WAN Miniport Driver Download and Update for Windows 10, 11

Published Date : Nov 21, 2023
WAN Miniport Driver Download and Update for Windows 10, 11

Here’s how you can easily execute the WAN Miniport driver download and update on Windows 11/10 with ease and run any network adapter with ease. 

We decided to write this guide in response to the growing number of complaints of problems with the WAN Miniport driver on Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows. In no time at all, you’ll be able to execute the device driver without any further problems after implementing the steps outlined in this article.

Each of the options presented here is both secure and efficient. But before we get into how to install the WAN Miniport driver on Windows 10/11, it would be helpful to learn more about the driver itself.

What Does a WAN Miniport Driver Do?

WAN Miniport is the driver for Windows PC that enables your system to connect with WAN networks. The driver enables you to link to any network using any available alternative connection type (point-to-point protocol via Ethernet, wireless, etc.). NDIS WAN and CoNDIS WAN drivers are the two main categories of WAN software. The latter is more robust in what it can do for your computer.

Now that you’re familiar with the WAN Miniport driver, you can go on learning how to get it installed on Windows 11 or 10. If you’re using Windows 10, the WAN Miniport driver download may be a hassle, but we’ve outlined the best procedure for doing so below.

How to Download/Install the Driver for WAN Miniport Windows 10/11

The WAN Miniport driver update may be executed and installed on Windows 11/10 and below operating systems with the aid of the procedures indicated below. There is a range of options to choose from, including both manual and automated processes. However, for convenience’s sake, go with the automated one.

Method 1: Win Riser (Automatic Driver Updater) for Driver Updates

Win Riser is the finest tool for fixing the Miniport driver issue in Windows 10. Like the Device Manager, the Updater will check for and install any necessary updates in the background. All of your computer’s out-of-date drivers will be automatically updated with a single click. In addition to the latest features, the tool also offers a number of others.

It’s possible to make hasty copies of the current drivers and revert back to them if necessary. The developers of the software also comprehend the prerequisites. As a result, the program allows you to choose your own update schedule.

There is no need to worry about spyware or viruses since the utility only gives updates from authorized manufacturers. The software is available for free usage or a paid premium version may be purchased. There are more options in the paid version compared to the basic one. The premium edition also includes access to technical help around the clock.

In addition, you may add the drivers you don’t wish to update to the ignore list. Here’s how to acquire the WAN Miniport driver download on Windows 10 and update your drivers:

  1. To get the updater’s executable file, just hit the Download link down below.Download-Button
  2. After the file downloads, double-click on the same to install it.
  3. Start the update and thoroughly check for available updates.
  4. When the driver updates show, click on the Fix Now button to acquire the WAN Miniport driver updates amongst others.Win Riser Update the All Outdated Driver Click On Fixes Now
  5. Verify that the modifications took effect after a system restart.

When you reboot the computer. The WAN Miniport driver download is unnecessary in Windows 10.

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Method 2: WAN Miniport Driver Update Through Windows Update

The last method to execute the WAN Miniport driver download and update on Windows 10/11 is to use the Windows update. This is a manual approach. Hence, you may face some problems in executing it. Follow the below steps for details:

  1. Press the Win + S keys, search for updates, and press the Enter key.
  2. When the utility loads, click on the Check for Updates button.Check for Windows Updates to Get Update for the Driver
  3. When the available updates appear, Download and Install all the updates. This includes all kinds of additional updates, optional updates, and beyond.

Allow the system to restart as and when necessary.

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Method 3: Update the Driver with Device Manager

A WAN Miniport driver update in Windows 10 may be performed in a couple of different ways. With the utility, you can have the driver updated and get the adapter working normally again. To learn how to utilize Device Manager to install the latest driver, please refer to the procedures below.

  1. To access Device Manager, enter the term in the search field and choose the top result.
  2. The Network Adapters section needs to be expanded.Network Adapters
  3. You may update the driver for the WAN Miniport by right-clicking it and selecting the appropriate Update Driver menu item.Update the driver to get hasp driverdriver
  4. Select Search automatically for updated driver software if the system prompts you to specify how to look for drivers.Search automatically for drivers in windows 11
  5. Please be patient while the driver is updated. After the procedure is finished, restart the computer.

Using this guide, putting in the driver is a breeze. Try one of the automated methods down below if this one doesn’t work for you.

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WAN Miniport Driver Download and Update on Windows 11/10: Complete

The WAN Miniport driver download and update process was made simple by these approaches. All of these options may be used to successfully update the driver and eliminate any and all issues. The driver update process may be carried out either manually or automatically.

On the other hand, updating the driver by hand isn’t always successful. We advise you to use the Win Riser instead because of its convenience and because it is more dependable. This utility helps you get the latest and greatest drivers, operating systems, and more. The WAN Miniport driver for Windows 11 and 10 may be easily launched using this application.

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