How to Mute Tabs in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

Published Date : Nov 28, 2022
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How to Mute Tabs in Chrome on Mac and Windows PC

The Internet has made our lives easier than ever. When using the Internet for both professional and personal purposes you must have the best browsers installed on your system. Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers by users with endless possibilities. But when using the browser in your office and random audio starts playing can embarrass you in front of your colleagues. And that intense glare from people around you can make you feel awkward too.

But Thankfully there’s an option to overcome the possibility of such situations. In the article below you will learn how to mute a tab on Chrome on iPhone or Mac.

How to Mute Tabs on Chrome

To mute tabs in Chrome apply the following steps

Step 1: Locate the Chrome icon on your desktop screen and double-click on it to Launch the browser.Launch the chrome browser

Step 2: In the address bar enter the name of the website and open the webpage you want to mute.

Step 3: Right-click on the title bar of the webpage and press the Mute Site option.Unmute the website

This mute function will be applied to the entire website, not just to the current tab. Therefore, to Unmute the website, open the website. Right-click on the address bar and choose the Unmute Site option.webpage and press the Mute Site option

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How to Mute Tab in Chrome on iPhone?

To mute tabs in Chrome on your iPhone, launch the Chrome browser on your device and open the site you want to block sound for. Now apply the following steps

Step 1: On the site locate the menu option in the top right corner.On the site locate the menu option in the top right corner

Step 2: Click on the information icon depicted as i in a circle.

Step 3: From the prompt that opened click on Site Settings.

Step 4: Under the section for Permissions click on Sound. Press the Block option in the popup that appears.Under the section for Permissions click on Sound

This will turn off the sound Site wide not only for the current tab. And hence open the Site settings again and Allow the sound to enable sound for the website again on your iPhone.

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How to Mute Tab in Chrome on Mac?

Although Mac has its browser Safari pre-installed on the devices, many users download Chrome to have a different user experience. Launch the Chrome browser on your Mac and apply the given steps to mute tabs.

Step 1: Enter the website address and press the enter key.

Step 2: Right-click on the tab and press the Mute site option from the list.the Mute site option on mac

However, open the website again and right-click on the tab. Click on the Unmute Site option to enable Sound and Volume on the website.

Pro Tip

  • Mute Tabs on Firefox Browser

Identify the tab making noise with the speaker icon on the top. Right-click on your Tab and from the list of options choose Mute Tab. Else click on the speaker icon to turn off the volume toggle for that particular tab.

  • Mute Microsoft Edge’s Tabs

Open the Tab on your Microsoft Edge or navigate to the desired tab you want to mute. Right-click on it and press the Mute Tab option from the list. This will disable the sound on this tab.

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Mute Tabs in Chrome: DONE

Hopefully, the above guide helped you answer your question about how to mute tabs on Chrome. Although you can also download a specific extension to mute tabs on your Chrome. Once the irrelevant tabs are muted you can concentrate on your work and do it more efficiently.

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