How to Find Out If Someone has Blocked Your Number

Published Date : Oct 19, 2019
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How to Find Out If Someone has Blocked Your Number

Are you curious about finding out if your number is blocked? Are you trying to reach out to someone desperately and yet facing the same technical glitch or automated responses again and again?  Yes, that can be frustrating at times, however, what’s important here is “how to know if your number is blocked?”

Refer to our article to learn how to find out if someone has blocked your number on Android and iOS platforms. 

How to Confirm If Someone has Blocked Your Number on Android:

Below given are some methods by which you can do so.

1. Unusual Responses Upon Calling

Your number might be blocked if upon calling a number, you end up receiving the below listed automated responses time and again.

 “The person you are calling is not available.”

“The number you are calling is temporarily out of service.”

2. Unusual Number of Rings

If you are calling on someone’s number for several days and end up getting redirected to voicemail after a single small ring, then it might be an indication that your number is blocked on the user’s phone.  

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3. Delivery Status of WhatsApp Messages

If you have tried the above methods and still unsure about finding out if your number is blocked, then you can gain certainty from the delivery status of WhatsApp messages.

You can send a message and check whether the recipient delivery indicator is turning to a double tick or blue tick? If yes, then your number is still not blocked. However, a single tick might show a blocked number. This doesn’t guarantee though that your number is blocked.

4. Hiding Caller ID

If the above methods still don’t seem to help you arrive at a confirmed conclusion and you want to know if your number is blocked, then you can hide your caller ID on your Android phone by the following method:

 In your Android phone, launch the Phone app > Tap on 3 right-side dots >          

 Settings > Advanced Settings > Caller ID > Hide.   

How to Know if Someone has Blocked Your Number on iPhone:

Just like an Android device, call disconnection or redirection to voicemail as well as WhatsApp message delivery with a single tick are a few indicators about finding out if your number is blocked even on the iOS platform. Below listed are a few more methods.

1. iMessage Delivery

When iMessages are sent, a “Delivered” pop up appears below your message indicating the delivery of the message on the iPhone user’s number. If this doesn’t appear, then there is a possibility of your number being blocked by the user.

2. Hiding Caller ID

Hiding a caller ID can also confirm whether your number has been blocked. You can prefix *67 before the dialed number and see if you are able to reach that person in this way.

Once you have tried the above-suggested methods and found out that your number is blocked yet it is always better to ascertain in person and decide upon it further. 

Sometimes, it may appear that a number is blocked but it may so happen that a person is out of appropriate coverage area or is using ‘Do not Disturb’ mode.

Don’t get upset about it and instead try to get in touch with the person through social media or through someone else.

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