8 Best Free Organizational Chart Software in 2024

Published Date : Apr 02, 2024
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Best Free organizational chart software

Check out this list of the best free organizational chart software and choose the one(s) you like the most as per your requirements. 

The phrase growth is commonly used in viral posts, email newsletters, and company meetings to describe a situation where an organization is experiencing rapid and significant growth across various departments. An increasing number of leads are flowing into your sales funnel, creating a need for additional personnel to manage the growing workload and various tasks.

Executing this task successfully demands meticulous planning and impeccable organizational skills.

The task of managing and comprehending the integration of numerous new roles within an organization can be quite demanding and occasionally overwhelming. The process of determining who is reporting to whom involves identifying the hierarchical relationships within an organization.

Org Chart Software serves as a valuable tool for comprehending the intricate interplay of various roles within a company, particularly in situations where there is a surge in new hires. Could you please provide more context or specify what you are referring to when you mention “one”? Indeed, there is an abundance of resources available to assist individuals in achieving their desired outcome, and we have taken the initiative to curate a selection of options that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Let us delve into a comprehensive analysis of the top 8 free org chart maker tools, examining their key features, user reviews, advantages, disadvantages, and additional details.

Top 8 Free Hierarchy Chart Maker and Org Chart Creator Free

In the coming sections of this guide, we will have a look at some of the best free organizational chart software. You should go through the descriptions of all the tools provided below, compare the tools, and then choose the best one (s).

1. OneDirectory


Here is the first name on this list of free organizational chart software. OneDirectory is an innovative and contemporary software solution designed specifically for employee directories. Its primary purpose is to facilitate and enhance the process of forming connections among employees. The software is widely utilized by prominent corporations such as Deloitte, Epson, Hitachi, Samsung, Sony, and SpaceX.

The organizational chart creator free efficiently generates dynamic org charts by extracting profile data from Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 profile data. The immersive chart experience offers users the ability to interact with their chart in a dynamic & engaging manner. By simply clicking and dragging, users can effortlessly scroll, zoom, and pan their chart, enhancing their overall experience.

With this organizational chart builder free, it is easy to access various details about employees, such as their profile pictures, job titles, office locations, and departments. By utilizing the mini organizational chart, users are able to effectively navigate the reporting lines within a given structure, gaining insight into the hierarchical relationships and understanding the individuals who report to specific individuals.

2. Ingentis org.manager

Ingentis org manager

The next free organizational chart software is Ingentis org.manager. This is a comprehensive tool designed to assist organizations in managing their organizational structures and hierarchies with ease.

The free organizational chart generator offers the capability to not only visually represent organizational structures but also generate comprehensive people analytics reports. The key metrics have the flexibility to be showcased either within the hierarchy or presented in a visually appealing manner through dashboards.

This free org chart builder provides users with the capability to generate what-if scenarios, enabling them to make informed business decisions. This includes the unique feature of identifying employees who may be at risk of leaving the company, directly within the chart structure. Additionally, users have the option to visualize their employee data in various hierarchical formats such as sunburst, radial trees, and network cluster formats.

The design and content can be customized using this org chart creator free, according to your specific requirements. The available options encompass a range of potential modifications, such as altering the logo, adjusting the color scheme, modifying the structure types, redefining reporting paths, and updating profile pictures.

3. Pingboard


Pingboard is a cloud-based free organizational chart software that provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing and visualizing.

Pingboard is a comprehensive employee experience platform that offers the unique capability to create visually appealing organizational charts, allowing you to accurately represent and showcase your team’s structure and hierarchy. The chart can be scanned to access high-level information, while the employee profiles offer the opportunity to delve deeper and acquire more detailed knowledge.

With the advantage of seamless integration with HR management systems, your charts will effortlessly reflect any modifications related to employees, such as new hires, promotions, reorganizations, or name changes. In addition to other features, this organizational chart maker free can be utilized to effectively disseminate information regarding available positions or securely share the chart.

Additionally, the software’s intuitive design facilitates the process of new hires acquainting themselves with your company’s organizational structure, thereby enhancing their onboarding experience. Additionally, beyond the option to create org chart online for free by clicking on the employee profiles, users can delve into comprehensive details about their new colleagues, enabling them to foster a deeper understanding of their backgrounds, expertise, and interests.

Moreover, this convenient feature allows users to effortlessly access the contact information of their colleagues, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration within the organization.

4. Creately


Creately is an innovative visual modeling free organizational chart software designed to assist users in effectively organizing employees, teams, and processes. Teams have the ability to utilize it as a valuable tool for various purposes such as brainstorming, planning, capturing knowledge, and effectively managing projects.

The reason for choosing Creately is its ability to generate dynamic organizational charts and process flows, which are supported by adaptable data fields. In addition to its core services as a free online org chart maker, the platform provides a variety of valuable templates tailored for specific purposes.

These templates cater to various use cases such as talent mapping, future workforce planning, mergers & acquisitions, and skill matrices. Moreover, users have the flexibility to customize these templates extensively to align with their unique requirements.

The online organization chart builder is equipped with a feature that enables real-time collaboration, allowing every member of the team to actively contribute their thoughts and ideas. The collaboration features encompass various functionalities such as the ability to track the cursor in real time, a seamlessly integrated video chat feature, and the convenience of leaving comments and assigning tasks within the context of the project. The ability to create and organize various structures in a visual manner is provided, allowing users to conveniently manipulate and arrange elements by dragging and dropping shapes. Additionally, the option to seamlessly incorporate external content is available, enhancing the flexibility and versatility of the platform.

5. Hirebook


Hirebook is a free organizational chart software that offers a comprehensive solution for companies looking to streamline their hiring process and

Hirebook is a comprehensive platform that places a strong emphasis on individuals, providing organizations with the tools they need to facilitate effective meetings, meaningful dialogues, goal-setting, and actionable steps. The integration of OKRs into every aspect of your team’s operations ensures a seamless alignment of strategic objectives throughout the entire company.

The reason behind my decision to choose Hirebook is as follows:

The online org chart builder is designed as a visually structured hierarchical tree diagram; closely reflecting the current reporting structure in place.

The ‘Trace me’ feature allows employees to conveniently locate a specific co-worker within the organization.

By simply clicking on the co-worker’s profile present on this online org chart generator; employees can gain access to valuable information regarding their main objectives and responsibilities within the company. Hirebook’s workspace seamlessly incorporates OKRs into their cascading charts for teams and individuals; effectively showcasing the areas where performance can be optimized to achieve optimal outcomes.

The utilization of Org Chart Software effectively fosters increased engagement throughout the entire organization. Reviewing OKRs allows for a thorough analysis of strategic alignment and facilitates the prompt resolution of problems.

6. LucidChart


Taking this list of the free organizational chart software further, we have LucidChart as the next alternative. Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming and visual communication tool that allows users to create and collaborate. Lucidchart, a widely used cloud-based diagramming tool, offers the capability to visually represent and plan the structure of your organization.

The centralized free org chart maker offers a seamless experience by enabling users to effortlessly import; employee data from various sources such as Excel or CSV files, as well as Google Sheets. This functionality allows for the efficient creation of a hierarchical organizational chart. By identifying the specific requirements of each team member; you can effectively configure user access and allocate view-only licenses to your employees. This enables you to efficiently manage and control access to crucial documents within your organization.

In addition, you can utilize this free hierarchy chart maker; a tool that allows them to generate business process workflows in a visually appealing manner. They can then conveniently share these process maps with their colleagues, facilitating effective collaboration and communication within the team.

Experience a range of seamless features with this organizational chart creator free, including:

  • efficient feedback management
  • advanced graphing capabilities
  • effortless data import functionality
  • a wide selection of templates that enable you to effortlessly create intricate diagrams in a short span of time.

7. JustSift


The last free organizational chart software in this list is JustSift. JustSift is a comprehensive people directory platform that facilitates the consolidation and sharing of various types of information among members. This includes details such as skills, experience, interests, photos, contact information, and more. By offering a unified platform, JustSift aims to foster a sense of togetherness and collaboration within organizations.

This organizational chart creator free offers a comprehensive solution for effectively managing and structuring the collective knowledge, skills, and experience; as possessed by your teams.

This is achieved through the implementation of advanced organizational charts that facilitate seamless organization and coordination within your workforce. The organizational chart builder free provides users with the ability to visually explore; and efficiently navigate through their comprehensive employee knowledge base.

An amazing feature of this free organizational chart generator allows users to establish a connection between charts and employee profiles; enabling them to conveniently access and retrieve specific individuals using the search function. JustSift has the capability to seamlessly integrate with HR software; allowing for the automatic and real-time updating of organizational charts as the enterprise undergoes changes and evolves over time.

The free org chart builder can be customized to suit your preferences; allowing you to expand or minimize teams as desired. The process of sharing completed charts with key stakeholders is made effortless and efficient.

8. Organimi


Organimi is another free organizational chart software that you can use. It is a time-saving, feature-rich, and robust organizational planning software specially designed for busy sales professionals, HR teams, managers, and consultants. This solution is pretty simple to use, all you need to do is simply focus on the tools that you require in order to prepare your company’s organizational chart.

Organimi’s drag-and-drop feature lets you create a chart easily & quickly. Furthermore, the software offers photo boards, unique layouts, and public smart charts with numerous customizable options in terms of shape and color. In addition to this, the tool provides 24/7 live technical support to their users. In sum, this organizational chart software is worth trying.

Summarizing: Free Organizational Chart Software in 2024

We hope that you found their summary of the top free organizational chart software to be useful. To gain further insights into org charts and other essential aspects of people management; we highly recommend subscribing to our newsletter.

Organizational chart maker free serve as valuable tools for maintaining accountability; ensuring alignment among all individuals within an organization. Thus, enabling them to work toward the achievement of overarching objectives. By utilizing the capabilities of a free online org chart maker; you can ensure that you are meticulously and accurately mapping out the structure of your entire enterprise.

If you have any queries or want our help in any way; feel free to ask the same in the comments below.

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