Best Email Extractor Online Tools 2022

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Best Email Extractor Online Tools 2022

Are you searching for answers to the questions like what is an email extractor, how it works, and which is the best email extractor to be used? Don’t worry we have got it all covered for you. The article below explains the usage and the list of best paid and free email extractors.

Understand Email extractor as a tool that provides an extension or application for your device to automatically extract the email addresses from different websites or other social media platforms. The email address extractor works for both the sources i.e online and offline. Moreover, you can extract the email addresses from different websites, folders, accounts, etc.

The list that follows mentions the best email extractor online tools. Go through the list and pick the best email grabber to grab all the relevant email addresses and improve your lead generation.

Difference Between Top Email Extractors Online

Name of Email ExtractorPlatform AvailabilityKey FeaturesBrowser/ Software AvailabilityLink
Hunter.ioWindows & MacFinds essential emails in bulkChrome, WindowsDownload Now
AtomParkWindowsTarget list of contact detailsWindowsDownload Now
GrowmeorganicWindows, Mac, and AndroidExtract email addresses from B2B platforms for networkingAvailable Online, SoftwareDownload Now
Advance Web Email ExtractorWindowsSave the emails extracted in the format of text and CSV files.Chrome, Google Chrome Extension, and WindowsDownload Now
BolsterWindows and macOSMonitor metrics & get reports from time to timeWeb application, softwareDownload Now

List of Email Extractor Online Tools

The list below has our top picks of email extractors. Read the exceptional features of each and download the one that matches your requirements.


The email scraper application is an amazing alternative to extract the desired email addresses. Use the software to extract email data from the website that you are currently browsing. Moreover, you can verify the list of email addresses using this application. Additionally features such as email verification and finding emails are also offered by the tool.


  • Using this email scrapper you can extract bulk or email addresses
  • Find the addresses behind any of the websites
  • To synchronize email data Zapier integration is provided by the
  • It offers all the verified email addresses to achieve improved scores
  • It can easily synchronize with your current CRM
  • Use keywords to target specific set of email addresses
  • It offers a dashboard to take a look at notifications
  • Can be used to find out email addresses of professional personnel.

Platforms Supported: Windows and Mac

Available as:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Online


  • Free
  • Starter pack i.e $49 per month
  • Growth Pack i.e for $99 per month
  • Pro Pack i.e for $199 per month
  • Enterprise version i.e for $399 per month

Download Now

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2. Growmeorganic


An email finder that is automatic is also a great platform for automation of sales. There’s no limit for Growmeorganic to provide B2C & B2B business leads. What makes it different and one of the most preferred options is that it provides quality leads and a simple process of sales to convert them to customers.


  • Extract email addresses from platforms of B2B network
  • Allows you to send automated, engaging, and customized emails without any  limits
  • Extract emails from LinkedIn or Sales Naviator


  • Free trial available with restricted features list
  • Paid version available at just $39 per month

Download Now

3. Bolster


Bolster offers the ability to its users to scrape different websites and automate the process for businesses. Use the RPA tools to automate tasks that are repetitive in nature.  You can easily streamline the data across specific channels or messengers of your preference.


  • Get real time notifications of your social media platforms, websites, and other platforms for monitoring them.
  • Extracts emails from various websites and structures them in the format that makes analyzing these data an easier job
  • Get reports at timely intervals and monitor your metrics


  • Free trial with limited features
  • Paid plans start from $25 per month

Download Now

4. Email Extractor

Email Extractor

An email extractor chrome extension is capable of extracting emails from different websites. Automatically extract emails and store the data on your local system drive or online. Identify emails and list them from different Ajax pages such as Google search.


  • Automatic download for email addresses
  • Removes the duplicate data present on the page automatically
  • Ad-free experience
  • Filters out all the repetitive email addresses


Available as a Browser Extension


Free trial but limited features

Download Now

5. Gmail Extractor

Gmail Extractor

A small but effective tool Gmail Extractor allows the extraction of emails from your Gmail account. Extract the name and email address details using this email scraper software.


  • Collect email addresses from the respective Gmail account easily
  • Has a count option to display the message of each label


  • Chrome
  • Windows


  • Available for Free trial for 15 days
  • Four paid plans (Lite: $9.99, Pro: For one year $25, Advanced: For one year $49)

Download Now

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6. Atompark


The email extractor from websites Atompark enables its users to extract the desired email data from multiple sources. The tool is user friendly and can extract the desired data email addresses from social media accounts, email accounts, etc.


  • Capable of providing a list of contact numbers
  • Can extract phone and fax numbers from the text file or webpage
  • Extract email addresses from MSN or Yahoo Messenger
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Fully compatible with automatic products
  • Helps in lead generation

Price: Available for Free trial but has only limited features.

Platform Supported: Windows

Download Now

7. Advance Web Email Extractor Professional

Advance Web Email Extractor Professional

The email address extractor Advance web email extractor professional can extract relevant email data available from a list of URLs or websites. The engine of the tool to extract emails is fast and completely reliable. This makes it one of the best tools with the fastest results of extractions in just a few seconds.


  • Use the software to extract email address details from different URLs and websites.
  • Filter the email addresses extracted.
  • Save the emails as text files or .CSV
  • Quick results for URL scans


  • Free trial is available
  • Paid plans start from $49.95 for 2 years

Download Now

8. Web Email Extractor Pro

Web Email Extractor

The software Web Email Extractor Pro can use multiple search engines like Yahoo, Google Askcom, Bing, etc to find the email addresses. Also, it can extract the required email data from the specified URLs. Dig out all the email addresses that are required and list them as per your requirements.


  • Extract the email address from the available list of URLs
  • Email extraction with specific criteria and categorization to get the best possible results.


  • Free trial available
  • 2 years paid plans start from $49.95

Platforms Supported: Windows & Mac

Download Now

9. Email Grabber

Email Grabber

Extract email addresses via different websites automatically by using the email grabber. It can use multiple connections simultaneously in order to scan URLs faster.


  • Customize the search of email addresses using level and URL filters
  • Restricts the email search by limiting the number of levels
  • Use the keywords to begin the Search wizard and get the all the relevant email data
  • Also, it allows users to combine different email addresses from multiple sources and remove duplicates.


  • Free trial available for 15 days
  • Pro version priced at $16.95


  • Windows
  • macOS

Download Now

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Closing Lines on Best Email Extractor Online Tools

Hopefully, the above guide will help you pick the best email extractor online. Read the features of each extractor and download the one that matches your needs. These email scrappers can help you generate more leads. If you need just basic features use the free email extractor chrome extensions.

Have any questions or suggestions for us? Feel free to drop them in the comment box below. Also, if you found the blog helpful sign up for our newsletter to receive daily updates directly in your mailbox.

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