7 Best Free AI PPT Maker in 2024

Published Date : May 27, 2024
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If you are looking for the best free AI PPT maker, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find a list of some of the best AI PowerPoint generator tools that you can use and generate the required PPTs of your choice with ease. 

Since we were in school, most of us have been utilizing presenting software such as PowerPoint to create our presentations. The preparation of a compelling presentation, on the other hand, requires time from the stage of inspiration to the stage of production. As a result of the use of artificial intelligence in the process of presentation creation, this issue is no longer a concern.

Making use of slide decks and presentations is one of the most effective methods to disseminate information to individuals such as clients, colleagues, students, and friends. On the other hand, the process of designing and developing a professional presentation may take a considerable amount of time, and it is not particularly simple to begin a new presentation from scratch.

You are in luck because if you use an AI PowerPoint generator, you will be able to produce fresh slide decks in a matter of minutes. The purpose of such a free AI presentation maker is to assist users in using generative artificial intelligence in order to generate, design, and modify presentations. This allows users to concentrate on presenting their narrative rather than spending time preparing slides.

We are going to go over some of the greatest tools that you can use as the best free AI PPT maker in the next parts of this instructional tutorial. Inquire about them, should we?

AI PPT Maker: The Best Tools to Use in 2024

Below, you will find a list of the top 7 tools that you can use as the best free AI PPT maker. Before you proceed with any tool, we suggest that you go through its description, check out the tool, try it if required, and then make an informed decision. So, let’s get cracking and have a look at the first PPT maker AI tool in this list below.

1. Sendsteps


In the event that you favor a more personalized approach, Sendsteps is the best free AI PPT maker for you since it also provides you with a collection of various templates from which you can choose. These templates include icebreakers, quizzes, countdown format templates, and pitch decks. You will be able to ask your audience to be a part of quizzes that are made available online on Sendsteps after the slide creation process is complete.

In order to facilitate the creation of interactive presentation slides, Sendsteps provides expanded function capabilities. As is the case with other free AI presentation maker tools, you begin by entering the question and then selecting the customization choices, which include the language, duration, and tone.

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2. Simplified AI

Simplified AI

Simplified AI is the best free AI PPT maker. Why? Here’s why. It is possible that the designs that are created are too simple and limited in terms of variation. To get around this, however, there is a vast collection of templates, icons, graphics, photos, and even stickers and doodles that may be selected from in order to increase the visual variety of the slides. As is the case with the majority of the artificial intelligence PowerPoint generators, all that is required to get it started is for you to submit a question.

A pre-made template selection may also be used as a basis for the customization of the design, which is another choice for this AI PowerPoint generator. Simplified AI is capable of doing a wide variety of jobs for its customers. These duties include the creation of presentations and visual designs, as well as copywriting, video editing, and the maintenance of social media accounts.

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3. Canva Doc-to-Deck

Canva Doc-to-Deck

Canva is the best free AI PPT maker? How? The way it works is that you create a document in Canva and enter the material that you want to be included in the slides of your presentation. The tool will then turn the text into slides that are presentable in Canva for you, functioning in a manner that is almost identical to that of Slides AI.

Doc-to-Deck is a useful new artificial intelligence technology that was just added to Canva. This AI PPT maker for free enables users to turn the same in a smooth manner. One of the most well-known online design tools, Canva, provides users with a wide variety of templates, visuals, and design components that can be used to create designs for a variety of applications.

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4. Presentations


Presentations is the next best free AI PPT maker. The artificial intelligence is Clip-E, a creative AI companion inside the application. It is reminiscent of Clippy, the assistant that was used in Microsoft Office in the past. After choosing a starting point, you will have access to several customization choices. You have the ability to construct presentations in a variety of formats, such as class reports, research proposals, book reviews, and more

Before, Presentations offered a greater number of customization choices, which enabled customers to personalize the slides in accordance with their target audience, objectives, business traction, rivals, and other factors. It is Presentations. This AI Power Point generator gives customers the ability to make a presentation using text input, an outline, a PDF that has been imported, or a business template.

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5. Decktopus


The artificial intelligence assistant that Decktopus, the best free AI PPT maker, offers extends beyond the production of content to give customers additional customizing possibilities. Users are provided with guided ideas throughout the whole process of slide creation via the magic buttons feature that is included in the Desktop.

These suggestions include advice on appropriate stock icons and pictures to utilize. Additionally, Decktopus provides other presenting tools, such as the ability to record audio and create forms, in order to provide a presentation experience that is intuitive and responsive.

Decktopus goes beyond the capabilities of standard AI-based PPT maker tools by providing the opportunity to customize presentation slides to meet the individual needs of the user. These requirements may include details such as the presentation time, target audience, goals, and themes.

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6. Gamma


The toolbox that Gamma has is, without a doubt, far more comprehensive and vast when compared to that of any other best free AI PPT maker. Simply by choosing the plan, you already have access to a wide variety of design choices that can be adapted to your particular requirements. These possibilities range from the construction of a pyramid layout and circular statistics to the construction of a horizontal chronology and staircase layout.

In many ways, the user interface of Gamma is comparable to that of some other PPT maker online AI tools. Gamma, much like a few other AI PPT maker free tools, offers users modifiable layouts and templates, in addition to a variety of tools and blocks that include photographs, videos, charts, diagrams, and smart layouts. All of these elements may be manipulated by the user. Additionally, it combines without any problems with applications such as Figma, Airtable, and Miroboard. This, however, is where their similarities come to a stop.

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7. Tome


The slides that are created by Time AI are completely editable, which is a feature that is quite useful for the best free AI PPT maker. Changing the theme, adjusting the font, adding shapes, tables, and charts, and incorporating multimedia from your own collection or the stock image selections offered by Tome are all possibilities that are available to you.

A simple text input is all that is required to produce visually appealing PowerPoint presentations using this free AI presentation maker, which is one of the most popular choices now available on the market. To use Tome, all you have to do is input the title or subject that you are interested in, and then wait for it to work its magic.

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AI PowerPoint Generator: Final Thoughts

The best free AI PPT maker, powered by artificial intelligence, provides a novel option for simply making outstanding presentations. The use of these tools not only helps save time and effort but also guarantees that the outcomes will be of good quality.

Discover the advantages of using free AI-based PPT maker tools right now, and take your presentations to new heights with their powerful capabilities. Discover the possibilities with the AI Power Point generator, your go-to resource for creating presentations that are both free and inventive.

By using the power of artificial intelligence technology, users are able to rapidly and easily translate their ideas into slideshows that are entertaining. PPT maker online AI tools provide a diverse platform for improving presenting abilities, with features that are designed to cater to both novices and pros alike.

In the end, if you have any questions related to the best free AI PPT maker, use the comments sections below.

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