the best services for image hosting. You can call it an alternative to Google Photos with a plethora of features, such as seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Facebook.

Let us look at all Dropbox features that make it the best image hosting and uploading site.

Key features of Dropbox

  • Allows you to sync images to your desktop
  • Supports automatic photo backups
  • Boasts easy image sharing
  • Helps you organize your folders and sub-galleries
  • Lets you share links to individual folders or files
  • Your contacts and visitors can download your photos if you permit them
  • Provides 3GB of free storage

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7. PostImage


Lastly, we have PostImage to wrap up the best websites for picture hosting and uploading. It is an easy-to-use service to upload multiple photos simultaneously, resize your pictures, and set an expiration date for your images.

Moreover, below is what else you should know about PostImage.

Key features of PostImage

  • Suggests the best resolution for your photos
  • A simple and speedy image uploader

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Concluding the Top Paid and the Best Free Image Hosting Sites in 2024

This article walked you through the best image hosting and uploading websites. You can compare them in the light of their features to select the perfect fit for your needs.

If you think some other picture hosting or uploading website also deserves to be on the above list or have any other suggestions about this write-up, kindly let us know by writing a comment. We will look forward to hearing from you.

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