Best RGB Controller Software to Use in 2023 (Free and Paid)

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Best RGB Controller Software

Check out this entire list of the top best RGB software to use in 2023. 

Installing or using RGB lights is one of the most amazing ways to step up your gaming or working system. With the help of the lights, you can easily enhance your gaming or working experience. The lights, whether installed at the back of the monitor, in the CPU, or in any other place, work in synchronization to provide the best experience to you. These lights generally read the images or videos on your screen and change the colors accordingly.

However, you need to configure some settings to get the most out of such RGB lights. These settings can only be operated using RGB software. The best RGB software allows you to define the lights’ dynamics, set the motion pattern, and adjust other specifications for the best.

To help you further, we have curated this list of the top 7 best RGB controller software in 2023.

Top Best RGB Software to Try in 2023

Below is a list of the top 7 best RB software in 2023 that you can try to take over the control of the entire RGB light with ease. Go through the entire list and then use the software that suits your requirements and expectations at the most.

1. OpenRGB


The first name on this list of the best RGB controller software is OpenRGB. This is an open-source solution and hence you can understand the level of functionalities you get with this software. Know more about this tool from the features below.

Features of OpenRGB

  • Unlike other tools, you don’t need to log in to use OpenRGB.
  • The software allows you to control all the RGB lights for any manufacturer.
  • You can manage multiple lights at once with OpenRGB.
  • The tool is quite lightweight and does not take much of your resources.

Here’s the Best Part:

OpenRGB is a free RGB software that allows centralized control over RGB lights from different manufacturers at once.

Download OpenRGB Today!

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2. iCUE


The next best RGB software for your Windows PC is iCUE. This software comes from the house of Corsair, one of the top manufacturers of PCs, laptops, electronic accessories, and more. To know everything about this software, head over to the features below.

Features of iCUE:

  • If you are looking for advanced control over the RGB lights, then you should give iCUE a try.
  • The tool allows you to modify the RGB lights and synchronize them according to games.
  • Apart from the RGB light settings, you can also keep an eye on the PC configurations.
  • The software also offers features to control and map the gaming keys and strokes.
  • You can also set up a notification system that informs you whenever the device or lights overheat.

Here’s the Best Part:

With the help of this exclusive and the best RGB software, you can control gaming aspects, PC attributes, lighting setups, and more.

Download iCUE Today!

3. SignalRGB


Here comes another amazing and best RGB software. SignalRGB is a stand-alone solution that works on keyboards, mice, LED strips, mainboards, and other devices. Let’s know more about this software using the features below.

Features of SignalRGB:

  • You use multiple features of the tool to mirror the RGB lights accordingly.
  • The software allows you to map the light according to different games.
  • Using SignalRGB, you can monitor and control the fan speed of the PC as well.
  • The smart audio-visual control allows you to mirror the audio with the response of the lights.
  • The tool is entirely free to download and use.

Here’s the Best Part:

If you find that your device is not supported by SignalRGB, you can use its official website to request the same as well.

Download SignalRGB Today!

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4. RGB Fusion 2.0

RGB Fusion 2.0

If you own devices or peripherals from Gigabyte, then you should give RGB Fusion 2.0 a try. Although this best RGB software comes from the house of Gigabyte, it can work on other devices as well. Know more about RGB Fusion 2.0 using the features below.

Features of RGB Fusion 2.0:

  • The single-click management and synchronization options of the software are quite amazing.
  • The software allows you to control and modify individual devices with ease.
  • You can download RGB Fusion for free and get the best gaming experience.
  • The software offers multiple modes of RGB performance like Static, Pulse, CycleColor, and more.
  • The simple color-palette features of RGB Fusion 2.0 makes it easy to control the lights with ease.

Here’s the Best Part:

RGB Fusion 2.0 is the best RGB controller software as it offers a feature named Random. This feature randomly picks any device and shines light accordingly.

Download RGB Fusion 2.0 Today!

5. MSI Mystic Light

MSI Mystic Light

The next name on this list or the MSI Mystic Light is yet another alternative for the best RGB software. With the help of this tool, you can easily control all the aspects of the MSI processor lights. Know more about the MSI Mystic Light from the features provided below.

Features of MSI Mystic Light:

  • The tool works perfectly well with other MSI devices that are RGB-compliant.
  • For users of different spaces and geographic locations, the software offers a multilingual interface.
  • The software supports the management and control of ambient lighting.
  • The liquid cooling products from MSI are quite popular, MSI Mystic Light supports their management as well.

Here’s the Best Part:

MSI Mystic Light is a free RGB software that allows you to take the entire control of the RGB lights in a couple of easy steps.

Download MSI Mystic Light Today!

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6. JackNet RGB Sync

JackNet RGB Sync

Just like the OpenRGB tool, if you are looking for a streamlined solution to control the RGB lights from any manufacturer or device then JackNet RGB Sync can be the best RGB software for you. With the help of the features of this software, you will get all the required information with ease.

Features of JackNet RGB Sync:

  • The tool supports RGB light control for devices from over 100 different manufacturers.
  • The interface of JackNet RGB Sync is quite straightforward.
  • You can customize this RGB controller as you want for maximum advantage.
  • You can also use the tool to complain with Discord.

Here’s the Best Part:

With the help of JackNet RGB Sync, one of the best RGB controller software, you can easily upload a custom theme as well.

Download JackNet RGB Sync Today!

7. ASUS Aura Sync RGB

ASUS Aura Sync RGB

Let’s end this list with another best RGB software that you can try. ASUS Aura Sync RGB is an amazing tool that allows you to manage and sync multiple RGB-compatible devices from ASUS. To know more about this software, switch over to the features below.

Features of ASUS Aura Sync RGB:

  • The software has multiple modes of lightning like static, breathing, strobing, cycling, and more.
  • The tool also supports lighting management for different games.
  • ASUS Aura Sync RGB supports a multilingual user interface for your ease.

Here’s the Best Part

The best attribute of the ASUS Aura Sync RGB controller is that it allows you to do a lot more than just any other native free RGB controller software.

Download ASUS Aura Sync RGB Today!

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The Best RGB Software: Listed and Explained

So, here we are going to sum up the entire list of the best RGB controller software in 2023. We hope that one of the tools provided above was able to help you with all your requirements. We would recommend you use manufacturer-specific software to control the RGB lights. However, if you want a holistic experience to manage all the peripherals from different manufacturers, then you should try OpenRGB or JackNet RGB Sync.

If you have any questions then we are here to help. You can write your queries and ask anything in the comments below. Describe your query, provide feedback, share suggestions, or write anything you want. We will get back to your helpful replies very quickly. If you liked this guide on the best RGB software, then follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Also, subscribe to the newsletter from our blog page before you go.

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