Best Free Web Hosting for WordPress to Host WP Websites in 2024

Published Date : Jun 07, 2024
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Best Free Web Hosting for WordPress to Host WP Websites

Check out the list of 7 free web hosting services for WordPress websites. Here is everything you need to know about WordPress hosting.

As of right now, the content management system (CMS) that is the most widely used all over the globe is WordPress. Hosting that is dependable is an essential component of any WordPress website. It helps to guarantee that your website continues to be accessible to visitors and that it operates more quickly.

Hosting for WordPress provides you with an environment that is developed expressly to run WordPress websites. The hosts provide a variety of services and solutions that are specialized to WordPress, such as installation with a single click, automated software upgrades, and support teams who are qualified to answer any issues that may arise with WordPress products.

The usage of WordPress is completely free, and the installation process takes just a few minutes. A content management system (CMS) is ideal for all sorts of projects and may expand your website according to the present needs. On the other hand, hosting a website that uses WordPress might be rather pricey. For this reason, we strongly suggest selecting a hosting company that provides the service at no cost. We have analyzed the seven most dedicated free WordPress hosting services currently available.

7 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services to Use in 2024

Below are some of the best free web hosting services for WordPress websites that you can consider in 2024. Without further ado, let’s get started!


WordPress-Logo is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that allows you to construct your website using WordPress building blocks inside a hosted environment. Utilizing the architecture, the platform provides managed hosting, making it simple to administer websites even for those who do not have a background in coding.

It is possible to construct stunning websites for free with Since the builder is hosted, you will not be required to acquire a host or a domain name. Simply creating an account on is all that is required to get your website up and running. The account is expandable, and it offers numerous upgrade options that you may take as your website gradually becomes more famous.

Built-in plugins for social networking and search engine optimization are available for use on the platform. Through the use of a plugin shop, you may get the majority of the components necessary to operate a website. Access to the whole WordPress program is not available via the website.

Upgrading to the commercial plan of the platform is the only way to sell products or services online using This package provides connectors for a variety of other platforms, including Shopify and Ecwid. In-built analytics provide a summary of the performance of your website, along with a breakdown of the important data.

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2. HostPapa


HostPapa is another WordPress web hosting service that caters to small companies in Canada. The platform provides a wide range of functions, even for the most affordable plans. The shared hosting plans come with several different security features, such as monitoring, DDoS attack protection, and response, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and a few more.

There is a package that includes all of these features at no additional cost. Plans with higher tiers come with additional features, such as a dedicated IP address, automated site backups, and protection for domain privacy.

As a WordPress hosting service, HostPapa does not provide free hosting. One way to get the trial service is via a money-back guarantee that is valid for thirty days. This is a solution that covers all of their hosting packages and is only partially free. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you have the option to cancel the plan and get a full refund since you have paid for it in advance. Filling out a form is all that is required to cancel, and you will get your refund in a short amount of time. In sum, HostPapa is a premium WordPress hosting service that you can use.

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3. Hostinger


Hostinger is the next name on this list of the best free web hosting services for WordPress websites. Hostinger also provides a free online host that enables you to construct and host your website inside their platform. In addition to MySQL, it offers complete support for PHP with the most recent version for both. Users have the ability to administer their websites in the backend by using the cPanel hosting feature, and a script installer that just requires one click enables users to add over one hundred features to their websites.

In the event that you wish to code your website, the host not only enables you to monetize your website but also supports scripts and codes. If you have an account with Hostinger, the free hosting service also incorporates AdSense support.

Through the use of a live chat tool, customers may get help. Although the knowledge base of the platform is highly organized, it is not quite obvious how often it changes. Although there is a community forum that gets fresh queries and issues on a daily basis, it may take a few days for the forum to respond to them.

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4. 000WebHost


000WebHost is yet another free web hosting service for WordPress websites. The fact that they are free does not change the fact that their performance statistics are very comparable to those of other rivals. Having been in the web hosting sector for a considerable amount of time, they provide well-established servers that have a 99% uptime guarantee.

One of the features that we like most about 000WebHost is that they provide ad-free web hosting. Through the use of WordPress, you may create a simple website or blog at no cost to yourself right now. Immediately after you have registered for an account with 000WebHost, your account will be active. It will just take a few seconds for you to get access to your WordPress website and/or web hosting account. Moreover, they include a specialized control panel that is simple to use. In this section, you have the ability to activate one-click installs such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

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5. Byet


Byet is an excellent choice for a free WordPress web host that offers a wide range of features and will not disappoint you. These days, in addition to providing free site hosting, they also provide free SSL certificates (HTTPS). Because SSL certificates may be somewhat pricey for certain site providers, this is an incredibly good deal.

Byet gives you the option to choose your own free subdomain when you sign up for an account with the company. The extension is one of the options available to you; you may also choose another one. You are able to make use of this for free if you already own a domain name. In addition to MySQL, PHP, and FTP, this free web server offers support for various scripts at no additional cost.

The company has developed its very own cPanel, which they name VistaPanel, and it is quite simple to use. You may install your preferred applications, such as WordPress, with just a single click, in addition to more than 300 additional applications. Overall, Byet is one of the best free WordPress hosting services currently available.

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domain-com is a major web hosting company that provides services of high quality, reasonably priced plans, and a variety of other benefits. The host is able to serve a broad variety of use cases, including those for scaling sites as well as those for novices. If you are searching for quality service, is an economical alternative since it offers plans that begin at a low monthly charge.

Premium domains, new domain extensions, and domain transfers are some of the services that it offers in the domain transfer industry. In addition to that, it provides security for domain privacy+, protection against expiry, and brokerage services. In addition to that, it assists you in developing stunning websites employing a website builder.

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7. InfinityFree


The last name of the free WordPress hosting service is InfinityFree. This web hosting company guarantees that it will continue to provide web hosting with WordPress for as long as it is in existence. In this manner, the host does not include any adverts. With the assistance of the Softaculous software installer, the platform is able to operate more effectively for novice users.

To design their websites and choose a version that best suits their needs, users who have prior knowledge may use various PHP programming approaches. The control panel of InfinityFree is easy to understand and use. On the other hand, advertisements span the whole of the control panel. Through the program, you will have access to additional features such as SSL, parked domain, domain, and FTP account management.

It is not possible to get direct customer help via platforms. This indicates that you will not get help by chat, phone, or email of any kind. On the other hand, InfinityFree provides a comprehensive knowledge base that addresses the majority of inquiries. In addition, there’s an active discussion forum.

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Free WordPress Hosting Services in 2024: Closing Words

WordPress is an excellent content management system that has a great deal of potential. There are so many free web hosting services out there that make it really difficult to choose to have your website up and running and interact with your audience online.

In this article, we have shortlisted 7 most dedicated free web hosting providers for WordPress websites. Hopefully, you found the information shared in the post helpful. Please feel free to drop your queries, doubts, or better suggestions in the comments section below.

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