7 Best Jenkins Alternative to Use in 2024

Published Date : Mar 02, 2024
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Best Jenkins Alternative

Jenkins is a great tool. However, it has now become quite dated, paving the way for the best lightweight alternatives to this tool.

Jenkins needs no introduction if you are a developer or DevOps professional. It is a highly recognized and instrumental open-source CI/CD tool. However, its charm is continuously fading, leading to the emergence of many better Jenkins alternatives.

Jenkins seems to lose its luster for multiple reasons, such as cumbersome setup, unfriendly user interface, dependence on outdated Java technologies, difficult-to-resolve errors, difficulty managing and tracking servers, and tiring update process.

If, like many other users, you are looking for alternatives to Jenkins for the above or more reasons, you can read this article with complete attention. Here, we list the best alternative tools in the following section of this write-up.

List of the 7 Best Jenkins Alternatives in 2024

You can choose from the following alternative lightweight tools similar to (even better than) Jenkins.

1. CircleCI


Let us introduce you to CircleCI. It is among the best alternatives to Jenkins when it comes to installation and delivery process automation. Moreover, CircleCI is a popular choice because of its high customization, scalability, easy integration with BitBucket and GitHub, and the following features.

Key features of CircleCI

  • It boasts an Orb system, allowing you to set up third-party plugins and integrations effortlessly
  • CircleCI speeds up jobs with parallelism
  • It supports automatic updates
  • CircleCI is cloud-based, hence reducing the overhead of keeping a dedicated server

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2. TeamCity


Available as an on-site installation and cloud service, TeamCity is among the best lightweight alternatives for Jenkins. It is a renowned tool because of its low-maintenance requirements, high .NET integration compatibility, and the following features.

Key features of TeamCity

  • You can use TeamCity to monitor various branches and projects
  • It boasts high integration capabilities with GitHub and GitLab
  • TeamCity has a pleasing and easy-to-use interface
  • It supports over 400 regularly maintained and functional plugins

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3. Buddy


Here comes the Buddy. User-friendly UX/UI, easy configuration using GUI with instant YAML export, Kubernetes and full Docker support, and the following features make it one of the best tools similar to Jenkins.

Key features of Buddy

  • It ensures compatibility across the entire team via isolated build containers
  • Buddy supports faster builds and cache dependencies for faster builds
  • It boasts Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean, and Azure integration
  • Buddy is SOC2 and PCI-compliant
  • It supports changeset-based deployments

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4. FinalBuilder


Let us take a look at FinalBuilder. It is yet another Continuous Integration Server software to help you automate your build, test, and release processes. Moreover, easy Windows scripting, defining and debugging scripts, effortless scheduling with Windows scheduler, and the following features contribute to making FinalBuilder one of the best alternatives to Jenkins.

Key features of FinalBuilder

  • It supports localized handling of errors with try-and-catch actions
  • FinalBuilder boasts support for a plethora of version control systems
  • It directs the output of all build process actions to the build log

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5. GitLab CI

GitLab CI

GitLab CI can be the best choice for all those looking for an open-source Jenkins alternative because of user-friendliness, quick creation of automated testing pipelines with CI tools, availability of a container registry to keep Docker images securely, and the following features.

Key features of GitLab CI

  • It supports APIs for multiple functionalities and deeper integration
  • You can use GitLab CI to find components needing improvement within the pipeline
  • It keeps your sensitive information secure
  • You can save by running parallel build tests

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6. AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline

You can try AWS CodePipeline if you are looking for a completely managed Jenkins alternative. It continuously automates delivery pipelines to ensure fast and reliable updates and offers the following features to justify its position on our list.

Key features of AWS CodePipeline

  • It supports effortless integration with GitHub, Amazon, Amazon S3, ECR
  • AWS CodePipeline supports built-in or custom plugin integration
  • You can use Amazon Simple Notification Service to send status notifications to your teammates
  • It offers AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to let you manage your release workflow
  • AWS CodePipeline automates different steps, such as build and testing in your release pipeline

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7. Bamboo


Let us talk about Bamboo. Easy configuration, an option to run batch tests in parallel, effortless integration with Bit Bucket and Jira applications, and the following features brought it to the list of the best tools similar to Jenkins.

Key features of Bamboo

  • It boasts the availability of Git branching workflows
  • You can host Bamboo on your premises or on the cloud
  • Bamboo is compatible with all programming languages

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Concluding the Best Jenkins Alternatives

In the above section of this article, we mentioned the best alternatives to Jenkins with their features. You can choose any of them for CI/CD and effortless server automation. However, if you have any lingering questions or suggestions regarding this write-up, kindly leave us a comment. We will be more than happy to address all your concerns.

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