How to Download Corsair Link (Easily & Quickly)

Published Date : Jan 21, 2024
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How to Download Corsair Link

If you are looking for a way to download Corsair Link, then take the help of this article to learn how to execute it and install the RGB controller.

Corsair is a System Monitoring Tool. The system performance monitor assists you in comprehending the problems that are associated with various components of your Windows computer. With regard to control, the program performs a comprehensive monitoring of the output and input of the power supply, in addition to providing a list of essential information on several other hardware features.

The Corsair Link system monitoring tool is a robust tool that allows users to oversee different parts of the Corsair product catalog. This software will automatically identify and monitor suitable system sensors, such as the speed of the fan, the temperature of the CPU, and other similar sensors. Configuring user-specific profiles is possible with the help of this information.

What are the Benefits and Features of Corsair Link?

Under normal circumstances, the primary interface of the Corsair Link app will consist of the following elements.


You are able to customize Corsair Link, set up email notifications, update the firmware of certain Corsair Link devices, and even record any number of variables that are being watched and/or managed by the program via the use of many tabs that are included inside the Options panel.

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This tab is only visible through the Corsair Link Digital connection. Within this page, you will have the ability to monitor the fan speed, consumption, efficiency, load, and temperature of your individual power supply.


Corsair Link is able to monitor temperatures and fan speeds in real-time, and the Graph tab gives you the ability to choose and graph this data. On the graphing screen, you have the option of selecting any of the temperature inputs or fans.


The Groups section of the Corsair Link app allows you to control the temperature of different fans and devices. You can even control respective device temperature with this feature.

RGB LEDs Controller

This section of the app allows you to control the RGB or Red, Blue, and Green LED lights of your Corsair devices. This includes keyboards, mice, and all other devices.

Fan Control

When you click on a fan in the Corsair Link System panel, you have the ability to choose from a number of pre-programmed modes and also design a fan speed curve that is unique to your preferences and corresponds to the activity level of a chosen Group.

Control Panel

Your computer’s components, including any Corsair Link-capable hardware that is attached, as well as temperatures for the majority of the component’s CPU activity, and graphics card fan speeds, are all shown on the System panel, which offers an overview of the components that are included inside your computer.

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How to Download and Install the Corsair Link App?

The process of downloading Corsair Link is one that is not complicated and is easy to understand. All that is asked of you is to follow the procedures that are given below, and then install the tool in the manner that is necessary.

  1. Corsair’s download center is where you should go.
  2. To locate the version of Corsair Link that best suits your needs, scroll below.
  3. To begin the process of downloading, click the button that looks like a downward arrow next to it.
  4. Following the completion of the download, the file should be decompressed, and then the Corsair LINK Installer should be double-clicked inside the extracted folder.
  5. To install Corsair Link, just follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Bonus Tip: Update All the Corsair Hardware Drivers for Optimal Performance

If you want to ensure that all your Corsair devices run properly and feasibly, then the best way to ensure this is to update all the drivers for your Corsair devices. To do this, you may find a lot of ways on the internet. However, all the methods are not reliable or even easy to use. Hence, the best and most optimal way to do the same is to use the Win Riser app. This is an advanced tool that helps in automatic updates of all drivers, including those for Corsair devices.

The tool also offers features to remove junk, free up your system from malware, and fix faulty registry entries; apart from updating the drivers. The procedure to use Win Riser is very simple and provided below.

  1. First, click on the button available below and install the Win Riser tool.Download-Button
  2. When the tool installs and runs automatically, wait for it to complete the scanning of the system for outdated drivers.
  3. When the required driver’s list appears, click on the Fix Issues Now button to fix all the errors found by the tool.Win Riser Update the All Outdated Driver Click On Fixes Now
  4. Restart the system when the entire process is complete.

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Corsair Link: Downloaded With Ease for Windows Devices

So, that’s all folks. We hope that the above content didn’t only help you with the Corsair Link download, but also informed you about the working of the tool. If you have any questions related to the tool, then feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Also, before you go ahead, subscribe to our newsletter by providing your email address in the provided space below. Lastly, we highly appreciate you following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest for support.

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