MediaTek SP Driver Download and Update for Windows 10,11

Published Date : Aug 27, 2023
MediaTek SP Driver Download and Update for Windows 10,11

This article acquaints you with the best possible ways to get the MediaTek SP driver for Windows 11/10 downloaded, installed, and updated to ensure a smooth connection between your MediaTek device and computer. 

If you are experiencing problems with connecting your phone to the computer, you should pay attention to the MediaTek SP driver. It is instrumental in connecting MediaTek devices to the PC. The driver helps devices communicate seamlessly with each other for error-free performance.

You can download, install, and update the MediaTek SP driver easily through the best methods shared in this article. Let us get started with them without wasting your extremely valuable time.

Methods to Download the MediaTek SP Driver, Install, and Update It

Below we share various ways you can download, install, and update the MediaTek SP driver for Windows 10 and 11.

Method 1: Download the MediaTek SP driver from the Device Manager

Device Manager is an in-built tool in Windows to download and install up-to-date drivers on your computer. You can use it to download and install the updated MediaTek SP driver for Windows 11/10. Though it is a time-consuming process, below is how to perform it.

  • Firstly, right-click the Windows icon and choose Device Manager from the on-screen menu.Open Device manager
  • Now, click on the category named Ports (COM&LPT). 
  • Right-click MediaTek SP and choose Update driver from the options on your screen.Update driver
  • Now, select the option to Search automatically for updated driver software if you use Windows 10. If you are Windows 11 user choose to Search automatically for drivers. Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software
  • Wait until Windows searches for, downloads, and installs the latest MediaTek SP driver.
  • Lastly, get your computer restarted to complete the driver installation.

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Method 2: Get the MediaTek SP driver downloaded via a zip file

You can download and install the updated MediaTek SP driver through its zip file. Non-beginners may find this process a bit complicated. However, below is how to try it.

  • Firstly, download the MediaTek SP driver package on your device.
  • Now, double-click the file you downloaded and follow the directions to extract it.
  • Click Mediatek SP Driver v5.1453 Setup.exe to run the setup.
  • Select Next to proceed further.
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Now, click on the Install option.
  • Select Next to proceed to the next step.
  • Choose Finish to exit the setup.
  • Lastly, restart your computer.

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Method 3: Update your MediaTek SP driver automatically (Recommended)

Manual driver updates are both complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, if you take even a single wrong step while updating drivers, you may end up with device performance issues and system crashes. Hence, we recommend downloading and installing driver updates automatically.

You can use a special program like Bit Driver Updater to update all drivers automatically with a single click. Moreover, it offers quite a lot of beneficial features, such as driver backup and restoration, acceleration of the speed to download drivers, scheduled scans for outdated drivers, and more.

Below is the link from where you can download and install the Bit Driver Updater software.


After installation of Bit Driver Updater, it scans your computer for a few seconds. Once the scan results appear on your screen, you can Update All listed drivers automatically. If you wish, you can use the Update Now tool to update the MediaTek SP driver singly. However, updating all drivers ensures smooth PC performance.Update all outdated driver of your windows pc

Method 4: Update the OS of your computer

Updating your PC’s operating system is another way to download the MediaTek SP driver’s updated version and install it. However, the success rate of this method is a bit low, as Windows may be unable to find the extremely new driver updates. Still, below is how to try it.

  • Firstly, use the combination of keys Windows and I to bring up the Settings panel.
  • Now, choose Update & Security from the settings menu.Updates and Security
  • Select the Check for updates option.Check for Updates Button
  • Now, download all the suggested updates and install the same.
  • Lastly, allow your PC to restart.

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MediaTek SP Driver Downloaded, Installed, and Updated

This article highlighted the best possible methods to download, install, and update the MediaTek SP driver for Windows 10 and 11. You can follow any of these ways depending on your convenience. However, we suggest performing driver updates automatically through Bit Driver Updater, as it is a safe, easy, and the most convenient way to update drivers.

If you know other better ways to download and install the required drivers or have any questions/suggestions, you can drop us a comment anytime.

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