How Google Photos Storage Limit Works (Complete Guide)

Published Date : Feb 25, 2021
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Photos and videos cover most of the storage space in a device. With limited storage space, the user needs to keep a timely check on the photos and videos saved on the device. It is very tiring to delete photos when you start getting the error of storage space running out. At that point in time, everyone has thought of a cloud storage option.

Google photos storage is a cloud storage option that offers Unlimited storage for free to the users. Are you shocked? Well don’t be shocked because it is true but for having unlimited storage you need to apply some changes to the settings. In this blog, we will talk about everything related to Google Photos Storage.

What is Google Photos?

google photos

Google Photos is a photos and videos storage app that lets the user store, edit, view photos, and videos just like any other app. The app is supported on both Android and iOS devices, the user can download it for free from their respective stores. In some devices, the user can witness it as the default photos and videos viewer app.

The Google photos user can access the photos and videos from any device having Google Drive. Other than this the user can archive and restore the photos once deleted(within 60 days). Some of the best features of the app are that it recognizes the faces and keeps them in the same folder for the user and it keeps updating the folder with the same types of images like a mountain, table, park, road, etc. one can edit the photos, use the similar product on the internet using the inbuilt google lens and can also make collages of images.

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What is the Google Photos Storage Limit?

You must have had a question of how much storage does Google photos have? Well, Google Photos offers unlimited photos and video storage options for the user. But the user needs to make some changes in the setting to get unlimited storage. If the user doesn’t follow the company norms then 15GB free storage space is available and after that, the company charges $1.99 per month for 100GB storage.

For availing of the unlimited storage option, the user needs to change the upload settings to High-quality images. In the upload quality settings the user has two options to choose from, one is to keep the original quality and the second is keeping in high quality. Changing the settings doesn’t really change anything unless your photo is 16MB or larger and your video is 1080p or more.

In high-quality upload, the app automatically compresses the photos and videos but offers an unlimited storage option. According to the new terms the company will be charging for the high-quality upload also. From June 1, 2021, the Google photos storage limit will change from unlimited to limited.

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Steps to Change the Setting for Unlimited Storage

While people can ask you, Is there a limit on Google photos?, How many photos can google Photos hold? Or How much storage does Google Photos have? You can answer them as I have unlimited storage and I can store as much as I want but not sure about you.

Being a step ahead of others feels great, isn’t it? Follow the steps below to change the Google Photos storage limit.

choose google photos uploading quality

  1. Open Google Photos app
  2. Tap the menu button or other icon which open the menu
  3. Tap on settings and choose Backup and sync
  4. In the Backup and sync option, choose upload size
  5. Now you will get two option to choose from, choosing the high quality will unlock unlimited photos storage

After the changes in settings, you can start with uploading the photos and videos as much as you want. These photos and videos will be stored in the drive. If you wish to change the upload quality you can go through the same process and choose the original quality. The only limitation of this is the Google photos storage limit will change.

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How is Google Photos Helpful?

The user having Google Photos will get more storage options to store photos and videos. The device storage plus Google Photos storage. For example, if your device has 64 GB of storage and you have Google Photos you can store up to 64 +15 =79 GB of storage for free. If the user wants can get an unlimited storage option as well which is discussed above.

The user can still get more storage by only paying $1.99/ month for 100 GB. isn’t that awesome?

The user can upgrade the storage at any point of time whenever they want.

How to Upgrade Google Photos Storage?

Upgrading the storage is a great option for the user who wishes to keep the original size of the photos and videos backed up. The user can have both storage options, they will need to change the upload preference for choosing them.

Follow the steps below to upgrade your Google Photos storage limit.

upgrade Google photos storage limit

  1. Open Google Photos
  2. Open the Menu and select Backup and Sync
  3. Now you will see an option of Buy Storage
  4. Follow the instruction on the screen to buy storage

After the transaction is complete you can see that limit on your Google Photos account has changed.

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All the devices can access the app and can have the free storage of 15 Gb but some devices like the devices from Google will have a bit more storage as compared to others.

According to the new company policy, the unlimited storage option is valid till June 2021 and after that, all the upload will be included in the storage which is 15 GB free. The policy can change in the coming time nothing can be said about it. Till then the unlimited storage option is available. What are you waiting for, start backing up your data in Google Photos now?

That is all about the Google Photos app. We hope that you find this blog helpful. For more updates subscribe to the newsletter and keep yourself updated with the latest tech information, tips and news.

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