7 Best Free Disboard Alternative in 2024

Published Date : Jan 16, 2024
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Best Free Disboard Alternative

You can try the best free alternative websites to Disboard shared in this article to improve your Discord experience.

Disboard is a popular Discord server listing community. It allows you to create your own Discord server. Moreover, it lets you join amazing servers to chat with friends and other gamers while you are in a game to add to the fun. However, there are even better Disboard alternatives you can try.

These sites like Disboard have even more features with everything you need to make Discord more fun. Hence, without wasting your time, let us dive right into the best free alternatives to Disboard in the following section of this article.

List of the 7 Best Disboard Alternatives (Free) in 2024

Here are the best sites like Disboard (which are even better alternatives to it) you can try for free.

1. Discord.me


Let us introduce you to Discord.me. With this one of the best free Disboard alternatives, you can promote your server on Discord to a plethora of Discord users. The core highlight of Discord.me is its public servers which allow you to interact with people who are using that particular server in real-time.

Whereas, bots keep you entertained with music, games, and a lot more, along with providing helpful information on multiple topics. Moreover, Discord.me helps you find the desired server effortlessly or create a bot or server of your own.

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2. Top.gg


Next, we have Top.gg on our list of the best Disboard alternatives. It is a leaderboard site that allows you to rate your favorite Discord bots and review them. Moreover, here you can find a wide range of Discord bots and servers, categorized into categories like gaming, fun, social, music, anime, Minecraft, Roleplay, etc.

Furthermore, another great feature of Top.gg which makes it one of the best alternatives to Disboard is that it allows you to promote your own bot. Additionally, it helps you choose the most suitable server or bot by showing the active users, descriptions, and bot ratings.

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3. Mee6.xyz


Here is yet another free Disboard alternative with incredible features, such as a leveling system. This leveling system allows your Discord users to level up on your server and win rewards each time they are active on the server. Moreover, there is an emoji library, allowing you to send personalized emojis to all the users of your server, run giveaways for the server users, a role management system, and a music system.

Furthermore, Mee6.xyz boasts the availability of a music bot with auto-moderation, SoundCloud, YouTube playback, a party system, a personal playlist, a gif maker, a meme generator, server statistics, an events calendar, a currency converter, an image editor, and a lot of other features.

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4. Discord Bots Catalog

Discord Bots Catalog

Here comes the Discord Bots Catalog as one of the best free sites like Disboard. You can use it to discover many amazing bots across the globe. Moreover, it makes available the latest and most popular bots, reviews, descriptions, and ratings. Furthermore, all the information has attached screenshots as proof of bot features to help users find what they are looking for effortlessly.

Additionally, Discord Bots Catalog makes bot discovery easier by letting users browse through a wide range of bots listed in the catalog.

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5. Discordservers.com


Discordservers.com is among the best free alternative sites to Disboard for its interesting features like sorting, filtering, and tag-based search. You can use it to list your server and send HTTP requests to get server information via an API.

Moreover, Discordservers.com is well-known for its huge list of servers, allowing you to view the number of active members on a server, the number of people online, and the status of those people.

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6. Discord.st


Let us now take a look at Discord.st, a fully customizable alternative to Disboard. Along with greater customization than Disboard, Discord.st offers a unique and attractive dashboard for owners of Discord servers. This dashboard allows you to customize the content voters will get on their screen when voting for your server.

Based on the community principle, Discord.st makes it compulsory for you to vote for the server of others if you want to list your server. Moreover, it changes the page in real-time, acting as a proxy between the official list of Discord and your browser.

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7. Discordbotlist.com


The next position on this list of the best free sites like Disboard goes to Discordbotlist.com. It lets you browse and look for bots. Moreover, it boasts various useful features, like moderation tools and ranking systems.

Furthermore, unlike Discord, it allows you to sort bots by tags or categories, lets you post bots on your websites, and rate bots.

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Concluding the Best Free Disboard Alternatives

This article discussed the best free alternatives to Disboard you can use for Discord. You can go through the above list to select the one that fits your requirements perfectly. If you have any confusion or questions, do not hesitate to write us a comment.

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