How to Create a Stand-Out Tech Resume

Published Date : Apr 19, 2020
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How to Create a Stand-Out Tech Resume

The modern world can be defined by several words, and “competition” is one of them. Companies are competing, and the same applies to the labor market. There is considerable competition among job seekers, especially within the tech industry, considering that it is about highly skilled workers. That is why it is so important to be able to distinguish yourself among others.

This is where I come into play and help you out with creating a stand-out tech resume. My piece will provide you with some essential tips to help out with making a proper resume that will be noticed by those recruiters and HR managers. While there are some tricks to making an outstanding resume, it is not too hard.

Size Matters

This may sound cliche, but recruiters usually just toss away resumes that are longer than one page. This is understandable as they have to deal with loads of information, and there is just no time to go through resumes the size of an essay. So, keeping it a page long is the best way to go. Being able to fit everything about yourself on one page requires some skill and shows that you are able to stick to facts while providing all the essential information that might interest a recruiter. If you’re uncertain about some aspects of a resume you should review it using online tools, there is such tool called ats resume test, which you can try for free to find out what could be off in your resume.

Content – Your Experience

Thisis a no-brainer. Every effective resume has to include information aboutprevious work experience. This is actually one of the most important parts.However, when it comes to a tech resume, you need to be as specific aspossible. I mean that you should describe and specify particular projects thatyou worked on before; this way, a recruiter will be able to find more aboutthem, and this is quite an effective move. The same goes for off-work projectsthat you might have worked on. If there were such, mention them, the recruiterwill see that you’re passionate about what you do. Action verbs do the trick ofmaking your skills look better for a hospitality resume and the same goes totech!

Content – Your Skills

It is important to remember that employers are looking for skilled candidates to fill the vacancy – that’s obvious. So, the way you present your skills and proficiencies matters. For example, you should include all the soft and hard skills that you possess. This includes specialized knowledge and so on. For example, there are specifics on how to list languages on resume that you might want to know about. As you can see, listing a skill may not be enough – you might want to specify your level of proficiency with it.

Create a Stand-Out Tech Resume
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Content – Keywords

This part is well-known but often forgotten. If you’re writing finance analyst resume or tech resume, remember to use keywords. It is quite simple to understand what keywords you should try to incorporate in the resume. Just take a look at several job descriptions. Run them through a tool to find words that are used across all the positions; there are lots of those online. Those words that appear throughout all the job descriptions are the keywords that you’re looking for. Try utilizing some of those, when applicable. This way, you’ll be able to get your resume through the sorting software and increase the chances of being noticed by a recruiter.

Content – Keep it Simple

Myfinal piece of advice is to keep it clear and simple. Avoid using some weird orfancy fonts. Also, I highly suggest you avoid including any sort of graphicimages or photos in a resume. They take up place and aren’t scanned by sortingsoftware. Use bullet point lists and organize everything into categories. Quitesimple tips but very useful.


Asyou can see from my tips, creating a great tech resume isn’t hard at all. Youjust have to emphasize some things more than others. The most important piecesof information are your soft and hard skills as well as work experience. Theuse of power verbs and keywords is a great way to get your resume noticed.Also, keep it simple and try to fit all the information on one page.

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