5 Best Screen Recorder for Mac [Free and Paid]

Published Date : Oct 28, 2022
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Best Screen Recorder for Mac

The purpose of screen recording is more than just documenting or using it for professional purposes. While working on something critical, or playing your favorite game you might need an instant screen record to save important moments. Moreover, if you are an online tutor you will need multiple screen recordings to convey the right information to your students.

Although due to the pool of available screen recorders in the market it can be complicated to identify the best one for yourself. If you are also here in search of applications to record video on Mac, this guide will help you. Read on to find out our handpicked choices for the best screen recorder for Mac. We have mentioned both free and paid MacBook screen recording tools for your device.

Few of The Best Screen Recorders for Mac in 2022

Read the complete information, features, and pricing range of each paid and free screen recorder Mac software. Choose the suitable paid or free screen recorder Mac.

1. Camtasia


The first one on our list of best screen recorders for Mac is Camtasia. As the tool claims it is both a screen recorder and video editor in one place. The screen recorder Mac is a perfect choice for beginners, freelancers, professionals, and tutors.

You can easily create tutorials, YouTube videos, demo session videos, etc with Camtasia. It allows video editing as per user requirements and is a great tool for Windows as well. Although the trial version is available for free, you must switch to the Premium version to use the extraordinary features.

Features of Camtasia

  • Record your webcam screen, presentations, or even a smaller part of your screen i.e. a specific window.
  • Add the desired music in the background of recordings from the huge library of available audio, music, and sound effects.
  • Customize the settings of Audio as required in the background of recordings
  • Add animations to the screen recording. Additionally, add effects in the movement of the cursor.
  • Attach captions to the video.

Drawbacks of Camtasia

  • The tool is not capable of scheduling video recordings i.e autopilot mode is unavailable.
  • Pro version Pricing is comparatively higher


With a 30-day free trial, the screen recorder MAc offers the following price models. 

  • One-Time Plan or Individual: $299.99
  • Business Plan: $299.99
  • Education plan: $214.99
  • Plan for Non-Profit Organizations and government: $268.99

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2. OBS


The next one on our list of best screen recorders for Mac is OBS i.e Open Broadcaster Software. Despite being available for Free the software offers features that you can only get in paid software. But learning the working of tools is quite complicated and has a steep curve. And this leads to making it an unfit choice for users.

But above all, it offers recording on pro levels. Moreover, record specific windows, or entire screens and include different default presents available. Overall the tool is worthwhile when seeking a free alternative for Macbook screen recording.

Features of OBS

  •  Expand the functionality by adding different plug-ins.
  • Add transitions to screen recordings while switching from one screen to the next one.
  • Get the correct sound with an intuitive mixer for audio sounds.
  • Capable of monitoring up to 8 scenes. Furthermore, add transitions.
  • Set up hotkeys to begin and stop recording, switch between multiple screens, and do more frequent tasks.

Drawbacks of OBS

  • It lacks material for training and beginners might not find it easy to use.
  • No indications are provided as the screen recording begins.
  • A comprehensive team for Customer service is unavailable.


The OBS tool is available Free of cost.

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3. Loom


Another best screen recorder for Mac Loom with above 14 million Global users. Being compatible with Mac and Windows it has gathered the attention of different types of users. For simplifying screen recording it can also be accessed with just the Chrome plugin.

The user interface of Loom is easy, effortless, and effective. And therefore is one of the top preferences of designers, professionals, educators, and other corporate users.

Features of Loom

  • Enables quick screen recordings with App screen recorder <ac or just a chrome extension.
  • Create your own transcript and delete filler content with a single click
  • Reactions and comments include Emojis making the feedback part fun
  • Exceptional noise reduction feature
  • Video saving options without watermarks
  • Simple User InterfaceProtect videos with a security key
  • Record Screens in HD

Drawbacks of Loom

  • Free plan allows only 5 minutes of screen recordings.
  • Sensor feature unavailable for sensitive content
  • Updates are not downloaded automatically and hence require manual downloads.


Depending upon user requirements the following pricing models are available for Loom users: 

  • Starter pack: Available for Free
  • Business Pack: $8 per user per month and billed annually.
  • Enterprise Pack: Custom pricing as per user requirements

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4. Screencast-O-Matic


One of the most simple screen recorders Mac Screencast-O-Matic was launched with the purpose of easy video editing and communication. As per the makers their target audience consists of professionals, teachers, and editors. The software is available worldwide (190 countries). 60 million users have recorded videos with Screencast-O-Matic.

The community of the screen recorder Mac is vibrant and highly satisfied with the software. Although video editing is restricted for Paid version users, it has everything that is needed.

Features of  Screencast-O-Matic

  • Animate video recordings with smooth transition effects and overlays
  • Import desired images, videos, audio, etc from the desired location or devices
  • Edit text, images, and shapes with pre-defined styles
  • Highlight particular parts or sections of video with zoom in feature
  • Include narration in sync, add music, or audio from the system
  • Hide the cursor or your webcam screen from the recording

Drawbacks of Screencast-O-Matic

  • Video editing is unavailable in the Free version
  • The free version doesn’t allow full-screen recordings
  • Requires the latest version of Java to load videos
  • Hampers the performance of your system as it runs in the background even after switching off the system.


The pricing plans differ as Solo Deluxe, Solo premier, Solo Max, and Team business. The price model for each of them is as follows. 

  • Solo Deluxe: $4 per month and billed annually
  • Solo Premier: $6 per month and billed annually
  • Solo Max: $10/month and billed annually
  • Team Business: $8 per month, per user, and paid annually

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5. ScreenFlow


Here comes another best screen recorder for Mac ScreenFlow. The software is very easy to use and can screencast and edit videos. The company Telestream developed the tool for Mac users who are developers, marketers, and educators. But over time users from different streams are using ScreenFlow for editing and recording purposes.

With the most impressive features, it is also one of the top editing tools. It enables a multi-tracking timeline that offers manipulation of video or audio elements.

Features of ScreenFlow

  • Record high-quality videos even for multiple screen recordings.
  • Add animations, multi-channel audio, transitions, and free hand annotations to edit recordings.
  • Add and edit subtitles or captions to your recordings.
  • Use templates to edit tutorials and video recordings.
  • Create GIFs or APNGs and easily export them to the required location.
  •  Fully dedicated customer support to resolve user queries.

Drawbacks of ScreenFlow

  • No section for the asset library
  • The price for a Pro upgrade is higher to unlock the complete potential of the software.


  • ScreenFlow i.e Volume Discount Price – $149
  • ScreenFlow Super Pal i.e Stock Media Library – $229
  • ScreenFlow Super Pak – $259

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Closing Lines on Best Screen Recorder for Mac

Hopefully, now you are aware of the best screen recorder for Mac. Make the right choice for your device as per your needs and availability. Also, make sure that the software that you picked has editing features for the recordings too. If you are looking for recommendations we would suggest using Camtasia and Loom. As these tools have unbeatable and exceptional features for a screen recorder Mac.

Do let us know in the comments if we missed any of the best free screen recorders Mac. Also, for any other questions, use the comments section below. We would appreciate your suggestions as well. Subscribe to the newsletter from our blog and stay notified with more interesting updates.

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