How to Find and Delete Duplicate HEIC and HEIF Images from PC

Published Date : Feb 16, 2024
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How to Find and Delete Duplicate HEIC and HEIF Images from PC

In this article, we share and explain the quickest and easiest method to find and delete duplicate HEIF and HEIC images from your computer.

Introduced by Apple, HEIC or HEIF images are becoming increasingly popular across the globe because of advanced algorithms to store high-quality images. However, it is no secret that the accumulation of HEIC/HEIF image duplicates (like all other file or photo duplicates) can hamper your computer’s performance.

If you are wondering why duplicate HEIC and HEIF photos are created on a PC, let us answer this question. Some reasons for image duplication include picture import from multiple sources, file conversion, syncing with Google Photos or other cloud services, editing and exporting in different formats, creating image backups with different backup solutions, software glitches/errors, incomplete photo deletion, and automatic image saving in more than one format.

These pictures hog the storage space that could otherwise be used to store other crucial files. Moreover, they unnecessarily consume PC resources that could be allocated to other significant tasks. Hence, finding and deleting the duplicate HEIC and HEIF images is a good decision.

However, locating these pictures in a storage full of various kinds of images is like finding a needle in a haystack, i.e., an uphill task. Hence, it is important to know the best deduplication method. Well, you do not need to go too far to learn it, as we discuss the quickest and easiest way to remove duplicate HEIF and HEIC photos in the subsequent section of this write-up.

The Best Way to Find and Delete Duplicate HEIC and HEIF Images

There are multiple ways to locate and delete duplicates. For example, you can manually search all folders to spot the HEIC and HEIF photos, compare them, and then take your call to remove them.

However, as you can already feel manual deduplication is a daunting task, we recommend deleting duplicates using a dedicated tool like Quick Photo Finder.

Quick Photo Finder is a unique program to detect and delete duplicate photos in no time. Best known because of its simplicity and smooth working functionality, Within a few steps, you can find and delete duplicate HEIC/HEIF images and all other photo dupes from your computer via Quick Photo Finder. Here is how to put this software into action.

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  • To begin with, download and install Quick Photo Finder from the following link.Windows Download Button
  • Secondly, open the application.
  • Now, add the images or folder containing pictures to the scanning pane.Quick Photo Finder
  • You can now click on the button to start the scan.
  • Review the on-screen scan results.
  • Lastly, choose the option to delete all selected duplicates automatically with just a click of a button.

Above, we shared the easy steps you can take to get rid of duplicate images on your computer. However, in addition to ease of use, there are many other reasons for recommending Quick Photo Finder. Below are a few of them.

Remarkable Features of Quick Photo Finder

Below are some notable features of Quick Photo Finder software to find and delete duplicate photos.

Quick detection of duplicate photos

Quick Photo Finder applies the most standardized parameters and algorithms to detect duplicate HEIC and HEIF images (and all other identical/similar photos). Moreover, you can remove all photos with a single click.

Filtered photo library

Maintaining your complete picture library is among the best features of Quick Photo Finder. It eradicates unwanted image copies from your computer to make your picture library clutter-free.

Group-based results

Quick Photo Finder groups scan results in neat categories to help you make quick and easy decisions. Group-based scan results help you effortlessly decide which group of images you wish to delete.

Improved storage space

As you already know, duplicate photos eat your storage space. Quick Photo Finder removes all duplicate images and also frees up the storage space.

So, these were the benefits of Quick Photo Finder because of which it is the most recommended way to find and delete duplicate HEIC and HEIF images.

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Duplicate HEIC and HEIF Images Found and Deleted

This article acquainted you with the best possible approach to finding and deleting duplicate HEIC and HEIF photos. You can get rid of all photo duplicates effortlessly via Quick Photo Finder. However, if you have any confusion, questions, or suggestions, please write us a comment. We will be more than happy to assist you. Also, please remember to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay updated.

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